Terra Nova Online : Rise Of The Strongest Player

"Fake it till you make it" It was a phrase that became Leo's only hope for survival as he was forced to play the role of the biggest big boss when he was nothing more than a small fish. Set in a world where Earth is riddled with natural disasters and humans must migrate to new planets onboard massive arc ships, this novel follows the journey of the Skyshard brothers Luke and Leo as they fight against their fate and rise to the top from the lowest of lows. --------------- A/N - This novel will explore the concept of misunderstandings and a MC whose real strength is over exaggerated through a rigged system. It will be a humorous blend of concepts such as Sci-Fi, Fantasy, MMORPG and Slice Of Life into one novel. If you are tired of conventional novels and are looking for something new, This book will definitely satisfy your itch, so please give it a try! Discord - https://discord.com/invite/PPhnY3ZAqH

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377 Chs


Monumental silence gripped the arena post Cervantez's attack on Leo.

'TheBoss' was the crowd favorite to win the grand tournament by a massive margin, however, the home hero seemed to have been vanquished by lightning as his dead body sizzled on the ground while his skin appeared to be charred underneath his burnt robes.

"Did he just kill one of the Empire's most promising young talents just like that?"

"Is he dead? Father? Is The Boss really dead?" A small kid wearing a Virex mask asked his father, as he felt anxious seeing his hero fall.

Overall, there was not a single individual in the audience that was cheering, as everyone felt deeply disturbed by the scene they were witnessing.

This wasn't a clean fight, this wasn't a clash between Titans. This was a one sided mauling, where one of the two fighters brought a gun to a knife fight and absolutely shot down the other one to shreds.