That Man Is A Girl! Book

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That Man Is A Girl!


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Cute. Cheerful. Easily flustered. Chen Jingyun, a young girl beautifully blossoming into ladyhood, had to cut the crap and disguise herself as a man. Someone out there wanted her life. She became a boy of no background and power and navigated life at an all-boys' boarding school. She knew it was temporary, and that one day she would leave. But at least, she could try to have a good time, right? - Handsome. Intelligent. Mysterious. Li Minghao, a young man of many talents ready to change the world, he was easily one of the most eligible bachelors in the century! But... he was known to be aloof towards any girl. He seemed to want nothing to do with them. Little did he know he would end up babysitting one! - Author's note: Hi, friend! We're currently adding chapters... See you~


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