25 Reality Check

Disgusting as it was, Luke, Leo and Harry completed their duties and flushed out the sewage into space as instructed by their supervisor.

It took them approximately two hours of hard work to complete their duties but they were done with their tasks well before lunch break.

When lunch break rolled around, Vinicius came back from the other sectors to inspect their work and it was at this moment that the gentle and polite sounding man showed his true colours.

" Why are you guys not working? Surely you can't have scrubbed all that shit off perfectly so fast?" He said as Harry taking pride in his speed replied " Oh no sir, we are done, we did it all-"

Vinicius furrowed his brows as he grabbed a flashlight and flashed some light into the pit as he inspected the work done.

The performed tasks were naturally well done and the sceptic was as clean as it could be, however, ofcourse it was not spotless.

After Vinicius saw the condition of the tank he politely smiled towards Harry and then seemingly out of nowhere whacked him with the same flashlight that he used to inspect the tank.


Luke and Leo instinctively balled their fists and were about to fight back against Vinicius when they suddenly remembered about their ankle bracelets and how this ship wasn't exactly the same world as Earth.

Harry rolled on the floor as he bled profusely from his forehead where he had suffered a horrible cut from the attack.

" ARE YOU AN IDIOT OR DO YOU JUST NOT WANT ME TO GET A PROMOTION AND STAY A SECTOR C CITIZEN FOREVER?" He shouted to Harry as even though he was clearly bleeding and in pain, Vinicius stomped over his chest and kicked his ribs.

" The job you have done will earn me a B grade evaluation at best, but I want nothing less than S. You will take tile cleaners and tissues if you have to, however, you will make this tank spotless every single day of work, got it?

We will never let it get stained and we will never let it degrade.

Come evaluation day, I will get that perfect evaluation and promotion to sector B" Vinicius said as listening to his words Leo could not help but grind his teeth.

" What are you two fools staring at? Want me to beat you as well?" Vinicius asked tauntingly as Leo felt his left eye twitch at these words.

He wanted to beat the shit out of this mannerless supervisor, however, before he could even move a muscle, it was Harry who took action.


Taking down Vinicius by tackling him from the waist, Harry brought him down on the ground as he began pummelling down on his face.



" I'M NOT A ROBOT YOU BITCH, HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME CLEAN SHIT USING TISSUE PAPERS?" Harry shouted in anger and frustration as he could not let go of his pride as a former Earthling who was a happy Garbage Truck Driver.

However, while no alarms blared when Vinicius laid hands on Harry, the second Harry touched Vinicius, alarms started to blare and about ten seconds into his beatdown of Vinicius, his ankle bracelet let out a horrifying electric current that gave Harry unbearable pain.

"Aghhh…..aghhhhhhhh" he screamed as Leo and Luke watched in horror as to how his skin began to sizzle and burn.

Millions of volts of electricity were being pumped through his body such that within seconds he turned from an angry bleeding man to a shrivelled corpse.

Ofcourse, since he was sitting on top of Vinicius, he too felt some effects of the current flowing through his body and as a result he had passed out cold under the corpse, but the lucky bastard survived the encounter although barely.

Soon, medical professionals and ship officials dressed in robes reached the crime scene as it was the first time when Leo looked at someone with such sharp facial features and such deep green eyes.

The ship officials looked to be humanoid but not exactly human, their faces were beautiful, but not exactly fitting in the standard of beauty that earthlings had.

Somehow, they looked….. alien.

" A player has been eliminated on grounds of hitting a higher tier resident and their supervisor.

The player is deemed unimportant to the project.

No major disruptions detected" One of the aliens said in an almost mechanical voice that had no high or low notes or no modulation whatsoever.

However, listening to this voice, Leo almost had goosebumps as this was exactly how the bracelet watch sounded when it answered his questions.

" Clean the area, send these workers for lunch break and tell them to take the rest of the day off.

Throw the body into the pit and send the supervisor into the medical bay.

Make sure to charge him MP for this treatment and bury him in interest if he doesn't have any" the other alien said as soon a human who was wearing white robes signifying that he was a S tier citizen walked up to Luke and Leo and dismissed them off their duties for the day.

Today, the brothers had learned a lot about this ship and a lot about the consequences of their actions should they not obey the authority as if they ever lashed out like Harry did, perhaps they would meet with the same painful death.

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