15 Chapter 15: Title: Suspicious Pervert_1

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"This is so weird, why are all the cats flocking to you?"

In front of the electric bike, Wang Yuanjie asked with a puzzled face, "Little mule, when did you switch classes to become a Druid?"

Luo Xi thought for a moment and said, "It should have been the day before yesterday."


Wang Yuanjie chuckled, naturally disbelieving Luo Xi's words.

He guessed that perhaps Luo Xi had brushed against something in the hospital, like catnip or some such substance, which was why he attracted so many cats.

As for the Spotted Dove... Those birds are foolishly cute, so it wouldn't be surprising for them to behave oddly.

"I'll drop you off at the dormitory first, and then I'll have to go to the library to study a bit more; I should be back around nine o'clock tonight."

"Thanks, can you drive a bit faster, I really need to use the bathroom."

"Hey, no need for thanks between us, just hold on tight."


As soon as Luo Xi entered the dormitory, he rushed into the bathroom, took off his clothes, and turned on the cold shower.

Cold water poured over his body, and surprisingly white mist appeared, a phenomenon that occurs when high temperatures cause evaporation and condensation.

After showering for nearly half an hour, Luo Xi finally stepped out of the bathroom.

He took a deep breath.

He felt alive again.

This time the pain was gone, but the feeling of being roasted still almost made him cry out.

Most people would be at their limits with a fever of forty degrees, but he estimated that his body temperature must have been at least seventy degrees or even higher.

This had already surpassed human common sense.

Luo Xi looked at himself in the mirror, dripping wet and naked.

The young man reflected was somewhat haggard but still incredibly handsome, and his body shape was quite well proportioned.

However, something seemed off...

"Damn, what's this stuff?"

Luo Xi rubbed his eyes hard.

In the mirror, hidden by his long hair, his head now sported a pair of protruding red-black horns, each about four centimeters long.

Luo Xi lifted his somewhat trembling hands to gently touch them.

He had casually asked a doctor in the hospital about it, never expecting to actually grow strange things on his head.

However, his hand directly touched his scalp; he didn't feel any foreign objects.

Luo Xi stroked his own hair.

So, was this an illusion?

No, this surely had something to do with that text-based game.

But why horns instead of beast ears? Why these strange things?

Feeling somewhat disappointed, Luo Xi picked up his phone, unlocked it and opened "Dawn."

All the answers must be found in this game.

[Note: In the Dream World, any changes to and enhancements of your character that stem from the essence of life will be equally mirrored onto your actual self in the Otherworld.]

This message might have explained the changes that happened to him.

[Would you like to speed up to the next event node?]



Luo Xi went to the balcony and quietly watched the sky turn from a bright red to sunset, while people moved like the wind below. It felt like seven or eight minutes had passed when the text on the screen finally changed.

[Ding! Traveler, as you have just touched upon Transcendence within the Dream World, various attribute modules and some values have been unlocked.]

[Ding! The Factor Concentration of the Mutant Factor in your body has stabilized, and the Mutation Factor has ceased eroding.]

[Your Strength +20]

[Your Physique +20]

[Your Intelligence +2]

[Your Agility +2]

[Your Skill Affinity +30%]

[Your Resistance +30%]

[You have acquired the skill: Critical Strike]

[Critical Strike lv1: A strike full of anger, depending on the level of rage, has a [10%-100%] chance to deal double damage to the enemy (Cooldown: 15 seconds)]

[Ding! Attribute module unlocked!]

[Luo Xi]

[Race: Human Clan]

[Talent: Small Town Problem Solver, Pauper, Repelling the Same Sex, Affinity with Small Animals, Variant, Twisted Fate, Immersion, Moonflow·Zero Point]

[Title: Traveler from Another World, Jinx]

[Tier: Zero]

[Sublimation/Mutation Pathway: Dragon Species Mutation (Red Dragon Species)]

[Factor Concentration: 1.03% (Balanced)]

[Acquired Skill: Critical Strike lv1]

[Strength: 26]

[Physique: 25]

[Intelligence: 9]

[Agility: 10]

[Happiness Level: 64]

[Sadness Value: 33]

[Lust Value: 13]

[Fear Value: 54]

[Anger Value: 11]...

Did something strange just slip in there?

[Friendly Reminder: Traveler, don't get carried away with your newfound power. The pathway to Transcendence that you're experiencing, born from the encroachment of the Mutant Factor into your bloodline, is involuntary and incomplete without proper guidance. It's also uncontrollable. If you allow the Mutant Factor to continue its rampant invasion of your body, Traveler, you might become a horrifying monster, oh~]

Luo Xi's expression darkened.

If his game character turned into a monster, would he become one in reality too?

[Traveler, you have opened your eyes.]

[This is the third time you've woken up in the same place; an old wooden bed with a ceiling where rats can be heard scurrying, a damp towel resting on your forehead, and the room filled with water bags.]

[There's no light in the room, but you find the world before you exceptionally clear, down to the smallest details and intricate patterns on the ceiling, which you can see perfectly.]

[You also feel a warm presence enveloping your body—while faint, it's exceptionally comforting, and it's everywhere.]

[Updated Entry: Pure Yuan Su]

[Description: This is an energy that fills the dream world, omnipresent and bestowed by a grand will. Only those who can sense this energy have begun their path to Transcendence.]

[Someone gently pushes the door open.]

[At the sight of the visitor's brown-black hair and the pair of adorable wolf ears, you instantly know who she is.]

["Big Brother, are you awake?"]

[Aina's soft and sweet voice is very pleasant to hear, and her tea gold eyes shine brightly in the dimly lit room, gazing over at you.]

[It appears that she has just come out of the bathroom, wrapped in a bath towel, exposing her fair arms slightly.]

[Your Happiness Level +13]

[Your Lust Value +3]

[Ding! As you, Traveler, have had odd thoughts about underage girls multiple times, you have officially earned the title: Suspicious Pervert.]

[Equipping this title will decrease your Intelligence by 10, but it will increase the Favorability of all underage girls towards you by +30.]

[Note: Well, Traveler, you've got nothing to say now, right?]

Luo Xi: "..."

Damn, what's the deal with these weird titles, can't I have something normal and usable?

My intelligence is already barely over 10, if you reduce it by another 10 won't it become a negative number!?

And what the hell is this Lust Value? Why is it increasing? Is this character really generated based on my subconscious?

[Seeing that you didn't respond to her for a long time, Aina walked towards you and waved her hand in front of your face, "Brother Luo Xi, can you hear me?"]

[You nod to indicate you can hear her.]

[Aina patted her chest in relief and said, "That's good, I was worried you'd gone stupid, then I wouldn't be able to collect money from you."]

[Your Confusion Level +10]

[The yell of the cat-eared girl came from outside the door, "Aina! What are you doing? Come and get dressed!"]

["Coming! Sister Wei'er, Big Brother is awake now, come and see how much we should charge."]

["Money, always money! You little money-grubber!"]


[Little Lolita Aina skipped away.]

[The cat-eared girl Wei'er entered the room and lit the oil lamp.]

[She looked you up and down with a frown.]

[You moved your body slightly.]

[With a soft click, the already rickety bed collapsed to the ground in a heap of broken wood.]

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