Ten Darkest Secrets (Betrayer Series Book #1) Book

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Ten Darkest Secrets (Betrayer Series Book #1)


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"You were never the best pretender. Instead, you are my best friend. My dearest friend. The trust I build-up, and the memories we shared, it all shattered. You broke everything. If killing you would condemn me to hell, I just have to take a seat beside you. I will never forget your betrayal while your body is dying." Set off in the year of 2018, in the capital of Manila, the group of 7 friends, together with the office worker's brother, a popular actress, and a painter, were mystically followed by a person wearing a black hoodie. Everyone has a secret to keep, but when someone tries to peek into the gloom, you will never know how dark they are. _____________________________________________ I originally entitled this story "Diyes" which means "Ten" in Latin words. It also released this story in the year 2018 as an unofficial/ school project film on the university premises of Pamantasan ng Cabuyao. Together with the author herself — that's me — the story's arranged with Razil Jane Mamplata and Chris Joshua Gonio as the main scriptwriters for the film. However, the book was written by me myself with many additional scenes that are not shown in the school film. SPECIAL THANK YOU CREDIT FOR ALL THE CREW WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE SCHOOL FILM ON THE YEAR 2018. YOU ARE PART OF MY WRITING CAREER JOURNEY AS IT TAKES FLIGHT. ------------ BETRAYER SERIES: BOOK #1: Ten Darkest Secrets (ONGOING) BOOK #2: Eight Strongest Lies (soon) BOOK #3: Four Bravest Keepers (soon) ------------- DISCLAIMER: The characters portrayed in this drama are fictitious. Organizations, names, places, and situations are based on imagination. Book cover made by: Author and Digital Artist Sendaline_16


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