In a room in China, we see a boy of 179 centimeters with black hair and black eyes, he is thin, but if you look closely there are some muscles on him.

In front of the boy is a computer, it has two screens, a mouse and keyboard illuminated in blue colors, and on one of the screens is a game called "league of legends".

On the other screen are some browser windows open and on the side is a chat, yes, the boy is doing a live transmission.

"CRAP! DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING RIGHT? I HAVE BEEN CALLING YOU TO HELP ME MID 3 WHOLE MINUTES!" says the boy completely irritated for not receiving help.

"I'm busy on my route! Stop yelling in a few minutes I'll get there, I just need some money and some XP!" says a voice coming out of the boy's phone.

"WE HAVE BEEN PLAYING FOR 18 MINUTES! THE OTHER TEAM'S JG IS COMING HERE EVERY 2 MINUTES! AND YOU DO NOTHING! NO HELP AT ANY ROUTE!" he says and we can see a vein sticking out of his forehead, a sign of how angry he is.

"calm down Brian, you know he is bad at JG and doesn't know how to help. You are 18/4/6 and you are complaining, I am the ADC and I am 4/9/12 and my Support is killing more than me and still stealing my farm hahaha!" says a cheerful voice full of animation.

The boy who we now know is Brian shakes his head and brings one of his hands up to his forehead 'I'm so tired of playing for hours, I can't wait to get some good money together, so I can stop playing this damn game and reduce the hours I stream online' he thinks internally.

Brian is not his real name, his real name is Ye Xuan, but since he plays with other players from other countries, he decided that his foreign name would be 'Brian', the two other boys who spoke with him are also Chinese, but they also like to go by foreign names during their live broadcasts.

Ye Xuan: "I don't know how you have so much energy, even after we've been playing for almost 10 hours, Oliver." He really doesn't understand how his friend has so much energy.

Oliver: "HAHAHAHA I took some energy drinks, so I have a lot of electricity in my body, my young padawan!"

The other of the three friends say, "that's a good thing, I'm pretty tired and there are still 3 hours of live left. Brian, you haven't eaten since yesterday, right? Why don't we order some snacks?"

Ye Xuan: "I don't know, I think it would be good, but don't order something that tastes too strong, I am not well, my stomach and my appetite are very strange today. He answers his friend, who was not named, but likes to call himself 'Luke'.

Luke: "Okay, I'll order a light meal.

Luke: "shit!"

Ye Xuan: "what?"

Luke: "the app is having a problem, and it's not the only one, we have to go down to buy. It's only 1 block so no problem, are you going or me?"

Ye Xuan: "Great! That's all that's missing now! when this game is over I'll go, I haven't left yet today, I need some air."

After a few minutes, the game finally ends and Brian leaves his apartment, when he finally reaches the street he takes a deep breath and says "the air is much better today! After they developed this machine that filters the air, our city is much less polluted! It seems that the day is not so bad."

He starts walking to the other side of the street, but at that moment a truck comes toward him very fast, it even seems that it was waiting for the moment when Ye Xuan would get out.

Ye Xuan: "Shit!" and then he is hit by the truck.

He loses consciousness at the same moment as his body is thrown flying after the impact with the truck.

After a few minutes Ye Xuan finds himself in a completely black place, he is levitating and looking to one side and to the other: "shit! Where am I?"

???: "you are dead, son! And you are in the afterlife!"

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