Tempting My Rented Boyfriend

Warning: Mature Content Ahead Won silver medal in the Writing formula Practice #23! ------- Betrayed by her Ex and Bestie, Eleanor decides to take revenge on them. On the day before the cheating couple's marriage, she goes to a bar and picks a rented boyfriend. On the day of the cheating couple's marriage, she embarrasses them in front of the media and the public for cheating on her and for pushing her family business to the verge of bankruptcy. After dealing with them, she decides to save her company from going bankrupt. Eleanor decides to strike a deal with Emerson's empire. When she met the Prince of Emerson's she is stunned. The Prince of Emerson's is none other than her Rented Boyfriend! What will happen to her when she met him face to face? Can she be able to save her company? To know more join the journey of Eleanor's "Tempting My Rented Boyfriend". _____ The cover photo is not mine. The credits go to the original artist. The Editing is done by me for the cover. Other Works: 1. CEO Daddy: Let's Get Mommy. 2. Mafia King's Seduction Lessons 3. The Vampire King's Werewolf mate 4. Moon Lovers: Craving for my Fake Vampire Mate 5. Her True Soulmate 6. My New Lover is a President 7. Empress of Business World

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Special way of Feeding!


Myna is hopping mad at her friend for not even letting her say hello. But when she heard the contents she broke into a huge grin.

"Did you do that? How is he? Is he good in bed?" Myna asked without stopping.

"Oh Girl! Calm down! We stopped at a crucial moment! But I'm pretty embarrassed to see him," Eleanor said in her thoughts.

"Okay! Tell me how did you seduce him!" Myna asked, making Eleanor hold her head.

"Girl! He is the one who made the first move on me. And…. I got carried away in the heat! And and and …. I Kinda like his actions. They are gentle yet ferocious and yet felt nice," Eleanor said as she blushed.

"Gosh! My friend is growing up!" Myna said in her excited voice.

"But he might think... I did that for the sake of the company. And he might cancel the project. I'm worried about this," Eleanor vomited her worries.

Myna understood her friend's worries.

She knew about her friend overthinking nature.

"Don't overthink it! Just go with the flow! And Cedric Emerson is a professional person. He will not mix work and personal things in his work," Myna said.

"Also, I heard he never dated a girl or touched a woman till now, apart from you. Maybe he likes you. Try your luck. Bed him and get pregnant! You will become Mrs. Emerson!" Myna said to divert her.

"F*ck it up! I will marry a person who loves me wholeheartedly! Not any tom, dick, and harry! I called you to relieve my stress, but not to increase it! I'm hanging up bye!" Eleanor said angrily.

Was it too late to change her friend?

She should think of it.

For now, she has to take a warm bath. She can still feel his calloused hands on her body. Just the thought of him makes her blush.

Gosh! She should try staying away from him!



Cedric went to open the door.

The hotel boy who saw him was stunned when he looked at him. His face was filled with lipstick marks. And his visible big tent made him understand that he did a wrong thing by knocking on the door.

Cedric felt annoyed when he saw the waiter.

"What?" He barked.

"Food, sir. You ordered earlier," The hotel boy said nervously. He pushed the trolly and set the dining table and left.

Gosh! He shouldn't have come to this room.

Cedric regretted ordering the food now. If not, he would have had his fill by eating that little vixen.

He was sexually frustrated!

He went to another room and took a cold shower before relieving himself with his hands.

But one thing kept him motivated. That was from tomorrow he will join her on Christmas vacation.

He dressed in normal clothes. By the time he was done, he saw Eleanor coming out of the bathroom getting refreshed. He can still see his artwork on her. He smirked at her. Eleanor blushed when she saw his smirk.

"The food is here. Join me," he said.

Eleanor didn't say a word. She sat there silently and served food herself. While Cedric did the same. He ate his food at a medium pace without wasting the food crumbs. He looked elegant and poise even while eating.

Gosh! He was so handsome!

Seeing him, an unfamiliar heat aroused in her lower stomach. All the things that happened earlier came into her mind.

Gosh! His presence was dangerous!

Cedric, who was eating, felt her burning stare. He raised his head and saw her staring at him with a red face.

"Do you want me to feed you?" He asked as he winked at her.

Gosh! She was caught red-handed!

"N-n-no-no," she immediately lowered her head and started eating.

"If you want, I can! I have a special way of feeding," Cedric said.

Eleanor raised her head and blinked.

Cedric felt normally she was so cute, but right now she was behaving a bit dumb. He felt she is too cute!

Gosh! Cuteness overloaded!

She was bad for his health!

"I have a special way called Mouth mouth feeding," He said with a smirk.

Eleanor: "..." This guy is toxic!

Gosh! Can't he give her a break!

He was embarrassing her way too many times!

Not fair!

Eleanor blushed hard and lowered her head to eat.

After a while she heard him saying, "Tomorrow morning I'm going to the museum. Will you join me?" he asked.

"Sure," she said. She asked the staff to cancel the booking and trip but they refused and they said she can enjoy it here alone. So, she came to not waste the money. And the first thing about the offer is to roam all the city. On that visit, the museum was the first. Also, she has to make him agree to sign the project. So, she should try getting into his good books. Since she has to go with him why not go with him.

"Since we are already here. We shall follow the plan set by the company. I heard these are very famous spots here. No one will miss seeing these spots after coming to this country it seems. So, we shall go there and visit them together," He said.

Why was he using the word 'together again and again?

Nonetheless, she has to go with him.


Sad life….

Once she gets this project signed she will ditch him for good once and all.


But thinking about his hot body she thought it's such a waste.



Why was she thinking like a pervert?!

Gosh! She was affected by Myna!

She needs to think about her friends!