1087 Aslan's Cruelty

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Wang Zheng smiled. "There's not much that I hide."

"I heard that Her Highness Aina liked you in the past." Dong Er asked the most burning question in her heart. Without seeing for her own eyes, she had never thought that any man would be fit for Princess Aina.

Wang Zheng was stunned. He pondered it for a while, then smiled. "Actually, it was me with the crush. I didn't think that it would bring so much inconvenience to her."

Seeing Wang Zheng's smile, there was a wrenching in Huiyin's heart. Her eyes were red. She was clear that it had been a mutual interest, not a crush.

"Mm, mm. This guy isn't bad. He mans up!" Ouyang Ruoliu was a little surprised. Any other man would have boasted. Men just liked to show off. They would not be able to lower their head about something like this.


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