15 Solo Scouting

The adventurers treated Leo with the utmost respect as they seemed to be thrilled that an esteemed Virex operative was willing to attempt a mission with some small time adventurer group like their own.

The bald adventurer was called 'Kay' and the curly haired one was called 'Jay' and apparently they were both orphans who had been raised by the same orphanage with a terrible naming sense.

Kay and Jay were 'E' ranked adventurers belonging to a 'Bronze' ranked guild called 'Mountain Warriors'.

The mountain warriors were a small guild consisting of not more than a thousand members and they specialised in taking up missions for the high altitude mountainous areas.

Apparently they were seriously understaffed which was why even though the mission of clearing the wolves was a 'B' ranked request, the guild could only deploy five 'E' rank and five 'D' rank adventurers to clear the mission.

Usually, such force was only enough to clear a 'C' ranked mission, however, with the guild being short staffed on high ranking adventurers they had no choice but to accept this more dangerous mission which was slightly above their pay grade.

The adventurers had been hoping that with the older and more stronger wolves taking a nap they would be able to complete this mission, however, the young guard wolves proved to be more difficult to deal with than what they had expected leading to the death of their one and only scout.

Leo, who listened intently to what the two adventurers had to say, gained a lot of knowledge about this world and how it worked, however, the most important piece of news that he learned was the fact that although this mission was ranked 'B' in terms of difficulty, if one acted fast and killed the guard wolves before the stronger one's woke up from their hibernation, the mission would be much easier than clearing it a week later when the stronger wolves would start to wake up from their slumber.

Time was of the essence and Leo's artistic mind already began thinking of possible scenarios to tackle this problem.

In his mind, Leo thought about dressing Jay up as a big meat steak and covering him with the most aromatic oils as he danced outside the mines and lured all the wolves to chase him.

When he brought out the wolves, the rest of the group could head in and kill the sleeping wolves clearing the mission, while Jay would use a vine hanging off a tree to swing above the edge of a cliff while the chasing wolves fell to their death.

It was the most cartoonish scenario which was 99.99% impossible to imitate, yet it gave Leo endless satisfaction to think about such perfect victory scenarios.

"Tell your group leader to be ready to execute a raid on the wolf den tomorrow. I'll personally scout the den today and come back with a plan of attack.

Since I'm already compensated by the government, I won't be taking a share of the loot you guys receive to clear this mission, but I will be counting on your help" Leo said authoritatively as both Kay and Jay looked extremely excited to listen to his words as their eyes began to practically sparkle.

Although Leo did not understand how big of a deal being a Virex operative really was, according to the reactions of the NPC of this world, it was apparently a really big deal.

If a normal player tried to order around an adventurer group at this stage of the game then he would probably be beaten black and blue for his audacity, yet when Leo did the same he was met with almost reverent gazes by Kay and Jay.

Although the actor class brought a lot of headaches with it, Leo could not deny that it had its usefulness too.

Leo wanted nothing more than to sit with Kay and Jay and extract all the important information about this world, monopolising it before anyone else could profit from it, however, he was on a tight schedule.

With one player already awakening his class, Leo knew he needed to start hurrying up as well, as of all the players in the game, it was only him who could actually not afford being left behind because he possessed the unique destiny of the 'actor' class.

Hoping that the death penalty for dying in this game was not too severe, Leo walked out of the tavern after paying one bronze coin to borrow a jacket and some snow boots as he planned to scout the mines where the wolves were residing.

As soon as he left the village, he began to feel the cold winds brush against his skin, however, unlike last time there was no notification alerting him of suffering a frost bite if he stayed out for too long as a result of the warm clothing that he had borrowed.

Using the mini map, he located the mines and slowly made his way towards it as oddly his senses were not on the edge as they would have been had he been in the real world and walking in a snowy desolate forest area alone.

Somehow, the knowledge that this was not the real world helped him treat his surroundings as an adventure rather than a threat as he enjoyed the thrill of this quest rather than worrying about his life.

It took him roughly twenty five minutes to make his way to the mines, however, just as he approached the periphery he could hear the deep growl of wolves coming from within the mine as five pairs of blood red eyes suddenly stared at him from the darkness of the mine entrance as five wolves made their way out of the mine and began circling Leo.

"Holy shit -" Leo cursed as he inadvertently equipped his shitty common grade steel sword and planted his feet in the snow below taking a wide battle stance.

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