Tensura System: The Most Powerful In DXD

One day, a young man dies and finds himself floating in space. The god of void tells the boy that he died because of a mistake, so god will reincarnate him in the real world of an anime and begins his journey to become the most powerful in an anime world. ======================== Here is a Discord server link for you. https://discord.gg/WqSpSasytA I would also appreciate if you support me on Pat*eon. Writing takes quite a bit of time and that's all I do outside of school, so if you support me on pat*eon it will help me a lot. Join my Pat*eon https://www.pat*eon.com/DEADLY_SHADOW

DEADLYSHADOW · Anime & Comics
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Years passed.

Tonight I will be 18 years old. After the day I was born, Serafall started raising me as her brother. I live in the castle of the Sitri clan, but I usually hang out either in my room or in the garden. I don't go to family dinners but Serafall is always on my side and I have to admit it's really good. The only people I talk to at home are Serafall and the occasional Sona. Sona and I are like siblings, but Sona is very serious and works constantly. We are constantly tinkering with clan affairs and the Kuoh academy in the human world, so we can't chat much. It's different for Lord and Lady Sitri, they don't like me and I don't like them. They're the reason I don't go to family dinners. Even the servants in the palace don't know who I am, and I'm not known to society.

For 18 years I have mastered a variety of weapons myself. I created my own fighting style and tried to strengthen my own resistances in case it helps. Good thing the demon race has a high healing factor because of my constant self-harming or it would leave a bad scar.

Although I can use all weapons, swords and gloves are the ones I'm best at.

When I showed it to Serafall and seriously asked her to give me her opinion, she told me that my sword skill was like a sword god, I don't know how true it is, but she never lies to me.

As for my appearance, I'm 1.85 tall. I have slightly messy hair that is darker than a pitch black night, and eyes that are blood-red enough to glow in the dark. My body is pretty built, but I'm not like a muscle mass. My muscles are pretty tight so even though I look like a normal body type, it's all because it's hidden by the outfit. Many of the maids who see me in the palace immediately start to blush, but I am not interested in any of them.

Tonight is finally the night I've been waiting for. My system will become usable and no one will ever look down on me again.

I did everything I did for the day, and in the evening I finally returned to my room and went to bed and waited patiently.

[The system is activated.]

[All resistance skills are transferred to the body.]

[The skills that the host wants and subsequently acquire are loaded.]

[The system is complete.]

[Among the features of the system are the skills tab, the Inventory tap, the Store tab and the status tab where you can see your status.]

"Show me my skills and my status."

[Name: Noir Leviathan]

[Race: Devil]

[Title: Ultimate Class Devil]

[Dp: 60.000/60.000] (Demonic Power)


Ultimate Skills: Lustful King Asmodeus, Gluttonous King Beelzebuth, Prideful King Lucifer, Greedy King Mammon, Slothful King Belphegor, Wrathful King Satanael, Envious King Leviathan, Wisdom Lord Raphael , Sea Serpent of the End, Weapon Lord Sword (passive), Weapon Lord Gauntlets (passive)

Unique Skills: Master Chef

Innate Skills: Appearance Manipulation, Evil Pieces Activation, Illusion, Audio-Visual Communication, Pressure, Summoning, Language,Regeneration, Water Manipulation, Power of Destruction, Ice Manipulation, Fly]

[Resistances (passive): Abnormal Condition Resistance, Natural Effects Resistance, Holy-Demonic Attack Resistance, Destruction Power Resistance, Pain Resistance, Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance]

[Points: 10.000.000]

"What is this Ultimate skills? How did that happen."

[You have nurtured these skills with your constant emotions for 18 years, so all skills have become the ultimate skill.]

"I guess the resistances I chose earlier have also merged and evolved now, right?"


"Why do I have so much magic power?"

[For 18 years, your magic power was used continuously for the development of resistance skills, which means that you used magic for 18 years without interruption, so your magic power constantly reached zero and refilled, so your magic power became much higher.]

"I see. So what is this point thing?"

[Points can be used to buy items like potions and items from the store. Points can also be earned by using your achievements and your race's innate actions.]

"Race's Innate actions?"

[The host, for example, turning a human into a reincarnated devil, or any sinful act that the devil race will do.]

Of course I realized that most of the skills in this system are actually Tensura's skills. Afterwards, I started building a few skills for my magic power and my first target was Rimuru's first skill, Magic Sense.

I closed my eyes and began to perceive the magic power around me as Veldora had described. All of a sudden, I could see everything as if my eyes were open. After a while, the system message I was waiting for came.

[Extra Skill [Magic Sense] acquired.]

"While I had no magic before, now I have both magic power and a lot of skill."

Then I checked my wings and I had 8 pair wings. So even in my current state, I am stronger than Kokabiel and only 1 tier below Serafall.

Although there is only 1 tier, the difference is still very large. After all, the Ultimate class devil's power is between 10,000 and 99,999, while Serafall's class is between 100,000 and 999,999, while mine is 60,000, so the difference is huge.

Currently, both Rias and Sona are in the high-class demon tier, so their strength is between 500-999. Extremely weak for me right now.

"I'll check the store tab tomorrow, I want to sleep right now. I can't wait to tell Serafall tomorrow."

I said and started to sleep in my bed in my room.



I woke up in the morning full of energy. I changed my clothes, brushed my teeth and hurried to the living room.

Thanks to my [Magic Sense] skill, I noticed what was inside and knocked on the door and went inside.

"Good Morning Onee-chan." There was only Serafall in the room. Sona was already in the human world, and Lord and Lady Sitri... Anyway, where they are is none of my business.

"Good Morning No-chan." As soon as Serafall saw me, she jumped on me and started to hug me. But our height difference does not happen face to face. Serafall is 1.60 while I'm 1.85.

"Onee-chan I have news for you."


As soon as I unfurled my wings, Serafall's mouth fell open in surprise.

"As you can see Onee-chan. My demonic powers have been awakened and even as far as I control my wings count and demonic power, I am now an ultimate class devil."

Tears began to flow from Serafall's eyes.

"O-Onee-chan why are you crying." I asked with worry.

"Because I'm happy No-chan. No one will be able to look down on you anymore." Serafall said and jumped on me and knocked us both down as she used some force. She started rubbing her face on the floor in my face and hugging me.


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