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a young 20-year-old named Ye Xuan gets the chance to have a new life, after truck-sama catches him. watch as he makes his way through the world of Teen Wolf! none of it belongs to me! only my MC, kind of ironic that sentence? I don't own Teen Wolf or any of its characters. it's not Chinese!

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Chapter- 5

I am awakened from my sleep by a ring tone on my cell phone... one that I used to hear when my grandfather received hunting missions.

I get up and pick up the cell phone, look at the time, and I have only had 1 hour of sleep. I rub my eyes in exasperation and start to grab a shirt and my jacket.

After putting on and putting on my boot, I grab the gun that I put under the bed and head towards the garage again, that's where the ring tone is.

I go to the Impala and get in the passenger side and get a box full of cell phones, all are my grandfather's, and I still use them as a way to continue his legacy.

When I pick up the ringing cell phone I answer it and put it to my ear

Unknown: "Whinchester?"

Dean: "listening"

Unknown: "you are close by in beacon hills, right? I have a mission for you, 1 hour and 30 minutes from there a lycan and a possible poltergeist were located, in a house near a farm, do you accept?"

Dean: "I accept"

After getting ready and checking that I have everything, I start the car and start to leave the house, to my surprise I feel Allisson looking at me from her room.

I wave to her and speed up, I don't want to waste too much time.

After an hour I arrive at the location, using my supernatural hearing and sense of smell to locate any kind of Lycan noises, using my eyes to locate traces of the poltergeist.

I hear small growls coming from the bottom of the house, I am at least 200m away, knowing where this Lycan is I get out of the car and go to the trunk to get the weapons.

Lycans are weak against silver, I will not use the special bullets, from the information it is a novice lycan so it is not very strong.

In this reality Lycans exist, but they are rare to find, because they always hide in the depths, and they say that in Albania their numbers are enormous.

I take a pistol and silver ammunition, along with a sawed-off barrel with bullets made of salt.

It was reported that this Lycan along with the poltergeist killed a man, and another man who was with him is the one who made the report, he managed to escape.

I take some salt and a lighter, to deal with the poltergeist, by the smell there must be a body buried in the back, which I think must be the poltergeist's body when alive.

I start to walk towards the house, touch my ring on my right hand and it has a little green glow, this ring masks my smell and diminishes my sense of presence.

When I arrive at the house I start walking slowly so as not to make any noise.

When I reach the door that leads to the basement it is closed.

I think 'great, there goes my surprise arrival'.

With that, I kick hard which flies away after being kicked so hard "kids! Daddy's home!" I shout

I hear the noise of breaking glass

When I get down I see that the lycan has run outside, and the poltergeist is in front of the place where the animal escaped: "protecting it? Now that's interesting"

I shoot it with salt bullets, and then it disappears.

I start to climb again, I will deal first with the poltergeist's body. Yes, it is a woman, actually a 25-29-year-old woman.

When I pass through the hallway again, I look at the pictures and see a family of 4 people, an adult man, and a woman, who looks exactly like the poltergeist, in front of them is two children, a boy, and a girl.

Dean: "great, having to deal with the mother and her child"

How do I know it is the son? In the call, they say that the daughter of the owner of the house died a week ago, of leukemia.

When I am arriving at the place I felt where the buried body is, the poltergeist appears again, I just shoot her again.

Dean: "it's for your own good, lady poltergeist, so you will rest soon and find your daughter and husband.

Her husband was the one who died attacked by Lycan, he died yesterday.

So why didn't another hunting party come? I don't know, I don't ask these questions.

When I get to the tomb, I am greeted by him a little messed up, the other man who managed to escape was actually a hunter, one of the kinds who just started his career.

He came here to solve a poltergeist, not Lycan.

According to some information that this hunter reported the father of the family was after a cure for his daughter, he had information about the supernatural world and found a Lycan.

Unfortunately, it was too late, and his daughter was already dead. The lycan was unhappy about losing a new seed and killed his wife and bit his son.

The father hid the lycan son in the basement with various types of handcuffs and was going to keep this a secret, he just wanted to let his wanted wife rest, so he looked for the friend he knew who was a hunter.

I take the shovel that was on the ground and start to dig, after doing this for 1 minute I feel an attack coming from behind.

I am faster and turn around and shoot the poltergeist again, it is annoying. I feel sorry for what happened to this family, but poltergeists are very annoying, if it were normal salt they wouldn't be so affected.

But the salt I use is one specially made by my grandfather, I don't know how he makes this salt, but he even sold it to hunting friends close to him, it was very sought after by them.

He sold the recipe to bob and john, two hunting friends.

Finally, I finish digging, open the coffin, and pour salt on his body, I feel another attack coming, only now it's not the poltergeist.

I throw the lighter into the coffin and turn around with the silver-bullet pistol.

I shoot him in both shoulders and when he throws his claws at me, I jump to the side and step away.

I shoot him twice more in the back, and he lets out a roar of pain, he drops to his knees and at that moment the poltergeist appears beside him.

She seems to be comforting the lycan, and then her body glows and disappears, a farewell.

I take aim at the lycan's head

Dean: "I'm sorry, child, I hope you have a happy life on the other side with your family."


The lycan's body falls into the grave and the fire increases, taking him along with his mother.

After closing the grave again I go back to the car, put the weapons away and get in the car, put on some good music, "you and i - lady gaga" was left by my grandfather...

I get home and stop the car in the garage, when I get out I look at the Argent's window and there she is, lying with her head on the window.

'silly girl' I start walking towards her and climb up on the roof, go to her window and knock lightly.


She wakes up a little scared and I signal her to open the window.

Dean: "go to bed, school is in 2-3 hours. It's our first day, how about we go together? I'll wait for you" I turn to leave, and hear her say.

Allisson: "I didn't agree.

Dean: "I know you will," I say turning to her again, she looks away a little.

Allisson: "Where were you? You left at that time and didn't come back until now?

Dean: "I got a call from a friend of my grandfather's, he needs help with some things on his farm, it's almost hours away" I put my hand on her head and stroke her "I'm going home, I want to get some sleep." I jump down and go home.

Allisson looks at him entering the house and touches her head where he just moved, "I am not a dog hmph!"

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