Teen Wolf: The Singer

Mathew. Someone who was the entire world knows, is blessed by god. Every single instrument he had picked up since the age of 5, he had mastered with relative ease. It took him a year with the piano, to reach levels current musicians took decades to reach, and he was only a good. Only his talent was not a blessing but was a curse. Being taken advantage of since the age of 7, he was destined to live a life of sorrow. When he was 14, he was taken away from the public eye since he had finally broken down. His progress in instrument stopped. He started playing worse, getting sick more often, and the only reason he stayed alive was for Archer. However one day when he was 16, 2 years after being taken away from the publics eye, even Archer wasn't enough for him to stay alive. But when he opened his eyes one day, he was different. Mathew had changed, and now, he would travel to a certain part in the world, to find out why God had placed this curse on him. I do not own the cover or any characters that are not original in this work.

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Chapter 2: Beacon Hills

Chapter 2: Beacon Hills

(Timeskip: 1 week)

As I moved into my house inside of Beacon Hills, I couldn't help but be slightly happy with the place I was renting.

It was a massive house, at least for me since I have lived most of my life inside of a basement.

It could probably fit around 4 people in the house. The house had 3 levels. The first one, containing the living room, which had a fireplace, a kitching and Dining table.

The second level had 3 rooms, a master bedroom and 2 other smaller bedrooms. Each had their own bathrooms attached to it.

The 3rd floor was by far my most favorite….and most hated floor.

It was a floor with a pool table in the center of it, and had 2 sound proof rooms for recording music.

Inside of the room were all types of instruments.

Guitars, Pianos, a violin and many more.

He then saw a note on the pool table that said this:

[Heard you liked the pool so I got you something to use. We were able to retain possession of all your musical instruments and decided to build you a studio if you ever decided to record music again. Also, there's a diving board connected from this level to the pool outside your house, but be careful with it.

-Love, Donna]

'Of course, it's the work of Donna.'

"Meowwwwwwwwww." I heard a cat meowing, as it ran up to my legs and flopped onto my leg.

I picked up my ragdoll cat, something my parents made me keep for emotional support to survive, and carried it around.

"It's okay archer you will be fine."

As I moved around the house, I was a little worried about how I could clean all of this by myself, but eventually, I decided that I would be fine.

I moved back into my own room. I picked a room which wasn't the master bedroom. I still wasn't used to having this much…space.

I walked over to see a full gaming PC already installed. I didn't recognise it from the memories of this life, but my other one.

It was something I asked Vennesa when she helped me move under my new identity.

Augustine Heart, a kid who moved to Asia when he was younger, and recently moved back to the States.

At first, she was worried about my education, since it was revealed during the trial I was never taught anything, so I don't know anything, however there was a reason I picked my identity to be like this.

I really was from Asia in my past life, so my education was decent to say the least.

I was also able to get my drivers license during the week in New York with the help of Mike, so right now I could drive the car outside of my house.

A 1977 Chevrolet Camaro…Bumblebee.

As I checked my bank details and the results of the trial, I couldn't help but be shocked with the amount of money I got.

The goal of the trial was specifically to get me out of the company and my parents grasp, not money, since Mike took my case on as a pro bono.

However, still, Harvey was able to get me 'some' money. Sure, to a fortune 500 this was nothing, however to me, 20 Million dollars was a lot of money.

I was set for a couple of years.

I checked my new email address, to see emails from the school, reminding me that my first day started tomorrow.

The school year had already been going on, and I would be joining the sophomore year.

Considering the fact that I was attracted here, probably means that the cast has reawakened the Nemeton which puts us in season 3B…the Nogitsune season. From this part in the show, it is basically a horror show.

Especially for the main character of this season, and my favorite character in the entire show, Stiles Stilinske.

After thinking, I decided to change my clothes into more comfortable ones and sleep.

My body saw on obvious change in the week, however I had been trying to eat more. But what can I do, when even eating 2 slices of Pizza makes me become full.

I decided I deserved the break and not stressing about the world, and slept on my new bed.

It was comfortable, especially since I didn't have messy hair anymore. It was cut to a mid skin taper fade and I now had brown hair.

They even provided me contacts with green colored lenses and masks and caps, so no one could recognise me here.

This was my fresh start, and I aimed to have it.

I woke up early in the morning, around 5 am, a habit my parents had forced me to pick up. No matter what time I sleep, my body would automatically wake me up at 5, and I was incapable of being tired.

I moved Archer (the cat) off of my body and started my day.

I decided it was probably smart for me to be eating a lot more. I had to catch up with my peers in terms of bodily growth.

I decided it was smart to start exercising too, so I decided to train in calisthenics, maybe even opting to take some self-defense classes in the town. Wouldn't hurt when this season of the show is definitely crazy.

To be fair, this season was more emotionally disturbing for the cast than physically, but that isn't true for the following ones.

And for now, I should definitely set a few rules up.

Little to no interaction with Stiles. I do not want the Nogitsune to be on my ass.

I need to find out why the Nemeton attracted me. Obviously it has to do with the fact that I am probably supernatural but how?

Do I have some dormant beast's blood or something? That's something I need to find out probably through the hunters.

Maybe I can even go to Kira's mother, she should definitely know something.

Thinking about all of this, I went to my garage of the house, and started to do some assisted push ups and pull ups.

I also tried to do a couple of squats but my legs couldn't move after 5 and I fell down.

My previous lifes memories gave me the memories of a gym rat as well as an anime and show lover. He also was knowledgeable as a student, up until my age as well.

That's why I didn't really mind about my extremely low starting point. After all, from down, the only way is up.

As long as you move, you're making progress.

Thinking like that, I stretched my body a little, to make sure I didn't hurt myself more and tried a couple of more exercises.

After about 30 minutes, I took a shower and decided to download some games.

Considering that it is still 2008, there weren't too many games out yet, however, recently, League of Legends released. Slightly earlier than the previous me's world but I immediately hopped on.

The previous me was from a lower income family, so he couldn't afford a PC to run games, he was always envious of his friends gaming and thus that envy came to me.

The game wasn't really popular yet, but I knew that if I played for a couple of years, a high rank in this game would become a useful flex.

So after learning the basics, of last hitting a minion and reading about the champions, I decided it was time to go to school first.

I put on a simple, comfortable red t-shirt and a hoodie, with pants on.

Then, I put on the contacts, sunglasses, cap, mask and gloves that I was provided.

Some might say that I overdressed, but to me, I would rather be overdressed, thinking of having a skin disorder or something rather than being recognised.

I knew it was inevitable. Someday I would slip up and people would recognise me, but I had time until then, probably a month of just being a normal kid.

I then took my car, and went off to go for classes.

Using the GPS in the car, it didn't take me long to reach Beacon Hills high, I lived about a 20 minutes drive from the school.

As I parked in the high-school, I saw one of the main cast for this season.

As I looked at her, I was absolutely stunned. She was one of the better looking girls of the cast. She was wearing full black pants and a long sleeved shirt that stopped around her waist area.

Her hair had curls, which neatly fell down onto her back and shoulders and she had jewelry on her fingers, which could be seen sticking out of her fingers and she had a shy smile on her face as she tried to escape her dad.

"I'll see you in class." He said, as he drove off to park the car.

She sighed a little, as she turned around and hyped herself up to walk into the school.

I watched that interaction from the side, and eventually walked in as well. I actually was trying to build up the courage to walk up to her but couldn't since in this life, I barely had social meetings let alone skills and that far outweighed the normal life the other me had.

Even though I was telling myself to just walk forward, I just couldn't.

Eventually she got lost in the crowd of the highschool and I myself just walked into the place

After checking my schedule from my phone, I realized my first class of the day was History. I sort of remember this scene, of where Kira is introduced to the class however I only remember it briefly.

"Ah Mr. Augustine you're already here." The principal said, as he walked to me and shook my hand.

"I'm the dean of the school, how about I show you to your classes?" He asked, as he led me a little. He seemed completely unbothered by the way I dressed which surprised me a little.

"Sure sir." I spoke as I followed him.

"I have already informed most of the staff of your eczema, so you will not be forced to partake in strenuous activities. This includes gym, however please note that gym class provides credits for that subject too so you will have to make that up." He explained, as he directed me to the lockers.

"This is your locker. Your books and everything else will be provided to you by your respective teachers. For now, we are already a bit late, however let us go to your history class." He said as he continued leading me there.

When he reached there, I shook his hand again and then I spoke with a little emotion in my voice, " Thank you for helping me sir."

I was really grateful, since he was leading me to a sort of normalcy of my life.

He seemed flustered, as he paused during the handshake, and started to stutter while talking.

"Y..You're welcome of course." He said, as he let go of my hand and entered the class quickly.

When I saw that interaction I was a little confused. However, thinking back from a new perspective, whenever I had extreme emotions while playing music, I always caused people around me to act differently.

That woman always told me that it was natural, however now that I think about it, it isn't really.

Moreover, it has never happened so easily before, usually it only happens when I pour my heart and soul out. The only difference between then and now is that there are 2 me's in 1, and I am closer to the Nemeton.

"Class, this is a new transfer student from New York. His name is Augustine Heart, treat him well." The principal said, as he led me in.

"Ah great, another new student!" The teacher at the head of the class walked over to me and tapped my shoulder gently.

"I am Mr.Nakamura, your history teacher." He then pointed towards Kira and said," As I was just saying, my daughter Kira is also relatively new, so please do talk to her while you make friends." He said to me with a bright smile on his face.

I nodded at him, and sat at the opposite end of the class, the only part that had space.

My highschool life which I didn't have has started.