24 First Day At Work

[ First work shift is beginning, all workers please report to their station for an attendance call.

Attendance call will start in 10 minutes from now ]

An announcement blared over the speakers as both Luke and Leo were jolted awake by the announcement.

After learning about MP and talking a bit to their immediate neighbours, the brothers had decided to rest and sleep before the next days shift, however, while it felt like they had only slept for an hour or two, the announcement over the speakers jolted them awake as they wore their work uniforms and rushed outside as to not miss the attendance call.

Everyone in Sector E seemed to be as clueless as they were as everyone seemed to have rushed out without knowing where to report or what work were they exactly supposed to do?



IF YOU DO YOUR WORK PROPERLY, THERE WILL BE NO TROUBLE OR FRICTION BETWEEN US, HOWEVER, IF YOU DO TROUBLE US OR AFFECT OUR EVALUATION BY THE HIGHER UPS, ALL HELL WILL RAIN DOWN ON YOU, BELIEVE THAT…. " A tiny man wearing a yellow robe which was different to the orange that everyone in sector E wore said as he shouted those words with an absurdly loud voice despite his small stature.

"Hello, I'm Vinicius, I'll be overseeing the sewage workers. So those of you who belong to the sewage worker class, please report to me" Vinicius said as Leo, Luke and a few dozen other men walked towards him.

"Hello, I'm Mr Cama, but you lot will call me boss man. I'm the odd jobs worker chief and all of you who fall under my purview report to me in a single line" Cama a fat and tall man with a protruding belly said as dozens of workers formed a single line before him.

"Brats, I'm the repairman chief. All of you repairmen report to me" Jude the tiny said as all the repairmen finally reported to him.

It was only at this point that Leo realised that all those people who were in sector E only belonged to these three menial jobs and all of them seemed to be people who had either paid shady brokers to secure a spot or were skilled labour who could not afford a better ticket.

Of these three, repairmen was undoubtedly the most noble job whereas sewage worker was the worst, however, in the end all of them were still sector E rats and even if Leo had managed to gain an official entry without rigging the system he would have still been a sector E rat only with his mother being forced to work in the odd jobs department.

" Alright, the bracelet has automatically recorded your attendance, so let's head off to your work sites for the day.

Please follow me-" Vinicius said as he led the sewage workers out of sector E and into sector D where he assigned three workers to clean their communal toilets and led the rest into sector C.

" Hey, out of all three supervisors our one seems chill no?" Leo asked Luke who nodded his head and blessed the gods that he received a polite guy like Mr Vinicius for his supervisor as he could not be forced to tolerate someone like tiny Jude everyday.

" You three, you will clean the main sewage pipe in sector C today. It's only the first day and there should not be much but let's keep it that way.

I want the ship to be as spotless as we found it day one.

According to the manual I've received, all the sewage will automatically have been collected in a single ejection pod. All you have to do is scrape off the walls and ensure nothing sticks to it before climbing out and pressing eject.

Is that clear?" Vinicius asked as Luke, Leo and their third teammate nodded and picked up the gloves and mask that were placed beside a shovel as they wore the safety gear first before gripping the shovel and descending into the ejection pit.

While they did so, Vinicius moved on and led the other workers into Sector B

The moment when Leo descended into the sewage pit, he was hit with the worst smelling shit as he felt nauseated and ready to barf.

The sewage pit was dimly lit, however, even a blind man could see that it was not even 1% full and that even if it was allowed to fill for next one month it did not need any actual cleaning or ejecting.

Nonetheless as they were assigned the job, the three of them gathered their courage and came down into the pile of human shit as their feet made a slight sloshing sound upon impact.



The third man who entered with the brothers instantly barfed and Leo too felt like vomit came up his throat but then relapsed leaving only small bits and pieces in his mouth and a burning sensation all over his throat.

" I feel sick…." He said as Luke completely ignored him but went to tap the back of the man who was barfing as he lightly patted him on his back.

"It's okay…. It's going to be okay" Luke said as he waited patiently for the man to recover and it took him a good ten minutes to do so.

"Sorry for that…. I'm Hernandez, but you can call me Harry.

I just never thought my life would become something like this someday" Hernandez said as both Luke and Leo could feel the gravity of his words as currently a million thoughts ran through the brain of the brothers as well.

Both of them were from the bottom of the society, both of them were only scraping by barely, however, they were not unhappy back on Earth.

They had left everything that they had back on Earth to come on the arc ship, including their beloved mother, only to now scrape shit off walls that did not seem to need scraping in the first place.

Naturally, both brothers wondered about their life choices at this point but were deathly silent as they did their task.

However, internally all three of them who had came down in the pit had the same question running through their heads which was whether or not they made the right choice by coming to the arc ship?

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