That Ballon d'Or is Mine!

Competitive Sports
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What is That Ballon d'Or is Mine!

Read That Ballon d'Or is Mine! novel written by the author SaltyPineapple on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Competitive Sports stories, covering transmigration, sliceoflife, genius, bloodpumping. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


His purpose? To be the greatest football player to ever exist! Equipped with the [ Football System ], how will he conquer the world? Follow him, an 18-year old scrawny teenager as he transmigrated back to his past. Discover how he became known as the GOAT of Football. Everyone thinks of False 9 and Messi, but have you heard of the False 10? You all know the players that score goals for fun, but do you know that every great goalscorer has a partner in the shadow? You admire the beautiful goals that are created by your team, but have you ever wondered who orchestrated these attacks? He had many nicknames.... The Metronome The Orchestrator The Puppeteer. but he prefers to be regarded as... The Uncrowned GOAT! ~~~ [ Host Recognised ] [ Assimilation Successful ] [ Welcome to the Football System! ] [ Activate? ] [ Yes/No ] ~~~ Check out my other Works: My Football Journey. --- (My Prized Work) That Ballon d'Or is Mine!. --- (Paused atm) Passion: Football Unkindled. --- (Failed book, a learning experiences)

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Kukira cintanya seluas jagat raya ketika dia mengajakku memetik bintang-bintang untuk kami gantung di langit langit kamar tidur. Kukira dia akan menjadi ayah dari anak anakku, ketika Kenny Williams melamarku. Tetapi langitku runtuh ketika Kenny menikahi perempuan lain, seorang perempuan dari Pulau Bunga. kabar itu datang seperti laut yang mengirim ombak ke pantai dan menghapus janji janji yang ditulisnya di atas pasir. Kenny Williams, tunanganku, tanpa alasan jelas menikah dengan perempuan lain. Aku, Laura Arden, terhina, tersisih dan kehilangan rasa percaya diri, karena Ken memilih muridnya di kampung halaman mereka. Setelah lima tahun hilang kontak, Ken tiba-tiba menghubungiku dan meminta bertemu. "Mari kita petik bintang bintang" Ajaknya. Haruskah kusambut tangannya yang terulur, atau kuberikan punggung yang dingin, supaya dia merasakan sepinya langit tanpa bintang, atau merananya pepohonan yang merindukan angin. Pertemuan kembali itu membuatku berada dalam kegalauan dan kecemasan. Apa sebenarnya maksud Ken sesungguhnya? Apakah semata-mata karena menuruti permintaan ibunya yang berada dalam saat kritis karena sakit keras? Apa yang terjadi dengan pernikahan Ken dan Marina? Tidak mudah bagiku untuk membangun rasa percaya lagi kepada Ken. Meskipun cintaku masih sangat besar kepadanya, namun penghianatan Ken tidak pernah bisa aku maafkan. Apakah aku akan membiarkan bunga-bunga cinta bersemi kembali atau membalas dendam akan pengkhianatan Ken? Baca dan ikuti kelanjutan ceritanya di setiap babnya ya. Author Joe_Maria_Tarjan

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this is the story of the one who inherited the power and abilities of pestilence, famine, war, and Death. in 2010 the world changed portals started to appearing and from those portals, monsters came forth into the world, humans started awakening, gaining inhuman abilities, special energy called mana filled the very air, causing the planet to expand by a third, also causing animals to mutate, and new plants to grow. five years later when humanity finally returns to stability. the story of our protagonist, Jack Ryder begins. Jack Ryder, an F rank awakened, after the appearance of Gates, his parents left and never came back. five years later a man in a military uniform knocked on Jack's door and gave him a package. After receiving and opening said package he was transported to a place the residents called the [tower]. watch as he uses this strange thing that calls itself a [system] and what he learns in this odd place. what will happen when he returns home and finds the secrets of what happened to the world. see how he inherits the power of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. _______________________________________________ protagonist will be OP but there will still be many challenging opponents and barely winnable fight that the MC will only win by the skin of his teeth. [status] [name: Jack Ryder] [gender: male] [species:???] [level:1=10/0] [state: excellent] [health:25/35(buff)] [stamina:35/35] [mana:15/15] [strength:9] [agility:13] [endurance:8] [intelligence:30] [wisdom:29]

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Supreme Ruler: Control Is Greater Than Power!

My life? Many people see me as the most fortunate person existing. Maybe it was due to the power I wield, or what I had in my possession. But I found it hilarious; how I, myself, find my life worthless, every and anything I cared about getting burned in the flames of my ever-flowing energy. I don't mean it literally, more like… a metaphor, I guess. The world always opposed every and anything I stood for. I'm sure if you stood against me you would end up victorious. Anyway, off with my sorrows. To make everything interesting, I'll have to show you a clearer view of the world I live in.  Here it is; the story I so much wanted to share with you… all of you… *** In Archon, the union of a demon and angel was considered sacrilege to all its inhabitants—Apart from this glaring hatred for the union, any offspring from the union would die a miserable death. Stiles, a Nephalem, birthed from the union of a demon and angel had no choice but to face this challenge head-on, his parent's life becoming the payment for his survival. Stiles, filled with anger, tried to end his life but failed with every attempt.  Embarking on a journey to end his miserable life, he came in contact with a fortress that will change his life, turning him from a depressed boy into a Ruler—one that will reign over the land of Archon. ______________ Good day, ladies/gentlemen.  I've not done much writing, but I hope you would check my work out and give feedback. A/N: 100 power stones= 1 chapter. 10 Golden Tickets= 1 chapter. Thanks~ ----------- The cover photo is not mine, so if you are the artist or you know the artist, kindly communicate. Thanks~

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Author supporting his own work. This is a story that will be updated daily(hopefully). This is about a footballer as he transform from a nobody to a global football superstar. On his journey, he has the [ Football System ] that has a bit of an ego, but helps the protagonist improve his skills. Every chapter would be joyful and humorous. I wish to spread the beauty of football to all readers.


Interesting premise for the story. I am giving the review in the hope that the author continues with it. I think the story would be able to get other people interested in the novel.


please bring this back soon much potential I really hope that this hidden gem can be developed


There’s only 16 chaps so there’s not much to base it off of. But Kai is a realistic characters with actual struggles that people who want to reach the highest level have to deal with. Him using his unique but weaker abilities to the maximum is fun to read. Not much world background but it’s only the 16th chapter. Once this novel reaches 50+ chapters I’ll make another review. A really good novel so far.


not much to rate so far, but the novel has potential. I rated it to help the novel. I love football novels, hope to see you at Arsenal or Brighton.


story started nice but turned horrible cuz he doesn't use the system anyways I DON'T RECOMMEND


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