Tensura : Karna

A 16 year old genius boy from the 21st century gets reincarnated into the incredibly dangerous and exciting universe of Tensura 70 years before canon. Follow his adventures and exiting life of how he came to be known as the "Hero of the Sun". Notice of [Rewrite] on 27/3/2024 Note : The original story does not belong to me, it belongs to the original author fuse. this is a fanfic. I only own my Original character.

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The stormy weather was shrinking, smaller and smaller, once it was the size of a human, she pointed her finger at us.

At that moment, I was sure that the future I saw with Shizue was withering away, but I couldn't let that happen. What kind of lover would I be if I let my beloved die? But I can't die in front of her either. What kind of lover would I be if I let my beloved witness my dying body?

So, I did what every true lover would do for their beloved: I pushed her back and stood in front of the impending attack, stretching my arms as wide as possible to cover as much area as possible.


I will take it head-on, but I will still try to preserve my life. If I die, Shizue will die by this monster's hands, so I need to stay alive, and for that, I will use every single bit of my energies if needed.

Using every bit of my strength, I searched for the core of my unique skill—the true reflection of my mind. Blood seeped through my eyes and ears as I tried to do what was perceived as impossible.

I saw the core of "Archer" and "infinity," a complex system built within my own soul. I stretched my will over them and tugged on them with all my strength as I used it on myself, infusing my armor and soul with the core of my skill.


The attack hit me head-on and exploded, but the infusion of my skills "Archer "and "Infinity" in my soul as a whole created an invincible shield, one which had repelled the explosion from reaching my beloved.

She was asleep for just 5 minutes; that's all I could do to put her to sleep forcefully when I pushed her back.


<<Confirmed. The evolution of individuals "Karna" and "Shizu" from enlightened ones into Saints...successful.>> 


At that moment, my wounds began to slowly disappear, and my energy level increased by leaps and bounds as it was restored and increased.

I became a full-fledged spiritual life form, and my soul turned Holy, which boosted my prowess by a lot. Shizue's soul was also slowly becoming holy, as it was respecting her wish.

I lost "Archer" and "Infinity" as skills, but I had them integrated into me; basically, I used Archer as my substitute for taking the attack and prevented my disappearing from the world.

The unique-grade armor, along with the normal earring that I was wearing, was integrated on my body when I did the impossible, I could unequip it, meaning that if I don't want the armor to appear, then it will not.


"I will name you Kavacha and Kundala!" I named my equipment as I felt holy energy leaving my body and going inside my equipment; the naming changed its grade from unique to legend grade.

Once the attack settled down, I could see the Elf--no, the High elf looked shocked as she took a step back as she became drowsy.

Oh I could see her magicule levels had decreased, so she borrowed from someone? so that means she's not alone in this.

Shizue opened her eyes, and her face changed into one of worry and anger, white flames began to come into life around her as she tried to keep her anger in check.


But how could her anger not explode when she saw her beloved soaked in blood? She couldn't; the flames exploded towards the elf, who tried to block it using a magic barrier, but to no avail. Shizue's flames were mimimum 10 times hotter than the sun itself.


It burned through the high Elf's magic; the flames exploded once it reached five-meter radius of the elf, sending her to a tree, and a shockwave knocked her out.

She rushed towards me and began checking me for any fatal injuries, creating several body-doubles with the necessary amount of magicules to cast healing magic around me.


She acts like this when she's truly worried for me. After the check was over, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and hugged me. I couldn't help but cry because this was the first time I was genuinely scared for my life.

I hugged her body close as I whispered soothing words inside her ears, even though I knew that alone would not satiate her worry.

My unique skills are now gone; I could still do everything that my unique skill did, and now that I have an invincible Armor that even covers my soul, it made me invulnerable unless someone had a significantly stronger weapon and skill than me and my Kavacha and Kundala.

"I'm sorry." I wiped her tears off, looking into her eyes. I kissed her without any restraint on myself, infusing every bit of my love into the kiss. We could feel the relief of the other as we kissed and felt the lives of the other.


<<Confirmed. Commencing the evolution of the "Soul Corridor" between the individual "Karna" and the individual "Shizu"... Successful evolution of the "Soul Corridor" into the "Soul Bond," the merging of soul energies... Successful.>>

Pulling away from the kiss, we smiled as we felt the soul connection become stronger than ever. We could even be mistaken for one single entity; we could feel each other without even moving a finger, as this connection bypasses even time and space.

We both shivered in otherworldly pleasure as our souls merged together to bind us through all timelines that ever existed. I took her in my hands and spun her around as she took my face in her hands and kissed me once more.

Once the excitement was quelled, only then did we saw the changes in our bodies. She grew a little taller; she grew around 7 inches, and she was only 3 inches shorter than me now.

Her clothes became tighter around her chest and hips, tempting me to strip her and take her here and now in the forest, but I shook it off as she used her magic to make some new ones.


She also grew stronger. Both our bodies had their energy shot through the roof; we could even match True Demon Lords and Ture Heroes. If I have to guess, all these changes must've happened due to "Soul Bond."


We both looked at the accursed high elf as she was waking up; her eyes shot up as she muttered something that I could distinctly hear.

"J-jah-" she said before putting her palms on her mouth as her eyes spotted us in front of her, shivering in fear as she was assaulted by a stronger and more potent haki than she saw us release earlier.




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