Yvette calls me into her office. I walk into the office, a gigantic room with thirteen floor-to-ceiling windows, complete with six balconies, three large diamond chandeliers. There are beautiful navy blue couches in the living room and a white ottoman with a navy blue sheeplike rug. There's a little table with a white tablecloth on it and diamond and silver pitchers. In the couch area is an extremely large floor-to-ceiling television. On a wall with a bunch of pictures, I see a family tree. Starting with her great-grandfather, Vladamir Leissay down to me and two boys around my age and another two girls. Yvette nods at me in acknowledgment. "Goodmorning, Little Bird. I smile at her. "Morning!" I say. "How'd you sleep?" she asks. "Good-" I try, but Yvette cuts me off. "I know the floor in my room is uncomfortable, you could've gotten an air mattress," she says. I just shrug. "Anyways," She picks up a plate of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon and eggs and a glass of iced coffee. "Here you go," she hands me a fork and a knife. I sit down and start looking at the picture wall. I want to know who these last few kids are. "Who are the kids at the bottom?" I ask. Yvette follows my gaze. "Oh, the boy in the middle is my nephew, your cousin Yaasiel, named after his father," she says. Yaasiel looks decent I guess. He looks just like his dad. Need I say more? "Yaasiel had kids?" I ask. She nods. "Yep, and he has to raise them by himself, because his wife- well ex-wife now, walked out on him," she says. "The boy on the left of him is Allen. He goes to your school, and he's not even related he just hangs around with Yaasiel," Allen could use a bit of help. Allen in one picture had on a loud Hawaiian shirt, matching shorts, and airforce 1's. He had braces and horrible acne. His black hair looks like he just rolled out of bed.

"Oop," I say. She laughs. "Yeah, anyways on the left is your other cousin, on the right is my niece, your cousin Unique, and next to her is your other cousin Brianna," she says. All of them have the same features except for Unique who looks, well- unique. She has blonde hair and yellow eyes and she's tall maybe six feet. Brianna has short black hair with the whole bottom half of her hair dyed baby blue, she has hazel eyes,(kaleidoscope) a light denim jean jacket, tiny light denim high-waisted shorts white Converse hightops, and baby blue and white striped socks a tiny bit higher than the shoes, and a baby blue tubie-top. In the picture, Brianna has the top half of her hair, the black part, in a bun, leaving the bottom part, the blue down. There is a brown-haired boy next to her, I recognize him. I used to like him but he rejected me. For her. It makes sense, she is prettier than me. "Oh...so- oh okay, oh okay, yeah I see how it is, SWEETIE, I should kick you in-" A boy taps me on my shoulder. I turn around. It's Allen but- not Allen. "Hi," he smiles. His teeth are perfectly straight. His acne is gone, revealing clear skin, his hair is brushed and he looks just like Suga from BTS facial features only. Allen has very thick hair. His hair doesn't have an undercut though. It's just perfectly trimmed below his ears. If Jimin dyed his hair pink from the roots to just above the tips on one side and blue tips then vice versa on the other half of his head, that would be Allen. "Hello," I manage. "I've been told to drive you around," he says. "Why?" I ask. "I don't know," he replies. "Are you going to kidnap me?" I ask. "No, why would I do that?" he asks. "I don't know," I say. "Well no I just have to take you shopping at the mall then go to lunch or dinner and keep you out of the building because they're planning something and they won't tell me so I guess we're both in the dark and now I'm really nervous because you're really pretty and I think I'm talking too much and I feel like I'm going to scare you away so I'm sorry but I can't help it I talk when I'm nervous!" He stops to take a breath. "Sorry, I am so sorry," he covers his mouth. "I did not mean to say all of that, uh how about we just go?" he starts walking off. I glance at Yvette. She's trying not to laugh. "Go on Little Bird," she winks. "I put five hundred dollars In your jacket pocket, go crazy with it," she says. I nod. I pick up a pancake, roll it, pick my phone up, and run out of the room. I look for Allen for a while until I go outside and see him on his phone leaning on a black Corvette. I walk over to him. "Hey," I say "Nice car," He shrugs. "It's Aunt Evie's," he says. I frown. "Who's Aunt Evie?" I ask. "Oh, my bad, it's Yvette, I couldn't pronounce it when I was little so I just said Evie, and the nickname kind of stuck," He says while opening the passenger's-side door. I get in and he closes the door for me. He walks around to the other side of the car and gets in behind the wheel. He closes his door and buckles his seat belt and I do the same thing. We drive in silence for what seems like hours before we get to the mall and let's just say, I didn't go easy on his wallet. He tried to pay but then I forgot I had five hundred dollars and decided to pay. It was fun until dinner. The food wasn't even good, so naturally, I had to put up with Brianna and her annoying boyfriend Issac. This is why I hate people. Reasons right here. I can't even have Mcdonald's without my night being ruined.

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