50: Auction; there's a secret in the dark

With too much on his mind, Lin FenXiang walked straight into his cabin without even greeting the employees who greeted him.

So unlike his usual graceful politeness.

The employees couldn't help but stop Assistant Xue to ask a few words. Assistant Xue shook his head, even he was unable to guess what kind of turmoil was going on in his boss' mind.

Lin FenXiang found his way to his cabin and quickly went into the washroom attached to it.

As he leaned towards the sink, warm tears spilled out of his eyes as he covered his lips to muffle the sobs wrecking through his body.

The sharp pain, longing and happiness all mixed into a strange combination in his heart, leading to suffocation and discomfort.

Everytime, everytime the things concerning his past came up, Lin FenXiang nearly lost control of his emotions.