16 First Fight

[ Young Wolf ] ( Level 5 ) ( HP : 70/70 )

[ Young Wolf ] ( Level 4 ) ( HP : 60/60 )

[ Young Wolf ] ( Level 6 ) ( HP : 84/84 )

[ Young Wolf ] ( Level 2 ) ( HP : 35/40 )

[ Young Wolf ] ( Level 4 ) ( HP : 57/57 )

A system tab shined above the heads of the wolves encircling Leo as he realised the level of opponents that he was facing.

The strongest one was a level6 wolf who had mean looking teeth and was drooling saliva, whereas the weakest one was level 2 and looked like it was the runt of the litter.

In typical wolf-like fashion, they slowly started to encircle him with one of the six wolves charging at him and then suddenly turning and retreating when Leo turned his attention to the one charging.

When Leo turned to one of the wolves, the wolf on his blind side charged as well as Leo had to immediately turn to face the second wolf after chasing the first one away.

Little by little, the circle around him shortened and the wolves seemed to be ready to pounce and It was at this moment that Leo decided that he had to take a chance or he would undoubtedly die a horrible death.

Luckily, just as he got desperate the weakest looking wolf made its dash and Leo decided to take his chance and face it head on.

Instead of letting it turn and run-away, Leo chased after it and managed to poke his sword into the wolves rear hind leg as the weak wolf fell to the ground while the others began pouncing on Leo.


A damage notification popped up, showing that Leo had dealt 25 points of damage to the level 2 wolf, leaving it with a pitiful ten points in HP. However, before he could pull out his sword stuck in the wolf's bone, or regain his posture to fight again, he felt a second wolf slamming onto his back as he was forcefully pushed forward.

The impact winded him and forced him to take five steps forward as at that moment his survival instincts kicked in and he began to run.

At this instant, He could clearly feel blood rushing up from his heart to his brain as his entire face felt flushed and his vision appeared to be more clear than ever before.

On his tail were four wolves, snarling and biting the air, and they were catching up to him quickly.

In Front of him was the wolf den, as although he had no idea as to how he ended up running towards it, he had no option but to keep running now since stopping for even a moment would spell a gruesome death.

He had no weapon on him anymore, as the only sword he had was stuck in the bone of the weakest wolf and he had no idea as to how he was going to get out of this mess either.

[ System Notification : You have entered the special dungeon 'Silverpine Mines'. You are the first individual to enter this dungeon and will be given an extra reward if you clear it the first time ]

A system notification popped up, however, Leo was so absorbed with running away that he barely paid it any attention.

Once he entered the cave, light started to fade out real quick as after the first twenty metres or so, Leo lost all visibility and was running blindly.

He could still hear the footsteps of the wolves running behind him as from time to time he could feel them trying to bite at his legs from behind, however, Leo only kicked them hard in the face and kept running, hoping that the lack of vision affected them as much as it affected him.

[ System Notification : Your stamina has dropped below 5, All stats will be reduced by 20% until stamina is recovered ]

Another system notification popped up as Leo felt strength leaving his body as it suddenly became much harder to move and his speed decreased significantly.

" Shit-" Leo cursed as he understood that at his current speed escaping the wolves was going to be impossible and as if things were not bad enough already, he tumbled after hitting a rock which sent him flying towards what he assumed would be the wall.






Instead of hitting a wall, Leo found himself tumbling down what felt like a slope as although he could see pretty much nothing about his surroundings, it felt like he had found an alternate mining shaft and had luckily evaded the pursuit of the wolves by tumbling down it.

" Oh god bless" he said as he tried to break his fall and regain his footing, but he still rolled over for several metres before finding his footing as he accumulated massive damage from this fall.


His 96 points of HP were down to only 26, as although he had survived through a miracle, he now found himself in a dark and abandoned mine shaft with low stamina and HP.

His body hurted all over and although he could not inspect it, he felt like he had cuts and bruises all over his body and like every inch of it hurt like hell.

[ System Notification : The Young Wolf that you stabbed has received internal bleeding damage and will lose 1 point of HP every passing minute if not treated immediately ]

"Finally some good news" Leo said as he desperately hoped that the young wolf died over the next ten minutes and that it's death gave him EXP that would help him level up and regain all his lost health and stamina.

Unfortunately, Terra Nova Online did not work that way and even if he levelled up Leo was not going to get his HP or stamina restored to full, however, he did not know of this yet.

Currently he was only waiting for some good news, while checking the layout of his immediate surroundings through the mini map.

Although he could see nothing, if the mini map was to be trusted, Leo felt like he could grab the walls of the mines and walk slowly through its intricate internal network to navigate back to the exit.

Little did he know though, that it was not going to be easy at all.

He had entered a dungeon and although the village head's quest was just to clear the wolves, there were many other dangers within this dungeon other than the wolves.

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