Tensura: Tiamat

A woman won in a divine lottery that she didn't even know she was participating in, and as a reward for winning, she could choose to be reincarnated in another world with some wishes, or, if she prefers, she could wish for things in her world. It's obvious what her choice was, right? ----- Discord: https://discord.gg/H7urCqynMe

Holo_Lover · Anime & Comics
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32 Chs

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Hey guys. A small announcement, more like an explanation of what I will do from now on with this book. For almost two years, I've been suffering from a lot of depression, and recently it's gotten much worse. That's why I've been seeing a psychologist for the last few weeks. And a day ago, a user from here responded to my comment on another book, asking if I would continue writing.

The answer was, not for now, because I don't feel like writing, everything I write seems bad. But then he replied about continuing Tiamat, which was more of a chill and easy story. That's when I decided to talk to my psychologist, who is also my friend, about my writing activity. He didn't know previously because I never said it.

And the conversation I had with him was enlightening to say the least. It turns out that my procrastination of abandoning books and starting new ones from scratch may be largely because of my depression (Not just with writing btw, but with basically almost everything I do). I'm not going to go into details here, because it's going to be long and no one wants to know about it.

In short, the objective is to ensure that I can remain constantly active in a certain activity, to work on my psychology. It's a simple exercise, but one that he thinks will do me a lot of good in the long term.

In his words, It won't be easy, anyone who is used to procrastination for a long time, continuing with an activity for a long time is torturous. So I need to stay strong.

God, I feel like a heroin addict.

That said, as I agreed with him, I would continue this book. I won't guarantee the quality of the chapters, but I will literally force myself to be constant, even if the chapter turns out shitty.

I will decide on a posting date. I haven't yet decided whether it will be weekly, daily, or every two days, because the goal is to be constant. Anyway, if you still like this story, I'll keep you updated.