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[A/N: Yuta does some traveling for the next few chapters, that way he can meet the true dragons and other characters like Rudra and Guy properly.

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So people where annoyed that Yuta, wasn't going to take revenge as the angels took away his family and kingdom.

I mean it not like Yuta will come out all mad and start planning his revenge, no he rather spend it with his kids, then beat up a angel.

Yuta is a forgive your enemies but never forget there names type of person. So if the angels are ever in a bad situation and need some help, Yuta will prevent it and make them suffer.

He is just waiting for the right moment to strike. So I'm sorry that in my story he loves his family more than getting revenge, the second he out of his seal.

Also about his strength, I'll make a update list soon with Merlin and Anos included. Also some other characters like Luminous Valentine. (Name others that you want to see included in the list!)]


There we were eating as a family. It was me, Merlin, Anos, and Luminous. We were catching up over the years, apparently Anos is a shadow king and Merlin is exploring magic.

I also read some of the Holy Church books, and it was interesting to say the least. I mean apparently all three of them were called Gods and I was called the strongest human.

I mean it true but they weren't gods but I guess if your looking on it on a evolution scale, they are gods and I am one as well.

Ironically the most important figure in the Holy Church Books, Luminous, was the least closest and most closest one to being a god. I mean she had holy magic and was a first generation descendant of Twilight who was created by god.

Once she awakens as a demon lord she might as well be considered a god. I mean once I get my chaos core fully formed I am going to be a official god.

"Evolution is a weird thing"I said

"That was random thing to say out loud"Anos said

"Oh, just in my thoughts"I said

"Dad! What even are you though?"merlin asked

"Well when I was born apparently, I was born human but created by light and darkness making me a Monster and a Human at the same time hence both demon lord seed and hero egg"I said

"Wait that shouldn't be possible as they both counter against each other and would cause death to any person"Merlin said

"It would if I was a normal baby, but I wasn't as I was born with a Ultimate Skill"I said

"What!!!"all three said

"That's impossible as your soul and body would have been crushed and you didn't even have a proper personality to have formed a skill"Merlin said

"Well I should tell you my Ultimate Skill is a little interesting as it seems that it can command the Voice of the World"I said

"Wait can you tell us about it?"Anos asked

"Nope, not until you understand how the world works"I said

"What does even mean? Merlin do you know?"Anos asked

"No clue"Merlin said

"Well I wonder what I should do for now?"I said

"You can stay here"Luminous said

"But won't I be a bother?"I asked

"Of course not! If anything I like you being around, you should stay! If you want, that is" Luminous said

"Yeah, dad you should stay here. You know get use to the world first, maybe get to know people like Luminous better"Merlin said

"Hmm, yea maybe I should do that. As long as I am not a bother"I said

"Of course, please stay for as long as you want"Luminous said

"Yeah, dad. You should stay here"Merlin said

'Weird? Why do they insist that I stay here? Did I miss something during my sealing session?' I thought

"Huh? Why should dad do that? He should travel and see the world, look at the new things and see other places"Anos said

"Anos, quiet down. Your an idiot, and we are trying to accomplish something here"Merlin said

"Hey! I'm the older brother, I should have a say too! And who is "we" and what are you trying to do?"Anos asked

"Begone, Shadow Realm" Merlin said

"Wai-"Anos tried to speak

Anos was suddenly teleported somewhere else, but no one worried as they knew each other's strengths and knew that at most this was a annoying task to escape from.

"That not nice Merlin"Luminous said

"It fine, he'll be back in like 10 minutes"Merlin said

"Traveling, huh?"I said

"Wait are you going to listen to that idiot?"Merlin asked

"What he said does have some purpose and can be a good way to spend my time"I said

"Wait, don't you want to, uhmm, you know, know us better?"Merlin asked

"Wait? You want to hang out with your old man? I thought you would be passed that?"I said

"Well my last real memory of you was when I was 3 year old. I guess I just want you to hang around"Merlin said

"Ok, I decided! I will hang here and spend time with y'all and then travel for a bit after. How does that sound"I said

"Not exactly what I wanted, but that will work"Merlin said

"What do you mean"I asked

Then Merlin look at Luminous, and they stared at each other. Luminous shook her head and Merlin nodded in response.

"Nothing important, forget it"Merlin said

"Ok, but make sure to tell me if something important happens"I said

Then all of a sudden, Anos came through the door and his clothes were all ripped up and scorched.

"Really? Fire and wind magic? Look at my clothes!"Anos said

"Put on some clothes Anos, now!"Luminous said

"Fine, mom"Anos said as he left

"I guess I'll say in the pocket dimension, don't want to be a free loader after all"I said

Then Luminous seem to have tripped but she was seating, so it was probably my imagination.

"Nope, I'm using it as my place to do experiments! You have to stay here, with Luminous"Merlin said

"Ok? That's fine, since I already have a room"I said

"Ok, it's decided! You stay here for a while and hang with me and Anos, while Luminous joins"Merlin said

"Ok, tomorrow then. It already night, let's call it a day"I said

Then Anos enter the room with a new set of clothes. He had over heard the conversation.

"Sleep? Haven't done that for centuries"Anos said

"Really? Why is that?"I asked

"Well you know, I keep the lady's company and it usually lasts for all night. There's even some times that they enter my room during random times, and it goes for longer. This one time they kept coming and it lasted for 7 months non stop for me, I know, I'm amazing right?"Anos said

"Luminous, I know that parenting is hard, but how did Anos end up that way?"I asked confused

"What wa-"Anos was interrupted

"Um, you see, puberty?"Luminous said panicked

"Wait, Anos was just born that way! It not mom's fault"Merlin said defending her

"Anos, I'm going to show you the power of restraint, later.Okay?"I said threatening

"What did I even do?!"Anos asked

"It worse if you don't even know"I said

"Well, lets continue this for tomorrow"Merlin said

"Fine"I said

Then we started to clean the table, we clean up our plates. Anos left as he wanted to head back to his kingdom and he didn't want to do dishes. Merlin tried to use magic, but I stopped here and said that i would do it the traditional way.

She just left it be as me just missing daily task and movement. Luminous joined me, as she wanted to experience the traditional of cleaning dishes.

She was bad at it, I mean it only rinse, soap, scrub , and rinse. Yet, she managed to break lots of plates. She was embarrassed and I just laughed at her.

Then I headed to my room, but it seem that Merlin and Luminous wanted to talk about something. So I just left them be and head to bed.


(Merlin POV)

"Merlin, I have to think you for your help"mom said

"No problem, but I never knew it would be so awkward and hard to set up you with my dad"I said

"Yes, it must. How do you feel about it?"Mom asked

"I mean, you raised me my whole life. Besides of mama, and dad , you're the most important person in my life"I said

"What about Anos"mom asked

"That idiot? He will always be around, so I don't need to worry about him"I said

"Haha, that's true I guess. Still why are you helping me, it must be hard"mom said

"No, not really. I mean I want to see you happy as you gave me that happiness. I also seen your obsession with my dad through my life"I said

"That obviously? I mean look at him, he just perfect for me"mom said

"Ew, gross mom"I said

"What? Your a adult, deal with it"mom said

"Still, I'm doing this as I think your good for my dad"I said

"How am I good for him?"mom asked

"Well, I just have this feeling"I said

"Feeling?"mom asked

"Well, you better act quick before he finds someone else. Knowing him, he probably can even make a true dragon feel love"I said

"Don't say that! You'll make me paranoid about it"mom said

"Wow, one of the strongest women in this world is paranoid? What a big world"I said

"Love changes people"mom said

"It must, as I heard back then you would never had a lover, much less kids"I said

"Well, good thing I was wrong, how about we end this conversation here and talk more tomorrow?"mom asked

"Sure, see you tomorrow"I said

Then I teleported out and into the pocket dimension. Then I just smiled as I finally have my dad back.

"Finally, with dad back, we can destroy those angels"I said to no one

During my childhood, i learned all sorts of magic. It was so that I could break my dads seal, but I learned that was impossible as he literally was her and my skills and magic were prevented when trying to help him.

It was frustrating at first that I couldn't help him, but I knew my dad would come back eventually. So I decided to create a weapon to destroy the angels.

Then I learned that the angels were hiding ever since my dad was sealed. At this point I was livid as I couldn't even kill them now, so I just kept fine tuning my weapon.

I created magic and magical tools, but I quickly found that they were impossible to use without proper materials.

Luckily my skills made up for the lack of materials. Then I was able to create 15 world ending weapons.

[A/N: Based these off the anime 7 deadly sins Commandments and the 4 Arc Angels. Then the last one is based on Chaos. So it each Commandment, each Grace, and Chaos as the last and strongest weapon]

I was the only person able to use them but that was a good thing in a way. The day were the angels were killed was coming, I could finally get revenge for my mother.

Then I just went to bed and wonder what my father might be able to teach me. Well I probably knew more about magic then him but one never know until they ask.


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