Terhapus 5

Author: RUNZE
Romansa Anak Muda
Ongoing · 4.8K Views
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What is Terhapus 5

Read ‘Terhapus 5’ Online for Free, written by the author RUNZE, This book is a Romansa Anak Muda Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, CERPEN Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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I'm a village women. I'm living my life with many problems like money problem, gender problem, mental problem etc.my father is a farmer and a school teacher without salary. my mother is a housewife. They are both educated people but they are not conscious about my education and mental health. I've face many problems in my entire life. But I've two significant problems ones is money problem and other is mental problem. Because of money me sacrifice my many dreams those are always hurting myself. I've also some family problem. And it’s effect my mental health. When i was in class 7 i had heard that my father got a second married. When i heard this i'm totally lost myself it’s gave me a biggest mental shocked. But this time i manege myself and moved. After 2 years latter my father divorced these woman for family reason. And from now my life became painful little by little. I always dreamt a dream that one day i become a big woman. My all dreams connected with my study. So i started study carefully so that i can be a great woman.at first I've no interested with study. I love to play with my villagers children. When i was 16 years old i decided that i have to admit a famous university in my country. At these time i started hard and this time is come when University admission is started. So my country university rule is if you want to study in this university you have to qualified for University exam. My academic result is not so good but i tried hard.In 2019 me filup my exam form and i was selected for the University admission exam.For University exam you have to prepared yourself because this is the biggest admission exam in our country. Many students admit admission coaching and took private also.For then my problems and depression was started because I'd money problem. My father can't provide me for my admission coaching and privates.And he told me that he can't afford my admission coaching fee so he want to admit myself in a national university. When i was heard thes news i started crying because public universities is my dream and i can do anything for it.But i was so scared for my dream come not true.so this time i always crying and crying. And this time my cousin came to me and gave me some admission books so that i can prepare myself for may admission exam. When i got these books i was so happy because now i can prepared myself for admission exam. And this is my only chance to grow up. So i prepared for the exam and i sat up for exam in a exam hall i was so scared. But i answered 61 questions. After 1 month the result was published and i got a 1303 position in 25000 students.And finally i admit a public University. So I've also many problems but i can't be describe here so sorry.But i want to tell you that every village woman in a every country face lots of biggest problem. Government don't look upon them. And i was a simple student from a village i have no IELTS and my mother tough is Bangla. If there is a any mistakes please forgive me Thank you

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As the daughter of the successful businessman, Mr. Ahmed Ozkan, Esma Ozkan lives her life like a princess. She possesses everything many girls feel envious of, the palace-like house she resides in, her brilliant career as a fashion designer, and a handsome billionaire doctor's fiance, Erhan Durmaz. Erhan is the only heir of his father's business empire; aside from his job as a doctor, he was also the CEO of the Durmaz Hotel, owned by his family. Erhan and Esma have grown together since childhood and love grows in their hearts eventually. That man proposes to her on a cruise ship through an extravagant engagement party. However, her perfect life vanishes in the blink of an eye when a girl named Yara Baiq enters her world and confesses as the real daughter of the Ozkan family. Not only does her existence kick Esma out of her luxurious life but it also reveals the biggest secret and betrayal behind the perfect image of the Ozkan family. Yara Baiq has a bad past life of struggling and going through the adversities of living with her toxic mother who always tortured her. But destiny crushed all her misery overnight when she discovered the facts about her parents and let her take over Esma's position in the Ozkan family.  Nevertheless, there is a bad rumor circulating in the family after Yara's presence; some stand with and believe in her but the rest doubt her identity. Yet, no one knows the culprit lingers among them except her. Who is the real daughter of the Ozkan family, Esma or Yara? After Yara loots everything from her, will Esma forfeit her true love - Erhan Durmaz? To whom will Erhan render his heart when the bitter reality forces him to choose between Esma and his family?

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