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Author: Alexsis_0825
Competitive Sports
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What is test Run

Read ‘test Run’ Online for Free, written by the author Alexsis_0825, This book is a Competitive Sports Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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PROLOGUE ~With her back pressed against the wall and his hands pinning her against him, goosebumps broke out from her skin at their close proximity. His breath fanned against her neck as he sucked on her collarbone. She tensed up as his hand found his way to the hook of her bra. He kissed her neck then kissed her fervourisly on the lips. She shut her lips so tight as her body tensed up. He bit her lips and that made her gasped and then, he slide into her mouth. She found herself reciprocating and her body went lax. She wrapped her hands around his neck and sucked deeper into his lips. He savoured all the taste as he kissed her senselessly. He unhooked her bra and flung it to the floor. Her mind had gone numb and she didn't know what she was doing. All she wanted there was to get kissed and have a hot make out session with him. She was already getting wet because of the intense kiss and she didn't want to pull out from the kiss. Guiding her gently, he placed her gently on the bed and removed his shirt, revealing his tatted skin. He laid on top of her and started undoing her shirt button. He palmed her boobs and sucked it hard. Her moan filled the room as he sucked her boobs hard. His hand trailed to under her skirt and to her panties. And that made her jerk up. She pulled abruptly away from the kiss and sighed softly. "We can't do this, It's wrong. You have a fiancee." Without anything further said, she stood up from the bed and picked up her bra and shirt. With one last glance at him, she slammed the door against him... ~~~~SYNOPSIS ~~~~~ Amelia Miller is the young beautiful secretary of the Watson's empire's heir. She's twenty three years old and an average girl. She lives together with her younger sister who's still in highschool. She has always liked her boss and she knows she feels an attraction for him. But nothing more... ___________________ Nick Watson is the Watson's empire's heir and only son to the Watson. He's engaged but also a flirt. He has always admired his beautiful but innocent secretary. He feels an attraction towards her and nothing more. Or so he thought... ~~~~~~~ *What happens when the attraction they both have for each other turn into something else? *What love story does this two have? *A boss and secretary love story?

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It's me. I know I'm late. You might be wondering what the point might be in my picking up a pen. Well, I've decided to tell my story from my own point of view. Don't get me wrong, I tried to avoid this as much as possible. At first, I didn't feel the need; later on, I was concerned that I wouldn't be believed, in between all the lies that various other people have been circulating; in the end, I just wasn't bothered. However, that's all changed. As I stated above, I have resolved to write my story in my own words. Although it's true that I'd rather stay quiet and enjoy the hilarious, stupid, insulting and sometimes flattering stories people write about me. And I must say, had it not been for that peculiar incident, I might have never picked up a pen. However, that is neither here nor there. I have decided; thus, I shall spread the truth. Indeed, as all of you who have picked up this book must already know, I am the hero who saved the world. I must warn you that the passages inside are very different from what you've been told by the authorities, heard in songs, and read in books. Sometimes, it will seem boring and without flare, other times, it will seem stranger than the fiction you've come to believe, but I assure you, it is all fact. This isn't a fairy tale one can casually read to their children; nor is it a text book that would put even the most avid readers to sleep. It is an autobiography, filled with passion, fear, courage, achievement, and also regret.

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The Unicorn's Forest

Vol 1: The Unicorn's Forest Charlie Rivers is a 14-year old girl who is trying to get through high school without being noticed when she finds herself hearing a voice asking for help when she is only one of two who can hear it. She agrees, despite the fact the other person is someone she doesn't like. When she meets the 'voice' that needed help, she learns that it's a unicorn, yet she's the only one who seems to be able to see the horn. Everyone else thinks it's a horse. Charlie also learns that by having agreed to help the unicorn, she'd gotten herself involved with a group of friends, including the other person who can hear the unicorn, that she hadn’t been really involved with before. Not only is it changing her normal schedule drastically, given she hadn’t hung out with anyone before, but even her personal space seems under attack at times. As she continues to help the unicorn, she funds that going back to how she was isn’t as attractive as it had once been, before she was helping the unicorn but also she wonders if she really would want to. *Minor spoiler in the synopsis for vol. 2 if you haven't read vol. 1* Vol 2: Tip of Other Worlds Charlie and her friends begin traveling to other worlds in search of the world that the griffin canyon connects to. While they do that, Charlie finds herself torn with wanting to grow her relationship with Alex and beginning the expedition through different worlds. Then as the expedition begins, she finds more than she ever expected to find on other worlds, but ever in the back of her mind is the dream she had in which Beth, her best friend, dies in. A dream she's determined to keep from happening, even if she has to sacrifice the friendship that's come to mean so much to her. *Minor spoilers in vol. 3 synopsis* Vol. 3: The Order of the Blue Rose Charlie leaves her friends and is taken by The Lost. Her friends continue on and encounter a family who has the same disease they had just recovered from. While helping them, they learn about how this world is that of a matriarchal society and has been since ancient times. What that means they can't say, only that it's going to be awkward. Charlie comes to after a while, feeling like her brain had been I'm a fog and that she had been in a waking dream, only to find she's naked and in a kind of cage where she learns she's been taken as a slave. While she has no idea how this happened, she's determined to find a chance to successfully get out of that situation. Mature content will be either through implications or will only extend to the edge of it. The cover art was ai generated.

Mikaela_Risner · Fantasy
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117 Chs


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