Tensura: Sun Wukong

What would you do if you were going to create a Tensura Fanfic but suddenly found yourself in the place of the protagonist of your story? and with all the skills and perks you intended to give him at the start....? Well, let's find out, follow the adventure of... ho? his name? he doesn't have one yet, he is a majin after all.

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Yuna Forge

[Justice, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Some see an innocent victim. Others will see evil incarnate getting exactly what's deserved.]- Emily Thorne

On the road to the city of Ren, A young boy, and a Girl that seemed a little older were walking side to side.

"So you come all the way here by yourself just to mine some ores?" The seemingly younger boy asked with a curious expression.

"Yes, It became a routine." The girl nodded, but something bugged the boy off. "... a routine? you mean that you do that frequently?"

"Well, my grandpa said that it's a tradition, so I have to respect it." She informed the boy who found the situation a little Incredulous but this was pretty normal for her.

"Please go on." He wanted her to explain as he couldn't understand why they had this kind of tradition in the first place.

"My family is a renowned one, we have been producing rare and unique grade weapons for generations. In the Forge family, there are certain beliefs and traditions that have been passed down since... I don't know."

"Anyway, we believe that to make a good weapon, all materials have to be looked for by the crafter himself, so that his passion and 'breath' can be imbued in the weapon not only during the creation process but also in every other step that has been taken before this point." She explained in a serious tone to the carefully listening Monkey King.

"I see but what do you exactly mean by 'Breath'?" He asked another question.

"Breath... is or was the unique skill owned by the family founder, it allowed him to enhance the quality of the weapons he created through his passion and willpower. It was said that as long as he willed it enough he could even create legendary weapons with normal ores." The girl spoke with admiration.

"Due to this, he had the habitude to look for the materials himself when he wanted to make a high-grade weapon. It's said that it helped him synchronize with the material or something like that. To put it more simply, that helped him be in the optimal state of mind to craft."

'That is interesting.' The Monkey King thought, he certainly wasn't expecting such background.

"But as you might already know Unique skills can't normally be passed down, because, well they are deemed 'unique' for a reason." She said but her admiration was not any lower. "Althought the skill was not passed down, his actions were and thus became a tradition."

"Even if no family member awakened a unique skill until now, it seems like he passed down some of his talents, enough for us to be able to craft unique grade weapon in the right conditions." She finished her explanation.

"Color me impressed, but I am curious. Did he really creates a legendary weapon?." Wukong asked, "I mean, your ancestor of course..."

Yuna first looked at him a little suspiciously but she decided to answer his question all the same.

"From the records, yes he did, it was his masterpiece. But nobody knows where the said weapon is, It could be lost under the ocean or it could be in the hands of a powerful being. As I said, nobody knows."

"Hm... Thank you for the information." Wukong was a little disappointed, although he preferred fighting with his body, nobody sane would say no to a legendary-grade weapon, even if it was just for collection.

"Last question, sorry if it seems like an interrogatory."

"No it's fine, it doesn't bother me." She shook her head.

"Why did you choose a mine so far away from the city?" He wanted to ask this question since they were in the mine.

"That's... I had enough of being constantly harassed by the miners working over there." Her face became indifferent.

"I understand." He didn't question further, he was not insensible. The Monkey King knew that some things don't change no matter where you go. It seems like even in this world, in these times and ages, women are somewhat looked down on by men.

Looking at him, Yuna thought there was some kind of misunderstanding so she tried to clarify it.

"Don't get it wrong, I am not afraid of them nor would they dare to hurt me. I just found it so annoying and thus don't want to deal with it." The renown of her family was not just for show, they had some connections, important enough so that no one not too idiotic would offend them.

"Okay... but were you not worried? You could have been attacked by monsters."

"Not too much, although I don't look like it I am pretty strong you know. I could protect myself from monsters in this zone are beginner class monsters." Yuna said as she flexed her right arm. Showing her muscles.

"Beginner class?" Sun Wukong was not really familiar with this period's way of classing monsters. He was more knowledgeable of the adventurer guild's classifications. But Yuki has not even been summoned yet so...

"Are you not familiar with monster classification? Although you look like a child, you seem pretty strong though." She said, a little surprised.

"What makes you think that I am strong?" Wukong raised an eyebrow in inquiry.

"First your unique... magic obviously and second your aura. You have the kind of aura strong people have." Since she was little, she was used to be in the company of strong peoples that came to request different kinds of weapons and armor from her Grandfather, so she could tell.

Even if the boy before her was trying to hide it, his temperament and unconscious movement were enough for her to deduce that he was strong. She didn't know how strong he was but she know this much.

"Hm... I see." Wukong nodded, he could buy that explanation. "But as I have told you, my situation is a bit special." He said, right now the girl was thinking he was a human because he was hiding his tail and he has no intention to blow his couverture yet.

"Anyway, in this world monsters are devised into four ranks. They are Novice, Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced with each rank being stronger than the former, particularly the advanced rank monsters, they are on another level compared to the rest. Even within this rank monster level can be largely different." She explained like a patient teacher.

"If slimes are considered novice rank, then a wivern would be an advanced rank. But a wivern even though an advanced rank wouldn't amount to anything faces a true dragon that's also an advanced rank."

'So they are Wiverns in this world too? That I didn't know. Interesting.' It seems like I really should get a bestiary, this is going to be really fun.

"Although this is the general way of classifying monsters, some country also have their own personal system based on the monsters' danger level."

"Once again, thank you. It seems like my knowledge is lacking." Sun Wukong said with a sigh.

"You're welcome. But I-" Yuna eyed the boy from the corner of her eyes as she was speaking, but her speech was interrupted by a growl... and it was coming from her own stomach.

This realization made her face turn a little red from embarrassment. She was hungry because of the huge physical activity she formerly performed, and she didn't eat anything since this morning.

Worse, Ren was still 3 hours from their current position if they kept their current pace.

"Haha." The Monkey king chuckled a little. "I can sense some monsters a little ahead, we can rest a bit after taking care of them."

"You... want us to eat monsters? That could be dangerous..." Yuna said bewildered by his proposal.

'Ho crap, I forgot magicule is technically poison to normal humans...' He was so used to being a human that he still unconsciously continued to think like one while also sometimes considering himself as one. That made him make a mistake.

"Well, if your resistance is up to it." He found a way around it. "I do it sometime since I have magicule resistance it doesn't really bother me." He technically didn't lie.

"Ho, that's why! I understand, but you really are lucky, I heard it was one of the most wanted resistance in the world.'' She found this amazing.

"Well, let's say that I know how to... adapt." he smiled at her.

"Adapt huh...?" She seemed lost in her thoughts.

"I have an alternative to get to town faster. But you have to promise me something."


"Keep your calm and don't panic."

"What are you going to do?"

"It's a surprise. Do you promise it?"

"Okay, I promise."

As soon as she said, the Monkey King smiled mischievously as a magic circle appeared below them.

Yuna felt herself being embarrassed by the wind, it was as if there was a protective couch around her whole body, slowly she started floating into the air.

"Wha-what!" She panicked a bit, but soon she felt someone touching her shoulder, she calmed down a bit as he turned her head to see Sun Wukong with an amused smile on his face.

"Your reaction was so cute. haha," He remarked with a laugh but Yuna wasn't amused, she just stared dagger at him.

"Okay, okay, I will stop." He said as he coughed a little making Yuna sigh.

"This is flying magic? And with no chant at all? Thinking about it was the same thing with your... Inventory. Are you a hidden powerful magician or something?" She asked curiously, a little excited as well.

"Wind magic to be exact. And whether I am a hidden powerful magician... I guess you can say that." In the last part, The Monkey King's voice got a little lower. Him? a magician? he didn't know if he should laugh or cry.

The worse was that he could be considered as such because Ramiris was having so much fun teaching home that she didn't even take a no after he learned the basis as agreed but kept throwing at him every piece of knowledge she felt like.

But who could blame the Fairy Queen? The boy was a genius in all terms, it would be a waste for him to not learn more. The problem was that he was just too much of a muscle brain and wouldn't stop Physical training if she didn't force him.

"Woahh!!!" Sun WUkong could see stars in the girl's eyes. "So you can help me with Engraving?" She asked expectantly "Please!"

"Unfortunately, Engraving is not my specialty, my competence in this domain is almost non-existent." He shook his head much to her deception.

"I understand, sorry for asking too much" But that didn't last long, soon the joy of being able to fly overtook the sadness.

"Then, let's get going." He said and they started flying towards their destination at greater speed.

While Sun Wukong was using Wind magic to make Yuna fly and also protect her from the side effects of flying at great speed. He himself was flying via ki control.

Not even thirty seconds after they met with the monsters that Wukong previously noticed.

Two deers? At least they seemed like... four eyes, four ears, and a pair of antlers that looked like they were made of Rose Quartz.

"Red Deer!!" Yuna shouted, surprised and once again excited. But seeing as how WUkong wasn't reacting like her, she remembered his knowledge was not up to date. "Those monsters are Red Deers, a rare type of monster, their antlers and Bones can be used as material to craft Rare and even Unique grad weapons!" She excitedly explained making the Monkey King a little excited as well.

"Can you give me more information? I intend to hunt them."

"Red Dears are intermediate-level monsters, and their specialty is speed. They also have an Intrinsic ability that let them repel/counter magic attacks and even skills. That's what makes them so difficult to hunt." She informed Sun Wukong, but sadly she didn't have more information.

"That's plenty enough. Let me take care of them." He said as he pointed a palm at the monsters, gathering his ki.

'No, no, no, wrong idea.' But he suddenly canceled it, if he fired such an attack at them they would end up pulverized. 'Let's try another way.'

As he thought, numerous Ice shards formed around him. Licking his lips he shot them at the same time toward the two monsters.

The monsters instinctively felt the danger and looked toward the incoming attack. They didn't flee nor did they defend, au contraire, they perfectly positioned themselves in front of the attacks.

Just when the Ice shards were about to hit them, their horn shone with radiant light. Immediately after, the monkey king saw the attack coming back toward him. The most surprising thing was that not only did it seem stronger but also faster.

'So that was what she meant by repelling/countering... interesting.' he thought.

"Haaa!" Yuna screamed as she closed her eyes, panicked and afraid.

She felt cold, very cold, it was chilling, but that aside she was overly fine.

She opened her eyes, and what welcomed her was ice, there was ice everywhere like it has snowed for years without stopping. The two Red Dears were already encased in a prison of ice. They looked like ice status.

Looking beside her she could see Wukong perfectly fine, from his mouth emanated some smoke. This scene was obviously his doing.

"Sorry if you feel cold, my mastery over this skill is a little lacking." He said as he proceeded to break the ice prisons, the monsters were already pretty much dead at this point. He then placed them in his inventory.

'Wonder what skills I will get after eating them.' He was in a good mood.

"I am done here, let's go." He said and she nodded.

Ten minutes after they were before the main entrance of the city of Ren.

'Finally! I am finally here!' As they passed through the security check Wukong had to use some... magic to get in since he had nothing to attest to his identity.

Now in the city, the Monkey King was getting more and more excited because he was what he liked to call... 'A traditional fantasy anime city!'


As the Sun Wukong was celebrating his successful arrival, somewhere else, a king was peacefully eating his delicious steak in the royal palace when once again someone barged in.

"... Gazef! Can't you see? I am eating!" He was irritated, couldn't even eat in peace these days!

"Your highness, there is another urgency. Real bad news!" Gazef announced, he was in sweat as he run here.

"What again? Did another kingdom declare wars?" He asked, he was not serious though as he seized the steak on his plate with his fork.

"No your highness worse! Another Amida class situation. The Monkey King has appeared in our Kingdom!" Gazef didn't beat around the bush and directly informed his king, this was no time to play around.

"Son of a B*tch!" The King shouted as he let go of his fork.