21 Never miss a chance to be a bigshot

Leo noticed some subtle changes in his body after becoming level14.

His stamina and HP stat had gone up and he could physically feel the difference in his strength and agility.

His body felt like it had just undergone a four hour massage and like every muscle in his body was burning with a sweet pain.

He felt the strength of a bear and the speed of a deer coursing through him as his body felt like it had become surprisingly light, allowing him to move with effortless grace.




He threw empty jabs in the air and danced lightly on his toes getting a feel of his new improved body.

"MUAHAHA" He laughed as he punched the wall as hard as he could before regretting it instantly.


" Motherfu-, AGHHHHH" he cursed as he realized that he had become way too excited and although his body was stronger than before he could not simply punch through walls.

Nonetheless, there were many positive changes in his body that were undeniable as he felt much better than before.

"Should I head back? Or should I dismantle the wall and head down?" Leo wondered as according to popular gaming trope, since the wolves were dead, perhaps their dead bodies could be plundered for riches.

Although he was level 14 now and felt much faster and stronger than before, Leo knew that the quest was not yet over since there were some wolves still left to kill.

Without a weapon to fight them, he was unwilling to face them again and hence he decided to head down and loot the corpses of the dead wolves instead.

Slowly dismantling the wall he had built, he threw the rocks straight down the 20 feet cliff leading to the main shaft so that it could soften the impact of his landing when he jumped.

Since the oxygen in the main shaft had depleted, he waited a full thirty minutes for enough air to flow into the shaft and only after throwing a burning torch inside and watching it burn strongly for five minutes, did Leo decide to jump down the cliff and enter the main shaft himself.



He took a slight fall damage as his knees hurt like hell after the impact, however, overall he was fine, although he was limping a little.

[ Dead Level 14 Dire Wolf ]

After entering the shaft, Leo walked up to the nearest corpse and once he was close enough, an option to dismantle the corpse appeared before him.

[ Do you wish to Dismantle the corpse?


No ]

Leo clicked yes and before his eyes began a gaming animation where a circle slowly loaded itself and the wolf corpse was magically dismantled to raw ingredients.

[ Congratulations! You have received 2x common grade wolf skin and 5 bronze coins ]

"Wooo! Looks like I'll make enough to cover rent" Leo rejoiced as he quickly moved over to the other corpses and dismantled them one after another.

[ Congratulations! You have received 1x Rare grade wolf claw and 1 silver coin ]

[ Congratulations! You have…. ]





[ Congratulations! You have received one Bone Sword ( rare ) ]

Leo received 10 pairs of common grade wolf skin, 5 pairs of common claws, 2 pairs of rare wolf skin, 2 pairs of rare claws and a total of 3 silver coins and a staggering 60 bronze coins in total.

Finally, as he dismantled the corpse of the level 20 alpha wolf, he received a bone sword!

A weapon that he felt very thankful for-

[ Bone Sword ( rare ) - A light sword created from the spine of a dire wolf!

Currently it's in pristine condition and can easily cut through flesh and bone, however, repeated use will dull the edge ]

" Let's goo! With this I can finally complete the quest!" Leo exclaimed as he swung his newly obtained sword like a complete amateur.

The decision to enter the main shaft was proving to be a good decision as not only did he get great loot, but he also obtained a weapon that could potentially become his ticket out of the place.

As he prepared to walk down the main shaft with a torch in one hand and his newly obtained bone sword in the other, he heard footsteps approaching his way as he instantly changed his demeanor from behaving like a fool to behaving like an esteemed Virex operative.


Leo heard someone shout as suddenly he saw a wounded and limping level 4 young wolf running his way.


The wolf upon seeing Leo slid on the floor below as it tried to change its direction way too fast but lost its balance in the process.

Not one to waste an opportunity like that, Leo used the opening to strike at its neck as with his newfound strength and sword he sliced through the neck of the injured wolf with ease.


[ System Notification - You have successfully killed ( Level 4 ) ( Young Wolf ), You have obtained some exp for the kill ]


Warm blood splattered from the dead wolf's neck and got sprayed all over Leo's robes as soon the adventurer party who were chasing the wolf arrived at the scene only to see a bloodsoaked Leo stare at them through his Virex mask as he stood over a dead wolf.

[ System Notification - You have successfully cleared the village head's quest! The mine has been cleared of all wolves!

Please visit the village head to collect the promised quest rewards ]

A system notification informed Leo that the wolf that he killed was the last one left in the entire mine as Leo understood that this was his opportunity to act all cool.

" Sir soldier! You're safe-, since you did not return from scouting for the last 24 hours, we felt like your life might be in danger and hence us mountain warriors came to your aid alongside some willing volunteers" Kay from the mountain warrior's guild said as he stood with Jay and a dozen or so strong looking adventurers and about two dozen players who looked ready for an adventure.

Unfortunately for them however, there was no fun left to be had as Leo had already killed the wolves and looted their corpses.

" Yes, I did not return from scouting as after I found out how weak the wolves inside were I decided to take care of the mission on my own.

You're too late, the mine has already been cleared of all threats, the young wolves outside that you faced must be the weaklings that scrambled and ran away when I came in swords blazing.

Sorry to waste your time…. But, the quest has been already completed" Leo said as he did not waste this opportunity to act like the biggest big shot when the reality was entirely different.


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