Yvette stands oddly comfortably, bound in chains and a gag in her mouth. I surge forward to help, but Allen holds me back. "Not now," his face seemed to say. I try to calm down because I know that if they know I can help her they might torture me or even worse..kill me. I try to take deep breaths to help myself calm down so I can think of some type of plan to get out of here with everyone alive.

I look around the space that we are in I try to look around in the space that we are in so that I can analyze where everything is.

I can barely see anything because the space is very dark and it looks very secure like they have had many other people here to trap them, I look around and I see multiple B.L.A.C.K.B.I.R.D agents and my heart starts to calm down because I see someone to come and help us, I thought we were going to die.

I keep quiet because I don't want to alarm anyone that agents have broken into the base. I shut my eyes and quietly breathe a sigh of relief, from what I could count there were about 43 agents that came from the ceiling and were fully dressed up in armor and had lots of guns, from what I could count it was like 5 guns for one person.

I start to be able to actually see around the base because my eyes had adjusted to the darkness, I see lots of people in jail cells, some of them were...old B.L.A.C.K.B.I.R.D agents, pregnant women, and men that looked like they had been there for years.

I see Yvette's eyes widen as she looks around her to see her surroundings and I see her start to silently cry and start to slide down the pole that she was tied to, she suddenly gets up, it looked like she had a surge of energy. I look confused because I have no idea what she is crying for.

Yvette tries to shove herself forward to break the chains that she is in, but an agent shoves her back because it would make too much noise and we would be caught. The agents start silently taking chains off of everyone, the other agents start to get the other people that are locked up in the cages.

Yvette got her chains off and she ran over to a cell that a man was in, there was a man in the cage and it looked like he was there for years on end, the man was very skinny and he had dirt all over his face, his hair was grown out to the bottom of his back, he had scratches all over his clothes and his skin, his face was beaten up and he had two black eyes.

I felt really bad looking at these people, I felt selfish for even wanting to get out because these people need it more than me.

I start to cry because I felt so bad for these people and I wept as I fell to my knees, an agent came over to me and stood me up and told me, "There is a mission at hand you can't start crying now I don't want you to get us caught, walk over there to him he will get you out."

I look at the person that he pointed at and there was a ladder rope.

People were climbing up the ladder rope and were seeing the light of day for the first time in I don't even know how long. The people that were getting out were smiling so much I had never seen people so happy before, then a lesson hit me smack in the face, I should always be grateful for what I have because what you take for granted other people wish they could have.

I start to climb up the ladder and I make it up the ladder but I start to notice that I felt really weak like the energy had been sucked right out of me, I looked back down to see if anyone else was coming up, the place now looked empty and I saw Yvette coming up with this mystery man that she was crying over.

I move out of the way so that he can make his way up without me in the way, as he makes his way up I see his face and really study his facial features and I start to become confused because I had never seen him before, as I start to get more and more dizzy I start stepping back because I remember him, then I pass out and hit the floor.

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