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a young 20-year-old named Ye Xuan gets the chance to have a new life, after truck-sama catches him. watch as he makes his way through the world of Teen Wolf! none of it belongs to me! only my MC, kind of ironic that sentence? I don't own Teen Wolf or any of its characters. it's not Chinese!

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Chapter- 4

???: "there's nothing left in the suitcase mom! All that's left is my purse that I..." she starts to speak, but stops on the way when she sees me standing there looking at her.

At that moment Chris walks out the door: "what's up Allisson? Why are you standing there?" he follows his daughter's line of sight "oh! It's you, Dean, come here I'll introduce you to my family" he speaks enthusiastically.

I start to move closer to them, but my eyes never left hers, nor her mine.

Dean: "Good evening, Chris."

Chris: "Good evening kid, this is my daughter, Allisson.

???: "what are you guys still doing out there?" when he finishes talking, a woman walks out the door, she has short red hair, and brown eyes just like Allisson's. (in Teen Wolf the actress has green eyes, and Chris has gray/blue eyes. I don't remember, and Allisson having brown eyes made no sense. Katie and Gerard also have light eyes)

Chris: "and this here is my wife, Victoria." He stops and points to me "and this handsome, large young man in front of us is Dean Whinchester, our neighbor and son of great friends of mine."

Dean: "hi, it's a pleasure to finally meet you, Miss Victoria, I've heard a lot about you from Chris." I shake her hand and turn to Allisson, I hold out my hand to which she does the same, but this time I bring her hand to my mouth "it's an honor to finally meet you, Allisson. Your father has told me so much about his beautiful daughter." She turns a little red in the cheeks.

Allisson: "It's a pleasure to meet you too, Dean.

Victoria: "I can see that you are a lovely young man, Dean. I knew the Winchesters, in fact, I was a good friend of your mother, whenever you need you can come to me."

Dean: "I thank you for your kindness Miss Victoria."

Chris: "Stop with the formalities with us kid" he says giving my arm a little slap.

Victoria: "Unfortunately we don't have everything arranged, or I would invite you to dinner. But tomorrow you must come to dinner with us, ok?

Dean: "I will definitely come. I'm going home now, tomorrow we have class and since it's the first day, I don't want to be late, good night guys!" I give them a little wave and start walking home.


I see the most handsome boy I have ever seen in my life, even though he is 16, I have seen many models in my time in France, and I feel this strong feeling of wanting to know him so much more, I have never felt this way before.

Dad: "if you don't close your mouth, my daughter, drool will start coming out."

I startle and bring my hand to my mouth to wipe it, but my mouth is closed and no drool. When I realize that my father was laughing at me, I feel my cheeks heat up.

Father: "hahahaha"

Mom: "don't make jokes with your daughter Chris, shouldn't you be worried that your daughter is possibly falling in love? Wasn't it you who said you would castrate anyone who dared to think about her?" my mother speaks in a serious and playful tone.

Father: "This boy is different, since we will be living next door to him and he is such a charming boy, I already knew that our daughter would end up being interested in him, so I did several tests during the week. But he still has a long way to go, of course."

I got more and more embarrassed and started to go inside and leave my parents behind, I have had a few boyfriends, but never really got to like them, and it was just a few kisses and that was it, we lived moving around so no time to get close enough to someone to create a strong connection.

But why was it so different with him? We didn't even have a proper conversation, I never believed in the 3-second rule, but now I'm having major doubts' with my internal thoughts as I reach my new room.

I sit up in my bed, and look out the window to look into Dean's house, but am surprised to see that his room is facing me.

And how do I know that it is his room and not a guest room? He is there shirtless standing in front of his television...this is a beautiful view I have.



After getting the snack I bought to eat while watching, I go back to my room, take off my shirt and go in front of the TV.

I put on an action movie 'fast and furious' the first, and one of the best.

I didn't watch it after 6, I thought the movie stopped being 'fast' and became just 'furious'.

I feel eyes on me, evaluating and admiring me, the first one comes from a dark place and the other one comes from Chris's house.

I say, 'Did this guy smell me? He even came to observe me, but I don't think he knows what I am, according to the books it is not possible to identify the other side by smell, only if they are the same species, then they can identify each other because their smells have a similarity. I suggested Chris put that rowan dust in their house, but he said that his house is made entirely of that dust and of the same wood.

I feel him leave and let my guard down, I start to leave the room and head towards the garage, I feel Allisson's emotions and she looks disappointed, I guess because she missed the beautiful view? Hahaha

I stop behind the Impala and open the trunk, open directly the secret safe and take out a gun made with special bullets, used a lot by hunters.

Why a gun? The bullet when it hits the target releases poison that will neutralize and for three days the target will suffer great torture.

I have the strength to fight him and even win, but he will recover, but with these bullets, he will feel much more.

I was trained by my grandparents, they wanted me to be able to hide my identity as a supernatural being well, they taught me everything about hunting and how to be a good hunter, without using my supernatural abilities and using them.

I learned to fight with him, in my old life I learned Kongfu... I was Chinese! I loved the movies with this beautiful fighting style! Huaxia has many things that I miss.

So my grandmother trained me completely, in my memories I even learned several kinds of sports, and I never used my advantages during matches.

Being a Werelion already gave me great natural benefits, where would be the fun in increasing everything just to win? Better to sweat to win, than to do things like Scott did, and will do?

So much so that in the future he stops using and even though he is the captain of the team, he becomes weak, because he has no skill with sports naturally. He even lost to Lian! Which led him to think that he was using wolf advantages because he couldn't believe that someone was that good! Hahaha

I don't hate Scott... I just think that he is very annoying, everyone hates those who think that everything revolves around them, like Edward and Bella.

I go back to my room and put the gun under the bed, turn off the lights and start to watch.

I feel her eyes for quite a while, only when she finally sleeps does the feeling fades away, I look through the window and use my visual abilities.


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