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Yes, I copied a lot of things from the anime, do you think that's bad? Here, grab these boxing gloves and let's get in the ring.


Opening her eyes, Tiamat found herself back in the place where she has disappeared. Not a second later, her clone appears in front of her with a wide smile.

< It's been a while, General.>1

Tiamat smiled.

<Are we still playing this? Ok. Report please, Cadet!>

The clone gave an exaggerated salute in response.

<Sir, yes sir! It's been a little over year since you left, lot of things have happened!>

Listening to what her clone said, Tiamat contemplated the information.

'I see. I 'woke up' and stayed in Fairy Tail for almost half a year training and playing with Mavis. This means that time here passed twice as fast. I don't know if this will be the case with other worlds, or if it will be different. This requires further checks.'

<Anyway, General, who are these two babies?>

The clone asked with stars in her eyes as she saw Mavis and Zera holding Tiamat's hands. The two were looking at the clone with several question marks on their little heads, wondering why there were two Tiamat's.

Tiamat smiled in response and puffed out her chest smugly.

<These two are my new daughters!>

<Oh! I see! am jealous! But wait, if I'm you and you're me, doesn't that mean they're my daughters too?>

Upon hearing the clone's statement, Tiamat's eyes turned icy cold, making the clone sweat.

<Okay, I understand! It was just a joke! Anyway, my job here is done! Bye, you petty general!>

With a puff, the clone disappeared, and a torrent of information appeared in Tiamat's head. Absorbing the clone's memories, Tiamat frowned. A lot had really happened.

The Great Confrontation against the Orc General.

The Jura Forest Alliance.

Milim's visit to Tempest.

The Congregation.


Rimuru becoming a teacher.

And so on.

The clone's last memory was about Rimuru, who was now a Demon Lord, being summoned to the Walpurgis.

What about Tiamat's clone all this time? Well, she ran an orphanage and, oddly enough, she managed to hide even from Milim. So to everyone, she was just a normal human.

As she finishes absorbing the memories, Tiamat felt Mavis tugging her hand lightly to get her attention.


Tiamat put a finger on Mavis' lips, interrupting her.

"Call me...Mommy."

"Mo-Mommy..." Mavis said hesitantly and a little embarrassed.

Mavis was happy for Tiamat to adopt her deep down, as she barely remembered her parents' faces, and she was very lacking in family love. But it would still take a while for her to get used to the idea of having a new mother in her life. 

As for Zera, she seemed curious about her surroundings, but that was it. However, she seems to have gained some light in her eyes.

"Mommy...Where is this place? How did we get here? And who was that person who looked like you? And why did she disappear?" Mavis, curious as she was, fired off one question after another.

While listening and answering Mavis' questions, Tiamat took them back to the now city of Tempest.

Upon arriving at the gates, Tiamat sees two familiar faces guarding the gate. It was Gorubuta and Tapabuta.

They both seemed very happy with their life as a doormans. When they saw Tiamat, they both smiled broadly and welcomed her.

"Look, Gorubuta, it's Tia-san!"

"I have eyes, Tapabuta, I can see her. Welcome back, Tia-san. I heard you went to the human city to get some supplies, but you came back with two kids, huh?"

"I guess that was expected of Tia-san, right, Tapabuta?"

"You're right, Gorubuta. Anyway, welcome back!"

Tiamat didn't respond at any point and just smiled at the two. According to the memories she received, her clone actually liked to go from place to place bringing children to her orphanage as if she were collecting pokemons. Therefore, it became a normal sight to see Tiamat bringing children with her.

Entering the city, Tiamat looked around with stars in her eyes. The small village was now a city similar to modern Japan. She knew this from the clone's memories, but seeing it in person was very different.

She couldn't wait to experience everything in this city for herself! However, she needs to do something first.

Tiamat walked through the town towards the orphanage and greeted the people who greeted her along the way. There weren't many citizens in the streets, as Tempest was now at war with Clayman, and since a little more than half of the inhabitants were combatants, the city seemed relatively empty.

Mavis and Zera looked around with fascination. Everything for both of them was completely out of the ordinary for them. There were people with green skin, giant wolves, lizard people, people with animal characteristics, and several other races. The city was also very different from the city they knew, after all, the only city they had seen was the small town that was in the center of Tenrou Island.

It took a few minutes to reach the orphanage, but soon the three found themselves in front of the orphanage's gate.

The orphanage was huge, the size of an average mansion. At first, it was just a normal-sized house, but as Tiamat's clone brought in more and more children, the house had to undergo renovations several times, until it reached its current size.

Seeing the size of the orphanage, Tiamat couldn't help but feel somewhat embarrassed.

'What a naughty cadet, doing whatever she wanted while I was gone.'

Without further ado, Tiamat opened the orphanage's gate and, before she even reached the door, the mansion door it opened with a bang. What followed was a wave of children running towards Tiamat.


"You're back!"

"Let's play. mom!"

"Read me some books tonight mom!"

At least twenty children surrounded Tiamat, Mavis and Zera. Among the children, there were human children, goblin children, beastman children, lizardman children, and even dwarven children.

Mavis and Zera looked dizzy and scared to see so much commotion suddenly, and Tiamat intervenes.

"Children...Calm down. You are scaring your sisters."

The children immediately stopped and focused their gazes on Mavis and Zera.

"New sisters?!"

"Yay! More people to play!"

"Wow! You two are so cute!"

The children immediately perked up when they saw two new faces. And without even thinking twice, they grabbed Mavis and Zera by the hands and started pulling them to play with them.

"Wai-! Tia-I mean, mommy?! Help!" Mavis exclaimed a little scared.

Zera just followed the children's lead without caring much, but the elevated mood seems to make the screen uncomfortable.

Tiamat watched everything with a wide smile on her face.

"Mommy has things to do... So make sure to treat your new sisters well."

" ​"Okaaaay!" "


The children closed the door with an even louder bang than when they opened, making Tiamat sigh.

Now alone, Tiamat turned and began walking back to the city center while lost in thought.

'Rin-chan should now be on her way to Walpurgis. Should I go along? Hmm...I think that would be good! I can imagine the look on Milim, Rin-chan, and Rouge-chan's faces when they see me! Fufufu! And when Walpurgis ends, I'll introduce Ramiris to Mavis and Zera, I'm sure they'll both be great helpers.'

While going to Rimuru's house, or rather the town hall, Tiamat noticed that the ordinary citizens was without any worries in their hearts.

'They're in the middle of a war, and yet they don't seem to care. They have a lot of faith in Rin-chan and everyone. It's really admirable.'


Meanwhile, inside Walpurgis.

"Sit here and make yourself comfortable." A green-haired maid said addressing Rimuru.

"Righ," Rimuru, accompanied by Shion and Renga, walked calmly towards his chair, and sat down. However, he immediately felt uncomfortable when his eyes saw Guy Crimson.

The energy that the leader of the Demon Lords emitted just by sitting without moving left him on high alert.

'Whoa...That one is really dangerous! He's on a completely different level So this is one of the two oldest Demon Lords, Guy Crimson....'

He then looked next to Guy Crimson, and saw a beautiful woman with huge fairy wings shining in rainbows and long golden hair sitting next to him. For some reason his eyes were closed. She had a calming yet powerful presence.

'Ramiris-san? I didn't expect to see her here. I haven't seen her in a while. Since my trip with the children to the labyrinth of spirits. I'm glad she looks okay.'

Truth be told, Ramiris is not a Demon Lord, as she has never been reincarnated. But she still participates in Walpurgis, just for fun.

The moment after, Rimuru hears thunderous sounds of footsteps, and is slightly startled when he sees a huge person passing by his side.

'That giant body...And that ridiculous amount of energy...It must be the Giant Demon Lord, Dagruel.'

Then, one Demon Lord after another began to arrive.

False Demon Lord Valentine

Demon Lord Fallen Angel, Dino.

Demon Lord Harpy, Frey.

'This must be Frey, the Harpy Demon Lord the Beast Warriors spoke of,' Rimuru thought as he looked her up and down. 'And what...Overflowing Sensuality! I think I can already say that she is number one here, right?'

"Rimuru-sama," Shion said from behind him, startling him.

"Woah! W-What is it, Shion?! Rimuru started to sweat. 'This is bad, she's going to scold me!'

"That servant back there...Don't you think it's quite curious?" Shion said, her eyes staring at a beastman with a lion's face and harpy's wings behind Demon Lord Frey.

Observing the beastman, he realized what Shion meant.

'That is true. It has a lot of magic, but not at the absurd level of everyone else here. I wonder if he...'

[Notice. Assessment suggests that-]

'No. Even if he is Carrion, he wouldn't appear in such an obvious way. It's another person.'



'Eh? Raphael-san, what was tha-'

"So you're Rimuru?"

Hearing an arrogant voice, Rimuru and Shion turn around and see a tall man with blue eyes and long blonde hair. Rimuru then gets up.

"Yes I am. And you must be Leon. Do you need something from me?"

"No. Your appearance is familiar to me, that's all."

"Leon, Shizu-san is dead."

"I know. It's natural that she died. After all, she never accepted Ifrit, and refused to become a Majin."

"...It's not something she asked me to do, but...Let me punch you, just once!" Rimuru, angrily, clenched his fists tightly.

"I refuse. I gave Shizu the opportunity to choose her own path. She wished to live as a human. I gave Ifrit to her as a parting gift. I see no reason to deserve a punch," Leon said calmly and sat down in his seat.

"But I am somewhat interested in you. I will invite you to my castle. If you have a problem with me, meet me there. If you think it's a trap, feel free to refuse."

"Okay, I accept. Sent me this invitation."

"Yes, that's what I'll do. But, of course...Only if you get out of here alive."

Rimuru was confused by Leon's statement, then he felt a familiar presence. Turning towards the portal, two new people appeared.

'Milim? Thank god she seems to be ok! With Carrion gone, there are eight Demon Lords present. That means the one next to Milim is...'

"Tch! Stop walking so slowly, you slug!"


Clayman punches Milim in the face, who appears to suffer no harm. However, this leaves half of the Demon Lords surprised.

"Gentlemen, thank you for waiting," He said smugly.

'Clayman...I'm going to make you pay dearly for hitting my friend!' Rimuru thought, releasing his magic.

"Now, let's start Walpurgis!" Clayman exclaimed, and everyone looked at Guy Crimson.

Guy Crimson opened his mouth to speak, but immediately froze, and a strange smile appeared on his face. Not only Guy, but Ramiris, who was standing quietly beside him, opened her eyes in surprise, revealing beautiful shining eyes.

"This presence... Don't tell me..."

Guy nodded at her. "Yes. There is no way I can confuse this presence," Guy then stands up, and faces the Demon Lords present, who looked at him with confusion.

"My friends, it seems that today we will have a very special participation in this Walpurgis. She is coming, and so I must make something very clear." Unexpectedly for everyone except Ramiris, Guy releases great pressure in the room, making everyone except Milim and Ramiris break out in a cold sweat.

"This last minute guest is very special, so please watch your tongues. Be respectful." He said to everyone, but he was looking at Clayman mostly.

While everyone was confused about what was happening, a blue portal appeared, and it immediately attracted the attention of everyone present.

Soon, someone started to come out of the portal. Then, a beautiful woman with gigantic ram horns on her head and dragon scales on her body slowly steped out of the portal.

Everyone looked at that woman with strange eyes. She was very beautiful, but they didn't feel anything coming from her. Why was she so special? Why did Guy warn them to be respectful?Whorever she was, besides Ramiris and Guy, only two other people recognized who that woman was.

"Ti-Tia?!" Rimuru exclaimed, jumping out of his chair in surprise.

However, the next statment left everyone extremely perplexed.

"...Mommy?" Milim said with a shaky voice, tears forming under her eyes.

Tiamat smiled tenderly at her. 

"I'm back, my baby."

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