1 Transmigration

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Above the endless forest…


Accompanied by a sharp cry, a dark brown vulture swooped down from the sky. As it flapped its wings and soared into the sky, its sharp eyes constantly scanned the surroundings below.

The sunlight cast a large shadow as it shone down on it.

Under its shadow was an abandoned village. The walls were severely weathered, and ruined buildings were scattered everywhere. Only a slightly ancient altar was still intact.

Through the shade of the trees, the mottled sunlight shone on the altar. In the center of the altar lay a person.


The bald vulture's eyes lit up! It swooped down and flew towards that person at an extremely fast speed.

On the altar.

Zhuo Bufan opened his eyes and slowly sat up.


Seeing him sit up, the vulture roared unwillingly before turning around. It quickly flew away, disappearing into the horizon. (Vultures are not interested in live prey)

"Where am I?"

Zhuo Bufan did not know that he had almost been reduced to being food for vultures. At this moment, he looked at the surrounding dilapidated walls and was somewhat stupefied.

At this moment, a voice sounded in his head.

[Lucky one, welcome to the Ten Thousand Races Battlefield!]

[This is a fair competition. The lucky people from all over the universe will gather here! Tens of thousands of races and millions of lives will convene on this very ground!]

[Everyone will receive a Lord's Altar. It is the core of the territory. The shattering of the altar means the death of the Lord.]

[In your territory, you can do whatever you want! Collect resources! Strengthen yourself!]

[Ten days later, the gate to the territory will open, and remain so for a day!]

[On this day, you have to face countless challenges from the other Lords!]

[Show kindness or malice?!]

[Conquer or be conquered?!]

[To live on or to die?!]

[Everything is up to you!]

[Over here, you face the possibility of dying any time. But at the same time, you also stand the chance to obtain…]

[…Eternal life!]


"Lucky one? Why do I feel that I'm full of malice and misfortune instead!"

Zhuo Bufan shuddered and finally accepted the fact. He, this weakling who came from Earth, was inexplicably summoned to this so-called Ten Thousand Races Battlefield!

As for why he was summoned here, this question was meaningless.

He could only passively be a bottom feeder!

Standing up, he discovered that the stone platform under his feet was engraved with twisted inscriptions. He felt dizzy just by looking at them.

"This should be the so-called Lord's Altar, right? How should I use it?"

As if hearing him, the voice in his head spoke again.

[Detected a territorial altar, do you want to open the territory?]

"Of course!"

As Zhuo Bufan's voice fell, very quickly, the sacrificial altar lit up with a dazzling white light. Accompanied by rumbling sounds, the earth rumbled and the mountains shook.

At this moment, Zhuo Bufan felt like he was a small sailing ship bobbing up and down in a stormy sea. At any time, he could be overturned by a wave and fall into eternal damnation.

When the commotion calmed down and the white light disappeared, he gradually regained his sight. He was surprised to discover that everything around him had changed. The ruined village had disappeared and was replaced by a flat piece of land.

Not far away, a door of light appeared.

The door of light emitted a hazy golden light. It appeared so huge that it seemed to have no boundaries.

Whether it was the birds flying in the sky or the insects walking on the ground, none of them could pass through this door of light. This door of light was like a barrier that isolated a part of the world!

"Newbie Protection Shield? The last stubbornness of a noob?"

Zhuo Bufan gave a bitter laugh. The moment he thought of competing with the tens of thousands of races from each plane, his heart turned cold.

"The nine years of compulsory education only emphasized that I have to study hard and improve my marks every day. Even the almighty physical education teacher has never taught me how to fight to the death with others!"

"This is a dead end…"

"Also, I don't know what kind of monsters there are in other planes. If a dragon or something comes, what's the point of playing? Wouldn't I die on the spot?"

[Your Mental Summoning System has appeared, you will get the answer you want!]

A notification sound rang out in his mind once again. With a thought, Zhuo Bufan opened the system interface.

An information panel appeared in front of him.

[Territory Name: Unnamed]

[Lord: Zhuo Bufan]

[Territory Level: ☆☆☆☆☆(0 Star)]

(Note: This part is a little confusing since the author did not show any filled or unfilled stars. Will update further as the story progresses.)

[Territory Buildings: None]

[Territory Equipment: None]


"Three NIL categories… Can it be any worse?!"

After muttering softly, Zhuo Bufan continued to scroll down. He suddenly discovered that there was an option at the bottom of the information panel.

[Information about the Races]

He clicked it open and indeed, information about the various participating races popped up.

[Dragon Race]

[The lizard in the eyes of the people of the East and the dragon in the eyes of the West. They are gifted and have mastered the magical laws of heaven and earth. They have their own magical energy!]

[Skills: Dragon's Breath (When a dragon opens its mouth, it could either be breathing flames or simply just sneezing. Please judge carefully), Dragon's Laceration (Under the claws of the Dragon, all living beings are equal)]

[Centaur Race]

[Arrogant, violent, the synonym of savage, possessing a powerful body!]

[Skills: Brutal Charge (Hide further away, or you'll be the next one to faint), War Stomp (If you don't want to become dumpling fillings, then escape quickly)]

[Elf Race]

[Young and beautiful elves, natural-born archers. They are kind in nature and hostile to evil!]

[Skills: Charged Shot (Charges and shoots out a magic arrow, piercing effect), Great Precision (On the plains, no one can escape the fate of being shot in the an*s)]

[Dwarf Race]

[The dwarves possess magical construction abilities. Their nimble hands can build amazing constructs!]

[Skill: Construction Mastery (Natural born laborer, why not consider catching one to put to work)]

[Beastmen Race]

[Beastmen will never become slaves. They are natural warriors with strong bodies and unparalleled strength. They fight against fate and conquer all!]

[Skill: Fury of Blood (Once Fury of Blood is activated, IQ will decrease by 250, please stay away from this stupid big guy), Tenacious Immunity (Thick skin, resistance to damage, reduces most crowd control time)]


"Ohhh? GGWP!"

"I was wrong. God, I swear I was really just a glib talker!"

"Is there anything worse than this? Other people have so many skills and abilities, but I don't have anything?"

"I understand now. I'm just a good-for-nothing little chicken, who came here to be cannon fodder…"

Looking at the descriptions and skills of all kinds of races, Zhuo Bufan was hit by reality. His sole purpose of transmigrating here was just to finish the 10 days of free protection given by the System, before lying down and waiting to die.

"Sigh! Let's look around first and see if there's any place with good fengshui. Even if I die in a foreign land, I can't let myself suffer…"

Just as Zhuo Bufan was disheartened, another voice suddenly appeared in his mind.

[Place the materials into the Fusion Halo to synthesize a new item.]

"What is this Fusion Halo? It can even combine things?"

Zhuo Bufan was speechless. Right after, a burst of bright light flashed, accompanied by "ka ka ka" sounds, as two halos slowly rose from the center of the altar.

The halo emitted a gentle white light, and two small blue compartments were faintly discernible.

Just by looking at it, one could feel the powerful energy contained within.

"It seems to be an awesome Karasu-esque object?!" (Note: Probably a reference to One Piece, but I can't seem to find the link between Karasu and transformation/fusion. Let me know in the comments!)

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