1 Be My Rented Boyfriend For 500$!

A girl with beautiful ink-black hair sat near the bar counter as she continued to take sip after sip of alcohol without showing any thoughts of stopping.

She looked at the bartender and said with her slurry voice, "Give me twelve shots of tequila and every shot should be a different type of tequila," She said.

"No! Give me some hangover drinks," Her friend said in a stern voice.

"You shouldn't be liiiiiiike that," she slurred in her dazed voice.

"Just because you were dumped by your boyfriend you are getting wasted like this!" Her friend shouted.

"Now you are also dumping me! Go awayyyy! I Don't want anyone. I will be by myself! One cheated behind my back with my boyfriend! And you also want to leave me! Go away! I don't care," She said.

"Eleanor, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that we should get revenge on him for you instead of drinking. Tomorrow is his marriage," Her friend Myna said.

"What can I do rather than being like this?" Eleanor said.

"Yes, you are right too. If we have a handsome man with us. We can take him along with us tomorrow to the marriage and ruin it. What a shame we don't know a single man," Myna said with a sigh.

Myna who looked lost suddenly felt a swish.

"Wait, Eleanor, With your status you can get anyone. Why don't you call someone?" Myna asked.

"Shut up. Everyone wants me because of my money. Even my ex that bastard left me knowing I'm on the verge of bankruptcy," Eleanor said.

"And that b*tch Jessica, she took time to seduce him when I'm handling the things in my company. Those stupid couples don't know that I'm dealing with a contract with Emerson groups. If I get the contract my company can be saved. After that I will stomp on them ruthlessly," Eleanor said as she stared at the tequila shot hatefully. The next second she lifted the cup and drank the complete shot.

"I will find a man here. And will take him with me tomorrow and embarrass the couple in their wedding itself," Eleanor said.

Before Myna could open her mouth, Eleanor disappeared.

Wait, Did she see her friend going away, just now?

Myna got up from her seat and searched for her.

She chased after her but she already missed her friend.


When Eleanor looked around and found no man was enticing. She sat in her place dejectedly. At that time she saw a person entering the bar. Her eyes lit up. He looked handsome. He has sharp features with magnified looks. He looked ethereal in her eyes.

The moment she saw him she liked him. Her eyes shined like stars. She doesn't want to waste her time sitting in her seat. She set him as her target. She dashed towards him in a swoosh. Even her friend Myna is stunned when she disappears.

Eleanor appeared next to him. She grabbed a stool and sat beside him. But he paid attention to her. He directly went to the bar counter and ordered a few drinks along with his friend.

Myna who is searching for her friend spotted her beside a handsome hunk even, she is stunned by how handsome he is.

But she saw her friend talking with him!


Eleanor went near the handsome man and poked his biceps, then she made her way to his abs.

"Oh my god! They are firm and strong!" she exclaimed.

The man who sat there furrowed his brows. He is displeased for sure.

He moved his body before she could poke more.

"I won't do anything. Please help me," she asked him.

"Miss, please leave me alone," the man said.

"Hey, handsome be my boyfriend, only for tomorrow," She asked directly. Her voice slurred due to the alcohol in her body.

The handsome man friend who was watching from the side spurted his drink. He coughed a few times. He looked at her with his wide eyes. A small smile crept on his face. She is interesting for god sake!

He watched the show as he sipped his drink slowly.

"I will pay you. Not for free. I can give a hundred dollars," She said as she raised her one finger.

The handsome man felt she was being ridiculous while his friend felt she was too intriguing. His interest in getting piqued.

Seeing the handsome man have no reaction she thought he was not satisfied by the amount.

"200 dollars,"'

"300 dollars,"

"400 dollars,"

500 dollars,"

"Hey what do you think of yourself? You are just a handsome escort! How dare you for being arrogant. Five hundred dollars last! You will be my boyfriend for tomorrow," she said loudly.

The handsome man: "..."

The handsome man friend: "pffttttttt"

At that time, Myna came and started dragging her.

"Sorry, sorry, she is drunk. I will take her away," Myna said.

"Hey, Myna I'm not drunk. I'm sober. I want this man to act as my boyfriend to ruin that bastard marriage. He dumped me today and said he is going to marry my best friend. How can I accept them being happy, When they ruined mine? Baby, you gotta help me. pleaseeeeeee convince him to be my rented boyfriend for one day. No, nooo, only for...… fooooouuuurrrrrrr hours is enoughhhhh," Eleanor said to Myna.

"Eleanor, let's go back to our seats and think of a plan to make him agree with us, and till then let's give them time for them to accept your proposal," Myna said.

Eleanor finally agreed and went away.

"Sir, sorry for disturbing you. If you don't mind, please change your table," With that Myna is about to take her to leave.

Myna and Eleanor left the place.

"Cedric, She is the infamous queen of socialites Eleanor Zora. She was previously dating Jocab Boris, who is the heir of the Boris Empire. But he is marrying Jessica Cole. No one knew the real reason for their breakup but now I know he cheated on her. What scum!" The handsome man's friend, Edward said.

"This woman instead of crying and making a fuss, is plotting to ruin their marriage. How cunning," Edward said.

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