34 Chapter 33

"Fine, just my back then." I said rolling my eyes as I knew turning around was only going to lead Bell into freaking out at me 'looking' at her in a towel or if she was even naked or something.

Sure, this world didn't follow too many anime or even hentai tropes but Bell being a good-natured spaz was hard-wired into her very being. I knew damn well that Bell didn't join me in the shower for perverted reasons, so I didn't get my hopes for such a thing. She just had some weird ideas about skin ship, which probably came from this world's melting pot of degenerate gods pushing weird cultural stuff onto the mortals.

Bell was only here to be nice and wash my back... Well, that's after the two goddesses decided to bully her and push her into here.

One of the three divine treasures that the divines brought down to the mortal world was literally bikinis... Not some cure-all medicine or even technology from more advanced worlds. Nope, it was bikinis and other weird crap.

So, I just let Bell scrub down my back only saying softly if she needed more strength or less in certain areas as it turned into a bit of a quick massage before Bell's arm retreated from my back.

"Would you like me to get your back as well?" I offered and after a moment I heard some rustling before Bell responded.

"Yes... I guess, just be gentle my skin is sensitive." She spoke and I finally looked behind me and saw that Bell was wearing a towel around her bottom and using her arms to cover up her chest but even as my eyes roved her body for an instant before rising to her face Bell only had a light blush as I wasn't acting weird on her or anything.

Bell then squeezed past me and into the hot water and sighed in comfort as the hot water drenched her long hair down onto her chest and back.

She wasn't lying when she said her skin was soft though. Even as I used a different soap-covered washcloth to wash her back, I couldn't find any scars divots or any major imperfections in her skin other than the tiny pores that kept her from looking like a mannequin or something if she didn't look too have them.

"Alright Bell I got your back; I am going to get out so you can have some privacy to do the rest," I spoke as I pulled my hand from Bell's back, and I didn't hear a reply from the shy girl as I got out of the shower dried off and just used my inventory to equip the clothes I was going to wear before leaving the shower.

When I went to push open the door to the outside, I only got a couple of inches out before something hit the door and slammed it back closed in my face...

"Girls I am going to give you one chance. Move from the door, or either I am going to force you out of the way, or I am going to teleport behind you and remove you. Now which is it going to be ladies?" I asked the childishly acting goddesses who were obviously holding the damn door closed.

There were only a couple moments of silence before the door swung open showing the pouting faces of Hestia and Seshat who grabbed me by my arms and dragged me out into the bedroom.

Hestia and Seshat tried to push me onto one of the nearby beds but I wasn't having it anymore. This prank or weird nonsense had gone on long enough and I wasn't going to be bullied by the cat goddess I put a leash on and pulled on during fun times making her yowl like some alley cat.

"Seshat enough!" I snapped sharply making the cat goddess stiffen under my harsh gaze and lower her gaze before I snapped my eyes to Hestia. "And you, what the hell are you doing putting Bell up to that? Don't think I am blind to how much you love her. So why in the hell are you pushing into a naked man's space?" I demanded as though Bell was a cinnamon roll. She was innocent and had no lustful intentions which is why I didn't bully her or anything.

Hestia's face flashed with shame, but she rallied her motivation and spoke despite wilting under my gaze. "Bell has a special skill, kind of like you." At her words, I kind of freaked out and wondered if she got some kind of Terraria skill or something, but Hestia's next words made me almost exhale in relief. "It helps her and her chosen partner grow faster the stronger the feelings between her and the partner are on both sides... I want Bell to get stronger and it brings me no lack of pain pushing her into there. But seeing and feeling from Bell's perspective her life blood flowing out of her chest after that minotaur attack." Hestia shook her head with a soft smile.

"I much rather see her in someone else's arms than feel her soul travel to Tenkai and lose her probably forever, if I didn't just go back to Tenkai with her," Hestia said looking through me and towards the bathroom where Bell was cleaning up after our eight something hours in the dungeon.

While I was wondering if Bell even had Liaris Freese Hestia spoke up again. "Jake, I don't know you. I don't know if I even like you as a person, but I have to ask you as the person Bell trusts down to her very soul to help protect her. Help her grow to whatever level you can. As her goddess that's all I can ask of you." I couldn't help but snort at the thought and shake my head making Hestia frown but her face as well as Seshat froze as I spoke.

"Hestia whatever dreams Bell has an adventurer; I will go beyond it. I will summon true gods as bosses to slaughter in order to refine them into materials. I will go so far beyond the Falna that Ouranos is going to one day look at me and decide he needs to make a whole new system as I have and already am breaking the game with how me and Bell can wholesale slaughter monsters above our level with our magic." I spoke almost arrogantly but my words rang as sturdy as a mountain as they were all truth in the end.

The trick was that the Falna was slated to give mages an easier time getting Execllia otherwise how in the world would Riveria have her stats other than magic compared to other adventurers who didn't focus on a single stat when all she typically did was stand far away chant a chuuni as hell poem and nuke a boss or army with a powerful spell. Not even including how actions of our summons also gave us Excellia though I haven't given Bell one yet.

Hell, even now with how I have killed, helped kill Terraria bosses, and actually killed that Aberrant Minotaur I already had the high-quality Excellia to level up. I just wanted to pad out the rest of my stats.

And when I leveled up and got all the Fargo's mods and the absolutely ridiculous accessories within? Yeah, I was confident in fighting even level threes when I had a full set of enchantments and other stuff from that mod.

"So, if anything look at me as the trouble magnet, but I will protect Bell as she is my family or something now. If she truly considers me her partner down to her very soul." I said brushing a hand through over my face as I tried to conclude this nonsense.

"Huh... I can kinda see how Seshat and Bell have fallen for you a bit." Hestia joked making me roll my eyes as I head patted Seshat and pulled her against me making her purr at my dominant affection.

"Yeah, well I haven't even gotten to see how Seshat's claim on me will interact with beastkin so I am kind of a bit scared to meet my guild advisor as she is a Christmas cake in search of a husband." I likewise joked back making Hestia giggle before she looked at me in interest.

"Ohoho you have that Rose Fannett girl who was the advisor for Ais Wallenstein? How's that going for you, I have something to tell you." Hestia said and then deviously leaned in as her joking smile became evil. "Congratulations on getting claimed by a beastkin goddess you are going to be literally catnip to beastkin and probably even Amazons so Bell will still be mine Haha!" Hestia manically laughed but choked as the bathroom door opened.

"Ah Hestia I heard you laughing, so is everything fine now?" Bell asked as she walked out in a rather modest white dress that ended just above her knees and only had a small slit on the top to expose a bit of her cleavage.

"Everything thing is fine Bell, and you look great in the dress Seshat made for you!" Hestia evaded my gaze as she pranced over to Bell and looked her up and down and praising how Bell had so quickly taken to doing her hair up in a nice braid with her white hair.

"Jake, girls let's get going to dinner before I take my man to bed for the night." Seshat spoke as she took my hand in hers and softly pulled me out of the room as Hestia took Bell's arm into her own and more forcefully dragged her to match us as we left the building.

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