20 A big reward!

' The Boss, even his name is so arrogant….. ughhh, you're not my boss I'll tell you that much!'

' How the fuck are people getting to level 10 on the first fucking day of the game? Jeez guys, relax a little'

' The Boss! He must be some S tier elite being used to called The Boss by his employee's, I think he's taken that name quite literally'

' You're the boss? Well then the boss can suck on my balls! These big hairy balls!'

' Lads, How do you exactly level up?'

' Good job reaching level 10 boss, but I'll be the one to surpass you and reach level 20 first!'

' Yo, what level are you at?' ( reply )

' Level 0' ( reply )


Leo opened the chat once more and found it flooded with outrage against him.

Usually in works of fiction such as web novels when a player achieved something incredible, the forums buzzed with words of praise and people trying to cosy up to the big player.

Phrases like 'I wanna marry the big boss' and 'Let me warm the bed' were common, however, reality was different from web novels.

In reality, when you achieved something which others believed to be attainable, you were cursed at and became a target of jealousy and today, Leo had unfortunately fallen headfirst into that same pool of jealousy.

The system denied him anonymity and threw him to the wolves and hence from day one his name became public enemy number one.

He was sad, yes, however, in the midst of this public outrage scandal, there was a silver lining in the form of the special reward.

[ System Notification - You are the first player in 'Terra Nova Online' to reach level 10 and are hence bestown with a special reward!

-You have received an extra skill slot!

-You have received an extra 40 unassigned attribute points ]

Leo had received a total of 130 unassigned attribute points for levelling up 13 times and adding the 40 points from the system reward he now had an incredible 170 unassigned stat points!

"In the end, the levels and the system reward are the only good thing about today" Leo murmured to himself as he let out a deep sigh and began distributing the unassigned points.

Since Physique, Strength and Agility seemed like the most important stats, he invested the 30 points each in those three, while only investing 25 each into the rest, leaving him with 5 unassigned points to be used for later.

At this point, Leo did not even realise how lucky he was to have gained an extra skill slot, as unlike the free stat points the real reward today was the extra skill slot.


( Meanwhile DarkEmperor )

If there was someone who had an even exaggerated reaction to Leo reaching level 10 than Leo had to the worldwide notification, it was DarkEmperor.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO-" He screamed as he fell to his knees and pulled the wild grass below his knees out from its roots.

"HOW DID HE DO IT BEFORE ME?" Cervantez questioned as he could not understand how he could be beat.

Unlocking his class and claiming the special reward first was only the first step of his plan, whereas reaching level 10 first was the more important second one.

In Terra Nova Online, all players only had slots available to learn and use 5 skills at maximum and the opportunity to add a skill slot only came twice in the entire game.

Only the first player to ever reach level 10 and the first player to reach level 100 got the special reward of an extra skill slot and while it was rumoured that one also got it when they reached level 1000, nobody had reached that threshold in his past life, so that rumour remained unconfirmed.

In his past life, it was only on day 3 that the levelling maniac PurpleRock reached level 10 and received the unique reward, yet this time around it was 'The Boss' who achieved it on the very first day!

Cervantez knew that this feat should technically be impossible, as unlike the clueless common players, he actually knew about the difficulty of levelling up in Terra Nova Online!

While it depended on circumstances and many other factors, in general the rule of levelling up was the same.

To go from level 0 to level 1, a player needed to kill either eight level0 monsters, four level one monsters or two level2 monsters.

To go from level 1 to 2, they needed to achieve the same but on a step-up basis.

If they achieved it alone, they got the full exp, however, if they hunted that monster in a group, the exp would be divided amongst all party members and hence the number of monsters they needed to kill to level up increased massively.

Of Course the exact amount differed from monster to monster, and the exp for killing a wolf was different from the exp that one received for killing a slime, however, for a player to kill a monster they needed to expend stamina and needed skill moves which most players did not have at the start of the game.

To get to level 10 on the very first day was next to impossible, however, Cervantez was attempting to make it possible by pouring water over high level poison slimes who were extremely allergic to it.

He was already level8 and was on the cusp of becoming level9, however, he was beaten to level 10 by 'The Boss' who was as mysterious as ever.

He had attained level10 and with it the extra skill slot which meant that in this life he could potentially be even more dangerous than what he was in the past.

" The Boss, I'm definitely going to make you one of my men in this life….. you're too valuable to pass on" Cervantez said as he strengthened his resolve to find and recruit The Boss into his guild in the future.


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