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a young 20-year-old named Ye Xuan gets the chance to have a new life, after truck-sama catches him. watch as he makes his way through the world of Teen Wolf! none of it belongs to me! only my MC, kind of ironic that sentence? I don't own Teen Wolf or any of its characters. it's not Chinese!

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Chapter- 9

When I get up I feel the weight I had been feeling all night was gone. Opening my eyes I see that she has already left, and using my senses she is already getting ready? I look at the time and see that I have 30 minutes to go to school.

I jump up and go straight to the shower, then brush my teeth and then choose a good outfit, which consists of the usual outfit, leather jacket + black jeans + boots.

After having a glass of latte and internally thinking 'the best thing mankind has ever done!' I grab a bag that contains all the new equipment I bought for lacrosse.

I put it in the Mustang's trunk and drive it to the front of the house, I see that allisson will still be a few minutes and start looking for a good song.

I find a good playlist and put it on, the first song is 'Dream On - Aerosmith' a beautiful song.

I get out with the car and leave it parked in front of allisson's house, open the windows and stand at the passenger door waiting for her.

She comes towards me: "good morning, Darling" she says shyly (zero twoooo ;-;)

I open the door for her and answer: "good morning, darling" she gets into the car trying to hide her red face.

I get in the car and put on the next song 'Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son' and start driving towards the school.

Allisson: "your taste in music is a lot like my dad's, he said this kind of music is 'way and highway' music I don't get it" she says tilting her head to the side.

Dean can't resist and reaches out and squeezes her cheek: "cute" she pouts, I continue "the road we travel is long, it's good to have some good music to clear our mind and have fun, right?"

Unlike yesterday when everyone was already in their classrooms, today they are still entering the school, and as I pull my car in, its engine catches everyone's attention.

I park next to Jackson again.

After school, I walk towards the lockers with allisson: "there's practice now, are you going?" (I don't know what time practice happens... it was never said)

Allisson: "of course, I don't want to miss you shining on the field!

Dean: "great, see you on the field, I'll get ready to go" I approach her and kiss her on the cheek.

As I pull away I hear: "Damn, does he really think I'm a child? Kissing me on the cheek", but through my empathy, I sense that she is very happy, is she tsundere?

As I change and start to leave the room I overhear Jackson and Scott's conversation about drugs, I just ignore it and go to the field, I don't want to hear the couple's fight.

When I join the team and start talking to Danny, he is a nice guy. I see Stiles telling Scott about the animal hair they find on his body, he just ignores his warnings.

Coach gathers us, I see allisson coming into the stands waving to me, which I wave back, and scott thought it was with him and when he realized it wasn't for him...he got anxious.

I stayed on Jackson's team, I guess fate doesn't want me to help scott, but rather hinder him.

After I score some points and scott sees allisson cheering for me he starts to get a little anxious, and he fails several times anyway, but then he starts to use his senses.

I won't let that happen, when he passes several and gets to the defense of three, I hit my stick on his, and then the ball runs away, he tries to recover, but I'm faster.

After I get the ball, I start running towards the goal, I make several dribbles, and then I throw the ball into the goal and score.

Everyone jumps up and celebrates joyfully, Allisson does the same.

Coach: "Adam and Mccall come here!"

I approach and the trainer speaks to Scott: "What was that mccall? Why did you do those circus tricks? Do you want to join the art club?"

Scott: "no coach"

Coach: "and what was that I saw?

Scott: "I was just trying to score

Coach: "but you didn't score, mccall, and guess what?" he stops dramatically "because you at least tried, you are now on the first team mccall"

A girl cheers for scott and he looks at her cheerfully, it's a brown-haired girl, she looks a lot like Bella from Twilight, and everyone congratulates him for joining the team. (so it's going to look like bella, she's going to be close to lydia so it's going to be a little more cheerful?)

Coach: "You were awesome there Adam".

Dean: "My name is Dean, Coach. It's much easier to speak and pronounce"

Coach looks at me like I'm not going to do what I said, "I'm going to expect a lot from you in the next game! But don't go back to defense, I want you up front scoring!" he says seriously and then has a smile "but you're awesome kid, congratulations" and then he leaves.

I see allisson approaching and she was about to give me a hug to which I say "I'm sweaty honey" she blushes when she heard 'honey'.

Allisson: "I'll wait for you in the hall, okay?

Dean: "I'll be quick.

After I shower and put my clothes back on, I leave and head towards the car with allisson.

Dean: "are you excited about the party on Friday?"

Allisson: "I'm more excited to hang out with you after the party" she looks nervous after saying that, and allisson internally thinks 'what a damn mouth! I think and she speaks automatically! You want to embarrass me to death!'

Dean: "it's okay allisson, I'm excited too" I put my hand in hers and comfort her gently.

She looks surprised when I feel my hand in hers 'so warm and comfortable' she thinks and doesn't pull my hand away.

Dean: "Did you see that Scott was talking to the girl from yesterday? He's still staring at you, but it looks like this girl is getting some attention now.

Allisson breathes a sigh of relief: "I know, Lydia told me that the two are going out together on Friday, to the party together. I'm glad he found someone, I don't like his eyes."

I take my hand out of hers and open the door for her to get into the car, yes, I am a gentleman! It was muscle memory actually, my grandmother taught me that I should always treat my partner like a princess, and my wife like a queen.

After I get home and drop Allisson off at her place, I go home and have a nice latte (I am addicted to lattes... judge me).

When the night comes, I am finishing the homework that the teacher gave me, I feel that beast watching the argent again, I get tired of it.

I jump out the window and when the beast sees me, he growls and disappears into the forest: "I'll teach you a little something today!"

I run after him, use my ring to put away the clothes, and then transform completely.

I run very fast, hiding my tracks and going for his blind spot so that he doesn't notice.

I jump straight at him and slam my paw into his back.


He does several somersaults and runs again, I follow behind him, I see a cliff in the distance and slow down a little, today is just a warning.

He jumps over the cliff to the other side and looks my way, I stand at the edge of the cliff and let out a powerful roar.


I look at him seriously, and he bends over with a little fear and lowers his head, and starts running even faster than before as if his life depended on it.

And then I run back home, this time at full speed, and arrive quickly.

I put on my clothes again and jump in the window, take off my clothes and wear only shorts.

I put on a movie I hear allisson come in, "are we going to sleep together from now on, honey?"

She blushes but doesn't deny it, she gets under my covers, I notice something strange...

Dean: "is that my shirt?" she is wearing a shirt of mine...it looks more like a dress on her, but it looks sexy.

She has a red undertone but speaks with a sweet smile, "sorry... I took some, it's not a problem is it?"

Dean: "But they are dirty"

She hides under the covers and only lets her eyes be seen: "that's exactly why I want them... they smell like you."

And I feel my heart scream with joy!

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