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Since we knew how many Points everyone had, we headed to God to exchange for enhancements.

Standing in front of the big ball of light, I said, "I think we can all agree on needing a psychic for the Team."

Everyone nodded at that, turning towards Mary. She raised her hand, saying, "I'll do it!"

She sounded excited at the prospect, and she was the most suitable for the position, so I informed her, "You should choose an enhancement that you like and feel is appropriate-"

She cut me off, "I know what I want already! Beta Level Psychic Mutation."

Surprised at her decisiveness, I quickly looked through the enhancements, and found what she had been talking about.

[Beta Level Psychic Mutation: Rank B Reward and 5000 Points]

[Alpha Level Psychic Mutation: Rank A Reward, 9500 Points and Beta Level Psychic Mutation]

[Omega Level Psychic Mutation: Rank S Reward, 19000 Points and Alpha Level Psychic Mutation]

Scratching my cheek, I asked, "Is this a Marvel Mutation?"

Mary nodded excitedly, explaining quickly, "Alpha Level would be the equivalent of Charles Xavier, and Omega would be Jean Grey without the Phoenix Force. Not only would this give me Telepathic abilities, but Telekinesis too, which would allow me to defend myself, need I be."

I looked at the others, and seeing they had no objection to her choice, I said, "Fine then, you will get this ability. Since you will be using most of your own Points, you can can exchange for it right now if you want."

I didn't even finish my sentence that she was already covered in God's light as she assimilated her enhancement.

Turning to look at the rest, Helena informed me us, "I also looked at what could be exchanged, and I think I will get the Vampire Baron mutation. It can go up to S Rank, and would go well with my skills."

[Vampire Baron: Rank D Reward and 800 Points]

[Vampire Viscount: Rank C Reward, 1500 Points and Vampire Baron]

[Vampire Count: Rank B Reward, 3000 Points and Vampire Viscount]

[Vampire Prince: Rank A Reward, 6000 Points and Vampire Count]

[Vampire King: Rank S Reward, 15000 Points and Vampire Prince]

Jonathan spoke up next, "I will be buying the Super Soldier Physique for Victor."

Hearing this, I decided to warn him, "About the Super Soldier Physique, I discovered something about it. While in Vought, I ended up having Compound V injected in me, but the Super Soldier Physique ended up treating it as a poison and destroyed it. So while it certainly is a powerful enhancement, it may block off a few other enhancements."

Asher did not look bothered as she asked, "You said you could see compatibility between enhancements with your status as Team Leader. All we have to ask is if it is compatible with what we want. For example, I plan on getting Low and Medium Level Nen Affinity."

Victor scratched the back of his head and said, "I'm not really sure yet of what I want, but possibly Bending from Avatar."

I quickly looked through the exchange system, and nodded at the two to tell them the powers were compatible.

For the rest of the Team, Jonathan did not want to buy anything for himself, while Sarah planned on getting spell books from Skyrim with me and go learn them in The Boys.

As for Jordan, the last one, as he only had a Rank B Reward and 2 Rank D Rewards, he decided against going for the next iteration of Chakra, and instead bought the Uchiha Bloodline for a Rank B Reward and 4000 Points.

Since everyone could get what they wanted through their own Points and the Points of other members, I was left with my massive pool of Points and Ranked Rewards, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them.

I had already come to the conclusion that what I needed to end my perpetual hunger for lifeforce was to increase my spiritual energy, and the Force didn't increase it fast enough. So I decided on buying an enhancement that would use my Spiritual Energy.

I had a few options to choose from, but didn't take too long to choose the one I deemed was the most suitable for me.

[Low Level Cursed Energy: Rank D Reward and 600 Points]

[Intermediate Level Cursed Energy: Rank C Reward, 1200 Points and Low Level Cursed Energy]

[High Level Cursed Energy: Rank B Reward, 2000 Points and Intermediate Level Cursed Energy]

[Peak Level Cursed Energy: Rank A Reward, 5500 Points and High Level Cursed Energy]

Cursed Energy was the power system from the anime Jujutsu Kaisen. It only went up to Rank A, but that was only for the size of the Cursed Energy.

There were also several S Rank enhancements, although those were innate techniques, like Ten Shadows or Limitless and Six Eyes.

I decided to choose this as I not only could, with my current balance, buy all the way to Peak Level Cursed Energy, which would mean I would have two Rank A enhancements, but also because of the potential of Cursed Energy.

For example, another spiritual energy I had hesitated to take was Haki, from One Piece, as Aya had gotten.

Haki was great. Maybe it could be considered even better than Cursed Energy, if put on a blank canvas. Thing is, I am not.

While Haki would bring me a great boost in fighting prowess and most assuredly resolve my problem, some of it would also be wasted. For example, Observation Haki. Although it could evolve into Future Sight, the basic ability of feeling incoming blows was already assured by my First Genetic Constraint.

But for Cursed Energy, it worked extremely well with my current powers.

Not only would it fix my problem and grant me a power boost in physical combat, Reverse Cursed Energy was also an extremely interesting concept as it allowed someone to heal themselves.

The hax abilities of Cursed Energy were definitely a factor too in my decision.

But most importantly, Cursed Energy was fueled by emotions, exactly like the Force.

And yes, the Force, not just the Dark Side.

Through my training and my studies, I have found that while the Dark Side is the main path related to emotions, it is only about negative emotions. The Light Side can also be strengthened by positive emotions, such as love, friendship and happiness.

They are considered dangerous by the Jedi because they could lead to the Dark Side, for example the loss of a loved one could turn love into hatred and grief.

So for all those reasons, I exchanged for the Cursed Energy enhancements.

[-9300 Points, 1 Rank A Reward, 1 Rank B Reward, 1 Rank C Reward and 1 Rank D Reward.]

A stronger light than any before, even when I exchanged for Chosen Force Sensitivity, wrapped around me as I was lifted a few meters off the ground. Not that Peak Level Cursed Energy was stronger than Chosen Force Sensitivity, but since I was also buying the lesser versions, it made sense for the light to be stronger.

Once again, the transformation was painless, although that only made it weirder as I felt my body being fundamentally changed.

Several minutes later, I landed back on the ground, feeling even stronger than before.

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