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Read ‘TEEN WOLF: BLOODBORN’ Online for Free, written by the author Draul_TheOminous, This book is a TV Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: A boy wakes up in the middle of the woods with no idea of who or where he was. Read how he thrives to live and gain a pu...


A boy wakes up in the middle of the woods with no idea of who or where he was. Read how he thrives to live and gain a purpose amidst the never ending chaos in the supernatural community of Beacon Hills. .... ... Disclaimer: None of the characters, except the MC, are mine. As always, my story will be cross-posted on Scribblehub and Fanfiction.net

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Disuatu planet Veranus terdapat sebuah Academy yang melatih para remaja terpilih yang mendapatkan kekuatan alam yang disebut dengan Genesis. Setiap tahun nya, para remaja terpilih akan dianugrahkan berbagai jenis kekuatan alam oleh sang rembulan dan menjalankan takdir mereka di Slyford Academy. Moria. Sang pemilik kekuatan Artemis. Kekuatan yang hanya bisa dimiliki oleh nya. Kekuatan yang sangat luar biasa dan dasyat. Kekuatan yang menjadi pelindung bagi Planet Veranus. Namun keberadaan Moria selalu tersembunyi dan tidak boleh diketahui oleh siapapun. Keberadaan nya yang berada dikawasan yang sangat dilindungi membuat nya harus menjadi penjaga bagi sesuatu yang banyak diincar oleh makhluk luar. Sampai saat nya, dia harus menjalani sebuah misi untuk menyelematkan Planet Veranus dan meninggalkan tempat persembunyian nya. Edgar Gavino. Seorang putra mahkota dari Kerajaan terkuat yaitu Kerajaan Zamora. Dengan kata lain dia merupakan pimpinan masa depan Planet Veranus. Tetapi ketika ia pemberontakan yang dilakukan oleh Raja Kegelapan, dia bersumpah akan mengalahkan Raja Kegelapan dengan tangan nya sendiri. Lalu seketika tekad nya semakin kuat kala dia mengetahui takdir sebenarnya yang dia miliki. Takdir yang membuatnya harus mencari seseorang yang memiliki kekuatan Artemas. Kekuatan anugrah yang hanya dimiliki oleh satu orang di Planet Veranus dan selalu bersembunyi ditempat yang tidak pernah diketahui keberadaannya. Hal itu membuat Edgar kesulitan untuk menemukan nya. Sampai pada akhir nya dia bertemu dengan sosok gadis yang membuat nya merasa sudah sangat dekat dengan takdir nya. Siapakah sosok gadis itu?

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It all started with an offer to help. Two girls. One who was destined to stand up against an antiquated and unjust law. The other helping her from the shadows. They changed their very world. For the better. What started as an unlikely friendship, between an Alpha's sister and a Rogue, turned into a family affair when the Alpha finally caught the little Rogue. *** There is a party at at the beginning of Spring each year. Meant to help single wolfs starting at 16 to, maybe, meet their mate. It is a terribly large affair. This is a neutral ground and conflicts are strictly forbidden. The party lasts a week, allowing connections to form. Alliances to start or strengthen. Females are required to go. And most females long to go, dreaming of finding their prince charming and, well, to be fought over. For on the final day males will try to claim their choice. There have been females who have had over 10 males try to claim them. If an Alpha makes a claim though, most others back down. If the female chooses to not to accept a claim, by law a male family member must fight off the male. Though the one that wants her, can keep trying to convince her, and each year at the party retry to claim her. And her family can keep fighting for her right to say no. But if they lose, she must accept his claim and let the male mark her. And the mark will cause a bond that will slowly change her mind about him, even if she hates him. Or so they say. This is a horrific old law set when werewolves were a small endangered breed. But one that holds on to this day. Rouges are the only ones not allowed to join. Banished from their pacts they are looked down on by all werewolves. A female rouge is unheard of. But this time a female not wanting to be claimed meets a female rouge, and finds out that the law hides a truth or two. And together they turn their world upside down. With a tiny bit of help from their males. *** And then years passed since the unjust law that allowed males to claim females who were not their true soulmates was overturned. All unmated wolves now share a common fear; that as the first wave of rebels, many of them would be mateless, because of mistakes their ancestors made. And that their mate have been claimed by someone else. The Belcourt siblings are still waiting for their true mates to show up. André Belcourt is the Alpha of the Bell Moon Pack. As an Alpha, there is an immense pressure to have a Luna and an heir. But he hadn't been willing to give up the chance that she was out there still. With his peoples' very vocal worry for him, he had been constantly reminded that her presence was missing in his life. One night of weakness gave him an heir. Lorenzo. And with his birth the nagging stopped. The pack accepting that he was one of the ill-fated ones not meant to have a mate. With him having an heir and his sister acting as Luna, the pack had finally left the subject alone. Then Lorenzo was taken. And an old friend of his sister is suddenly in front of him. In all her adorable glory.

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49 Chs
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Dum! Dum!! Dum!! My second fanfiction is finally here and I have to say I'm pretty nervous about this one. The reason I chose a Teen Wolf fic to wrote is because there were absolutely none(those on Wattpad don't count) that I found, interesting, except one here on Webnovel, but unfortunately it was dropped so I have high hopes for this one. I decided to write Teen Wolf because I wanted to challenge myself and also take a break, or rather another outlook, from the one I took in Marvel: Re-do. Believe it or not, writing something as complicated as a Marvel fic is hard so kudos to all the authors who managed to make theirs a wonderful story. Now unto TEEN WOLF: BLOODBORN. The starting is a little iffy as I was torn between the different scenarios that came to me when writing the first few chapters so it might seem a little bit... nor sure of the word I want to use there, but that's how it might seem. Whatever it might be, it's definitely a unique start, one of its kind. I assure you. I'm not going to give too many spoilers about it so you'll just have to make your own impressions. Romance? Of course. Though this one will be way different than what I tried to portray in Marvel. Main love interest is Malia... I just love that girl. She's the very picture of my ideal girlfriend so don't judge. The only thing I'll say is that they both meet quite early on, way earlier than she waS introduced in the series...and I mean WAY earlier. As for MC, this is where it gets a little bit interesting. The situation about the MC's beginning in reference to the starting of the novel is quite interesting so his situation overall follows the same route. As for what he is... He's a vampire. Or at least one of the many types portrayed in media. Like everyone knows, a vampire in Teen Wolf is overkill so I'll have to bring him down to their level, like way down. His vampirism is a cross between Twilight's and The Vampire Diaries', in the sense that he doesn't burn in the sun and does not glow either. He has the normal weakness to vampires, also news one based on Teen Wolf's myths and also the urge which impacts his character in most ways. In essence, he would be quite similar to a Wendigo for those familiar with Teen Wolf's supernaturals. That's all I can say, so please look forward to it.


The story is pretty familiar if you've seen the first season of the show, so nothing to really write home about there though of course being a SI/new MC there are some twists and turns as one expects with a fanfic. The writing is decent, but for Webnovel it's a five because it has complete sentences with a basic grasp of grammar. The updates appear to be regular.. The main, and really only, problem I have with this novel so far is the MC's personality. Apathy as a character trait does not work. It can work temporarily as a building block that shows character development, but as is, it seems that the author intends to keep the character apathetic the entire time. The MC only gets involved in things that very directly involve him or provoke his "bloodlust" which is just edgelord'y but I suppose isn't the worst. Anyway, unlike your standard "apathetic" cultivation MCs, he doesn't even seem to care for training, self development or face slapping. He literally seems to care about one thing and one thing only, and that's his girlfriend. I would recommend the story up to its current chapter on Webnovel (54 chapters) but if MC continues to stay apathetic, I'd say not to bother, eventually the fact that the only way MC gets roped into things is through proximity is going to get old. The fact that the author is writing a fanfic of a "teen drama series" and seems apathetic toward "teen activities" and "drama" is all you really need to know.


Honestly bad the character has zero development even after years he remains the same with no goal or ambition boring af. The pacing and story telling are horrendous it’s every where and the author can’t seem to remember or decide what supernatural he is or if he even is one. There is also the issue of him having no ambition he’s essentially just an insert that is just there to be a rag doll


First review besides the author! Well, if I know this author, I have high expectations for this fic. I'm something of a Teen Wolf fic writer myself (Looks at my AO3 with 55 fics of Teen Wolf, mainly Sterek cause i got a little bit obsessed with the ship)


Reveal spoiler


Author don't drop the fic. I'm currently binge watching teen wolf, so would love some quality fic on the go. Would like it to reach atleast season 4. You know see the same scenes from a different perspective. Btw you're doing a great job with the fic. So again don't drop. 🙂


Although the beginning was confusing, it turned out quite well. That cannot be said about the last chapters so far. If in the beginning it was pity for the main character and because of this kind of drama it was interesting to read, then everything goes downhill. The character of the protagonist is so bad, I didn't like his thoughts at all. This is my opinion as a reader and it may not coincide with others. Liked the chemistry between Malia and the main character. That's basically it.


the story gets better the more you read, trust. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


A vampire was already enough to eanr you a five star. The story was enough to enough you more.. .but sadly this the most I can give


I woud give more but i have to see how mc reacts in conflict and interacts with other people. If he is a p* as you are making him out to be then i would give less. But if you exagerated and mc retaliates then i will give five. Otherwise very well writen. I especialy like the relationship you made with Malia. It has everything i ever wanted from it.


power stones for you [img=update][img=update][img=update]


Hey guys, my friend has a very good teen Wolf story on FanFiction.net called Teen Wolves, look for it and read it, it's currently in season 5 and releasing chapters, read it, you won't regret it


Reveal spoiler


The starting so far had been great. Loved the way you eased the characters into each other. Hoping to see more when canon kicks off


Don't know what u was expecting when I started reading but I'm loving this... MC's a vampire, though what variant still remains to be seen, but the author's effort in portraying Tristan is sublime. Just give a read before u make a decision to drop




Todo muy aburrido y sin sentido... Pero es bueno si quieren algo que los haga dormir


very good fan fiction, a good development of person especially of our MC, the only thing I had to reproach was the lack of information regarding his past and his disinterest in it that has probably changed, looking forward to the next chapters!!!


Very good; I'm currently in chapter 185 and so far nothing has really displeased me, perhaps the lack of development of the protagonist's past, but that will probably have an explanation in the future and I really liked the MC's development with his friends, I found it very satisfactory and in line with his personality. And of course the Romance with Malia is very good, not something that takes up the focus of the story, they are small constructed moments that give a very good natural quality.(Google Translate)


I love it,,, please don't give up on it Great author 🙏🏾 thank you for your work looking forward to more


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