16 Yo

I just reread this story and remember why I had so much fun writing it, and now I also know how much fun it was for y'all to read it as well. 

At first, I planned to pick it back up and start dropping new chapters, but even though I now have the drive to continue, I already forgot the plotline I was priorly going with. 

All I remember is that It was supposed to be fun and epic... such a pity.

But I still quite like the concept (duh, I came up with it) So I am thinking of implementing it into another fic sometime soon. But in another world, potentially a multiverse-themed one? 

However, this time I want the power-ups to be on the slower side, since there are not many verses that scale consistently as high as DB and Tensura. 

Anyway, for those who still have this book in their library, I apologize for my abysmal work ethic, I feel like although my condition could be a valid justification, it shouldn't be used as a shield so readily. 

I let y'all down and that's a fact in and of itself.

So once again I apologize.


Now that aside, Let me present you my new bullshit idea. 

I recently stumbled upon an interesting while browsing the Essence META CYOA Doc. And it gave me an idea of something to write.

Fanfic template: 

World: Multiverse. 

Main world: I can not make up my mind so I'll let y'all decide between those three (remember the MC will start, as weak as Goku at the start of the original DB)

1) Magi: The labyrinth of magic

2) Wakfu

3) Solo Leveling

Main Power: Essence of the Voice of the World.

Mc: Saiyan/Majin. (Low class)

Tags: Adventure, Comedy, Transmigration, WeakToStrong, Action, Slice of Life, R18, Harem, Multiverse.

Possible Inspiration: Tensura: Sun Wukong, A Nascent Kaleidoscope, Streamer in the omniverse.

Would you read that Bullshit?

Yes, Love Your Bullshit! 

No, Fuck Your Bullshit!