1 Wishes

Within a completely white space, a woman was sitting in seiza while looking around in confusion.

"That's weird. I could have sworn I was in my living room having tea. Where am I?" The woman muttered.

"You are in a different space from reality. But don't worry, nothing bad will happen to you," an ethereal voice echoed into the blank space in response to the woman's murmurs.

The woman looks around, looking for the person who answered her, but there was only white space. "Excuse me, who's this?"

"Oh, my apologies. I forgot to introduce myself. I have many names, but I prefer to be called Po," the voice responded.

The woman tilted her head and couldn't help but giggle. "That's a lovely name you have, Mister Po."

"Haha, thanks for the compliment." The woman couldn't see it, but she was sure the person behind the voice was smiling at the compliment.

"Excuse me, Mr. Po, may I ask why I'm here? I was just having tea, and out of nowhere, I showed up here. I would be very grateful for an explanation," the woman asked politely.

"Oh yes, how could I not tell you this in advance? I apologize for my mistake. You are here because you won the divine lottery."

"Sorry, the divine lottery? I don't remember participating though," she replied in confusion.

"Yes, you weren't participating, but your children were."

Hearing that, the woman's eyes widened in shock, and her hands began to shake. "My children? But they..."

"Yes, I know. I'm sorry I made you remember such painful things," the voice said with pity.

She was just a normal woman in her forties and fives. She might be a little old, but she had the beauty of a true MILF; however, even with her great beauty, she had never found her love from a young age, either male or female. So, in her thirties, she had adopted six children; three girls, and three boys.

She lived happily with them for thirteen years, until one fateful day. Her six children, who were studying at the same school, died in a traffic accident while on their way to school on a private school bus.

She was devastated by the accident that took her entire family away. She went into a deep depression, and many times tried to commit suicide. What saved her was the memory that her children left her. The toys, books, movies, and games they left for her. She understood that killing herself wouldn't solve anything and that if she died, she wouldn't be able to remember them.

To remember them and lessen her depression, she started watching the anime her children saw, as well as playing and reading the games and manga they collected.

She had entered a world she had never known before, the world of games, manga, and anime, and she was happy as she felt connected with her children doing so.

It had been two years since her children died, and she would be lying if she said she was over it, so hearing that her children were participating in a lottery shocked her.

The owner of the voice observed her shocked and confused expression, and explained, "I think I should start from the beginning. See, when someone dies, there are some possibilities for them. Those who have a pure soul will go to heaven, those who have a corrupt soul will go to hell, and those who have a neutral soul can reincarnate to live again. Your children all had pure and kind souls, a reflection of the good upbringing you gave them, be proud, you are a marvelous mother."

He continued, "Your children are living in paradise, and they won the lottery that God made. However, instead of using the prizes, they gave them to you. Normally you would only have the choice of having the prize, but as you are still alive, you have two choices. The first is to accept the prize, which is to be reincarnated in a different world of your choice with some wishes, and the other is to have some wishes fulfilled on Earth."

The woman listened attentively, and then asked in a trembling voice, "Could I use one of the wishes to see them one last time?"

The voice took a few seconds to respond, "Sorry, this is not possible. But know that they are fine, and they are watching you from paradise."

The turmoil of emotions in the woman's heart subsides, and she smiled slightly. "I see. Will I be able to go to paradise when I die and be with my children?"

"This is also not possible. Your soul is neutral. If you die, you will simply be reincarnated as a new life," the voice answered.

An unfathomable sadness flooded the woman's heart. Being with her children again was her greatest wish, but she couldn't be with them anymore.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and made a decision. "My kids will be watching me, right? In this case, I choose to go to another world with wishes, as I have nothing left on earth, and I think it would be fun for them to watch me go to another world."

If she can't be with them anymore, at least she will guarantee good times for her children who are watching her from beyond.

The voice laughed. "Hahaha! Thinking like a mother until the last moment, huh? As expected! Alright, you can choose any world, be it from movies, anime, cartoons, even from books and unknown parallel worlds; and you have three wishes."

"Eh? Do anime, book, and game worlds exist? How is this possible?"

"Sorry, I can't answer that for you. All I can say is that human imagination is much more powerful than you can even imagine."

The woman nodded and decided to focus on her choices. " Please give me a few moments to think."

"Of course."

She took some time to think about her wishes as she had become an Otaku after she entered the Geek world because of her children. She knew many worlds and powers that she could wish for, so it wasn't an easy choice. As she thought about her options, she remembered two different anime that her kids had been loving while alive, and her eyes lit up.

"I already know what to wish for."

"All right, just say it. If you want to think better, that's not a problem either," the voice answered calmly.

"No, it's okay, I already know what I want. First of all, I want to go to the world of Tensura," she said decisively.

"Oh? Not a bad choice. And your wishes?"

"First of all, I'd like to be reincarnated as Tiamat from the Fate series, with the complete package minus her memories." She chose Tiamat, for the simple fact that she identified a lot with this character.

"Tiamat, huh? This is a little complicated because as she is a primordial goddess, we would have to insert you in Tensura as a deity as well, and for that, we would have to change the story a little, but nothing too complicated, it's manageable. What are your other two wishes?"

"My second wish is to have the [Information King Akashic Record] skill of Veldanava, and if not possible, a similar skill."

"As you expected, it is not possible for me to give you this skill, because it is Veldanava's origin skill, but it is possible to give you a similar one."

"Okay, a similar skill is already great. My third wish is to be able to travel to other universes of anime, books, and so on."

"This is also quite problematic, but possible. As there can only be one Tiamat in each universe, in every new universe you go to, you will temporarily override Tiamat's existence in that universe."

"That is all," the woman said.

"Everything has already been submitted, and I have already received approval. You can leave a message for your kids before you go if you like. It's the best I can do for you."

"Just tell them I love them more than anything," the woman said with a big smile.

"All right, I'll tell them. Goodbye, and good luck on your new journey."

The moment the voice said that the woman's vision began to darken, and she lost consciousness.

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