TEEN WOLF - Born Alpha

Protagonist is born into the Teen Wolf series as younger brother to Derek Hale, on a journey of revenge, love, drama and violence, as the Protagonist is a natural born True alpha, trying to not change the plot to much so he's knowledge of the future does not change as much with his appearance into this world. This is just for fun by the way, English is not my first language so apologies if there are grammatical errors and mispelled words, this fan fiction is just for fun, and it's also my first so please be gentle with your criticism

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Chapter 6 - First Beta


I skipped school the following day, i texted Danny to take notes for me and keep me informed of anything that happened at school. I made my way to Beacon Hills Memorial, went to the reception desk where i saw Scott's mom there, "Well hello again... Jake right? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in school?" Mrs. McCall asked as she looked at me, "Hey Mrs. McCall, i ah skipped today, i'm here to see a friend, i believe she was admitted last night, her name's Erica Reyes" i said with a smile and looked her straight in the eyes,

"Ah! Erica, well it's good she has a friend to check on her, she's been feeling abit lonely, her foster parents haven't even come in to check on her and her medical bills aren't being paid for anymore, poor girl" she said worriedly, "Is that so?? Here use this to pay for all her fees Mrs. McCall" i remarked and gave her my bank card, "Wha-huh? Your paying for Erica's outstanding fees? You do know it's over a hundred thousand dollars yes?" she asked looking bewildered, "Yes i figured as much, it's fine, just pay for it with my insurance and card please" i stated calmly.

After about 20 minutes everything was paid for, and Mrs. McCall led me to Erica's room herself, she asked me some question's about school on the way. She led me into the room, i could see Erica on the bed, she was watching tv, she looked bored beyond doubt, "Hey sweety, you have a visitor" Mrs. McCall announced when we entered, making Erica turn to look at us at the doorway, her eyes immediately lit up and widened when she saw me, i could also hear her heart beat rise abit, "J-J-Jake!? H-h-how-why? i thought you'd come after school?" she asked feeling flustered and her cheeks flushed red,

"And miss that priceless cute look on your face? Nah i think this was the right choice, What do you think Mrs. McCall?" i said and looked at the beautiful woman checking on Erica, "Hehe he has a point their Erica, you have a very cute look on your face right now" she said, which made Erica even more embarrassed as she tried to hide her face with a pillow, "I'll leave you two kid's alone, i'll come check up on you later honey" Mrs. McCall said caringly before she left.

An hour of talking about her, her life, her family, me and my family, i decided it was time to talk about the real reason i was here, "Erica, what if i told you, that it could all go away.. the seizures, the vertigo, anxiety, all of it" i asked and moved up close to her bed and sat right beside her looking into her eyes, "What if... i could make it all go away, and make you... whole, you would feel more, see more, hear more and above all... be more?" i asked her and leaned in close, her heart fluttered and her breathing quickened,

"What if... right now... right here... i could make you... more?" with my voice low i leaned in further, just a slight distance from her face and uttered those words, "H-ha-how?" she asked her voice hitching and almost a whisper, "Let me show you" as my voice fell, my eyes glowed scarlet red, Erica held her breath as she gazed deep into my eyes, she lost herself in them, i moved closer, and her heart rate spiked, "Don't be afraid, i want you to see me, the real... me... the me... that the rest of the world will never know... the me that only those of my family have ever laid eyes on... the me...that i keep hidden, are you ready...to join me?" i asked Erica as i stood up and gazed into her eyes and transformed into my half wolf form (Teen Wolf Werewolf form),

my ears grew pointy, my sideburns grew out and framed my face, my fangs grew pronounced, i had double alpha fangs, my hair grew abit longer, and my claws emerged, Erica's eyes widened, but not out of fear, instead, there was wonder and curiousity in them, she reached out her right hand and ran her fingers over my face, "W-what a-are y-you?" she asked in wonder and looked into my eyes, "I'm a werewolf" i stated before i took her hand and brought it to my mouth, "And now, you are too" those words left my lips as my fangs tore into her arm, she didn't scream, she took a deep breath, and held it.

The rest of the day was spent with me teaching Erica about the supernatural world, some creatures that existed and some that were mere legends and myths, she asked about vampires and if they were real, i told her they were hunted to near extinction, now there were a few covens but they mainly stayed in Europe,

they favored the cold and cloudy areas where not much sunlight was, i told her how her first full moon would be rough, but that with me there she had nothing to worry about, she also discovered that her personality changed abit, the Erica before was a shy little thing, she didn't like being in the spotlight, she shied away from it, socially she was a loner, but now she found herself being an outward person, happy, not like the Erica from season 2 of the show, but more social, she wasn't shy anymore, like she found her confidence.

Also the moment i told her she would age slowly since she was bitten by me and she would probably live up to 200 years old, she jumped on me kissed me so passionately it took every ounce of my self control to not rip her gown off and take her than and there, being a werewolf our sex drive was nigh impossible to ignore, and incredibly high, a few moments of hot passionate tongue and lip action i pushed her off as we both gasped for air,

"Erica, don't do that... again, not until after your first full moon" i said which made her smile wide, "So we will finish this after?" she asked almost joyfully, "Yes, just not yet, you need to control yourself first" i said and stood up, Erica looked at me and licked her lips hungrily,

'female werekin personality changes are on a whole other level' i thought to myself and continued with the history lesson and information sharing, the Erica in front of me was so much more beautiful and dare i say sexier than how she was before, her complexion looked better, she wasn't as pale as she was before, her curves and assets were more softer and perfect, her body got toned, like she was a gym girl, she also got a bit taller, her legs were more perfectly sculpted, her skin was smoother to the touch and her face was so much more beautiful, she looked like a vogue supermodel.

We stayed in the hospital til 4 in the afternoon, Erica looked like a whole different person, her anxiety and epilepsy was gone, and the girl was glowing, when i was sharing with her the dangers and wonders of being a werewolf she kept opening her legs invitingly and biting her lower lips so seductively that i had to go and take a cold shower to keep myself calm, she tried to open the door and enter, but i blocked it tightly so she couldn't get in.

At 4 she was discharged, i asked if she wanted to live with me and Erica jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist tightly as she kissed me wildly, Mrs. McCall shooed us out of the hospital, right after that, we met Danny outside the hospital, and to say he was not surprised would be an understatement, his jaw practically dropped on the pavement when he saw Erica, i mean he has her known since middle school, so i get his shock.

The next hour was the 3 of us driving around shopping for Erica's clothes, food and toiletry for the apartment, Danny also wanted a few things, so didn't mind paying, i got myself a few shirts and a new jacket since Erica had officially claimed the one i lent to her as her own, it was a leather brown jacket, it fit with anything she wore so, yeah.

Danny called his parents to let them know he was crashing at my place, Erika was officially emancipated after her foster parents didn't wanna pay for her medical bills anymore, so she was happy. We drove over to my apartment, it was a seven story apartment complex, i had neighbours who lived on the bottom six floors, but i owned to seventh floor completely, i reinforced the doors, placed cameras at every exit and in the emergency stairwell, the elevator only goes to the sixth floor, a private elevator from the garage goes straight up to the seventh not stopping on any of the other floors, what can i say, money buys everything,

i had like 8 bedrooms, 1 master bedroom, 3 toilets and bathrooms, an outdoor infinity pool on the roof, and a skyroof, i had a security room with access to the buildings cctv network and power grid for the entire block.

The entire seventh floor of an apartment complex renovated for and by one person for his own use, on the roof was a little poarch and fireplace, lounge chairs and grill and BBQ area, when we entered the apartment, Erica and Danny took one step out of my private elevator that only opens from my fingerprint and retnar scan, the elevator itself is hidden and camoflouged as a wall, so my finger print on a certain part of the wall is scanned before it opens, and inside, my retnar is scanned before it allows me up.

Erica and Danny looked around, up and down, with their mouths open, "Damn dude, this place is-is like... i don't-i- wow, like wow dude" Danny spouted as he looked around the apartment in awe, "D-d-do you live here alone? Like how freaking rich are you?" Danny continued as he ran around looking and checking everything after he put the things we bought in the kitchen, "Let's just say i'm rich enough to buy the state of Carlifornia twice over" i replied nonchantedly,

Danny looked like he was about to have a heart attack after i told him how rich i was. I went over and took a sit on my couch facing the tv and turned it on, Erica stood rooted for a minute before she came over to me, her eyes had tears in them, "What's wrong?" i asked as i stood to look at her, she didn't say anything, she just hugged my tightly,

"Thank you" she sobbed out quietly, i rubbed her back gently while she shed her tears for a while before she pulled away, wiped her tears, put on a smile and ran to Danny so they could both explore the apartment.

"Dude do you think i could stay here?" Danny asked me all of a sudden, "Sure but maybe next year, right now i still got stuff to take care of" i replied, he looked happy after i said that, "This place would be cool to host parties" he said while looking around, we were currently waiting for Erica, she had gone into her room to dress up, she wanted to go bowling for some reason, i couldn't think of a reason not to have some fun so i agreed, and here we are, waiting patiently.

Now normally a newly bitten werewolves would need a few days to a week to adjust to their abilities, but not Erica, her impulse control was on another level, now whether she chooses to control herself is totally up to her. Erica hadn't transformed yet, she said she didn't feel like doing it yet, that she wanted me to be the one to see her true face first before she did.

About 10 minutes later Erica came out dressed in simple shorts and a grey shirt and my/her brown jacket over it, she had on white basketball sneakers and black ankle socks and had not tied her curly blond hair, "What?" she asked with a confused look at me, while i was just staring at her with a slacked jawed look, "Haha i think you might have broken him Erica" Danny said with a laugh,

"Ah-*Ahem* i wasn't expecting to see you so.... well moderately dressed, i thought you'd be flaunting your new looks" i said, "Oh! Hehe, well i would've but, i kinda just wanted to be myself and not be like those sluts at school" Erica stated with a smile, "Well this look suits you better" i said and smiled at her, "Hehe i knew you'd like it" she said and walked over to me, pulled my arm and walked to the elevator, "Let's go, the world has waited long enough to see the new and improved Erica Reyes!" she said proudly, Danny followed us while chuckling.

We got into my car, Danny sat in the passenger seat next to me while Erica sat at the back, we talked about school, hobbies and potential boyfriends for Danny, when it came to me, Erica firmly stated that she'd rip out any 'skanks' throat that she herself didn't approve of, her eyes glowed golden for a few seconds before returning to normal,

'Geez, my first beta and she's already this good at controlling herself after been bitten and turned within 10 hours, i hope the next one is like her' i thought inwardly thought and felt proud for some reason, "Jake, why am i feeling proud for no reason?" Erica leaned to my right ear and whispered while Danny was distracted talking to his parents on the phone,

"Oh? you might have gotten that ability from me, it seems you can sense my emotions to some degree, cool, i think after your first full moon you'll have more, but for now i think this should be ok" i whispered back, with our heightened senses it was easy for us to hear eachothers words, even if it was barely a whisper.

We arrived at the bowling alley and it was suprisingly slightly packed, it seems the curfew the sheriff had initiated was not very effective on teenagers, Beacon Hills was bordered by two other towns, and since it was more, shall we say "developed" teens from both towns would flock over to pass the time in Beacon Hills,

it was not like they were miles apart, it was just a 15 to 20 minute drive from Beacon Hills town limits to the other two towns. Beacon County had 5 small towns, with Beacon Hills being the biggest, the other two towns were much closer to the big cities(I just made that up).

We got out of the car and headed inside, alot of teens kept turning to look at us as we walked in, surprising not many people were inside, it seemed most had come just to hang around the food section of the bowling alley. Danny got us shoes, and we made our way over to the lanes.

(MC POV End)

(Allison POV)

Scott had just gotten his bowling ball and was ready to bowl when the lane next ours was opened, Lydia and i turned to check out who it was that had taken it, imagine our surprise when we saw Danny and gorgeous blond girl, behind them Jake was walking over with a packet of salted chips,

"Danny?""Jake!?" both Lydia and i said at them same time, "E-Er-Erica?" i turned and saw Scott with a shocked look on his face, Jackson had the same look, and Lydia had her mouth open, "Oh hey guys, don't mind us, Erica here wanted to do something fun, so here we are" Danny answered as he smiled at us,

"E-Er-Erica? i-is that r-really you?" Scott asked and stood gawking at her, "Yeah, it's me, it's good to see you Scott" the girl Erica replied and turned to Jake and pulled him over to sit with her, he didn't complain he just sat next to her while Danny set up their lane, "Oh.My.God, how the holy hell does that happen?" Lydia said and looked at Jackson,

"A-uh-i-i don't know" Jackson said shaking his head dumbfounded, "Um guys, who is she?" i asked since i had never met the girl before, "That's Erica Reyes, the girl Jake saved yesterday from being molested,

the one with epilepsy who has Chem and Math classes with us" Lydia said still abit shocked, she never took her eyes of Erica, "Wait, that's the girl who always wore baggy clothes and didn't like talking to anyone in class?" i asked with a sudden realisation, i had met her once, but she said she didn't like talking to anyone and that i should leave her alone.

"Yeah, my mom said that she was abit traumatised when she was admitted yesterday, but.. well looking at how she's got her head rested on Jake's shoulder, she might have gotten over it" Scott remarked in a speechless voice, i turned back to see Erica resting her head on Jake's shoulder while he just calmly ate his potato chips like it didn't matter at all,

"Well looks like she fell for her knight in shining armor, can't believe she bagged that hunk of a man" Lydia said with venom in her voice, "What?" Jackson asked with a look of clear anger, "Oh nothing, just thought Allison would be the one to get together with Jake... oh well" Lydia deflected,

"What do you mean?" asked Scott, "Nothing, she's just talking non sense, hurry up, it's your turn" i said quickly and glared at Lydia, i had told her about my crush on Jake, but didn't expect her to bring it up here and now, "Hey why don't we invite them to play with us?" Lydia said and stood up, she walked over to Jake and Erica, they said somethings, and next thing you know, they were sitting with us, Jake wasn't playing so Erica joined Scott and i, whilst Danny, joined Lydia and Jackson's team.

(Allison POV End)


A minute ago Lydia had walked up to me and Erica and asked if we wanted to join them and play, i was gonna decline, but Erica squeezed my hand, and answered for us, we called Danny over and told him about the change of plans and headed over to their lane, we greeted everyone and sat down, "I can feel your lust for them" Erica suddenly whispered when we sat down,

"Haha, well i do find them attractive" i responded in a hushed tone, "hmmpf! which one first than, i know you probably want one of them more than the other" Erica said and pinched my thigh hard, "Allison" i replied instantly,

"Good, Lydia's abit too slutty, already touched, Allison is... well whatever, i'll help, but i want to be your first girl, not her" Erica huffed quietly not gaining anyones attention, "Your already my first Erica, your my first beta, the first girl living with me, what else do you want to be first at?" i asked raising an eye brow,

"You know what, i want to be your first, to share your bed" Erica said and looked me straight in the eyes, her eyes glowed for a millisecond and returned to normal, "Well didn't i already tell you, after your first full moon?" i asked her and caressed her cheek, our little moment didn't go unnoticed, we could hear Allison's heart rate spike, and her breathing get abit erratic, she was trying hard not to look at us, "Hehe well this just made it easier, she likes you, i can work with that" Erica mused and licked my ear lobe as she whispered, whilst Lydia kept eyeing Erica and i,

"Hey so we heard what happened last night, you ok Erica? That perve almost like, you know" Lydia interrupted, "Oh yeah, Jake broke the guys balls so it's fine, i'm over it" Erica stated like it had nothing to do with her, her transition from human to werewolf had drastically changed her personality, her past trauma was like a different life for her,

"Woah, you popped his balls Hale? That's bullsit" Jackson remarked in an arrogant tone, "Umm actually it's true, my mom was there when they brought the guy in, she said he was lucky the ambulance brought him in quick, if not he would have died from blood loss" Scott added and sat beside Allison, who was looking at me with amazement in her eyes.

We spent an hour in the bowling alley, Erica quickly became close friends with Allison, don't ask me how, this girl's personality change was on another level, she was on friendly terms with Lydia but she mostly ignored her,

Scott and Jackson. Scott and Allison were currently leading on the score board, Erica and Allison had been getting strikes consistently while Jackson and Danny only got one occassionally, Scott sucked, Allison had given up on coaching him because Erica kept her distracted and because Jackson was laughing so hard at Scott, "You said 'I'm a great bowler' so confidently" he said while laughing, Scott was getting pissed, Lydia was also bad but she was just pretending to be bad, she atleast knocked down a couple of pins here and there.

Erica and Allison left to get some drinks, i just relaxed and read a book i brought with me, Jackson and Danny were talking at the side, "So you and Erica huh? she must really be good to have you wrapped around her finger" Lydia said using a coy voice, "Yeah how did that happen? and she looks amazing now, what did you guys do? and how?" Scott asked,

"Don't ask me those questions, ask her yourself, and no she's not got me wrapped around her finger, it's the other way around" i said and winked at Lydia causing her to giggle, "My oh my, and here i thought she was" Lydia playfully ran her index finger over my left thigh, Scott to the side felt a little uncomfortable and shifted in his seat, "Ah ah, you have a boyfriend, go play your little games with him, as of now, teasing Jake is closed off" i said and removed her hand from my thigh, she huffed in annoyance and sat back in her seat.

When Allison and Erica returned Allison kept avoiding eye contact with me, and had a slight blush, Erica on the otherhand was all smiles, "Hey" Erica said while sitting next to me, "Hey? What did you say to her to make her so shy all of a sudden?" i asked her while side eyeing her, "Oh nothing much just told her, you knew she had a crush on you and that you wanted her for yourself" Erica said matter-of-factly,

"What!" i said almost immediately, making Erica giggle, "Relax, she asked about you and me and i said i didn't mind sharing and kissed her, hehehe her lips are unbelievably soft, anyway, she tried to argue she was with Scott but, i shut that argument down, by reminding her she saw you naked" She smirked when she said that,

i had told Erica about the incident with Allison, but i didn't anticipate her to use it like this, "You should have the embarrassment on her face, i also felt lust from her, now i'm more than curious to see what you've been hiding under those clothes" Erica said and bit her lower lip seductively before kissing me passionately,

"*AHEM* Hey guys, it's Erica's turn" Danny interrupted us while rolling his eyes "You both are so embarrassing" he said exasperatedly and sat down, "Hehehe oh come on Danny lighten up" Erica smiled and said while getting up, she looked at me before going to get her bowling ball, "Jake, can i talk to you for a moment?" Allison's anxious voice brought my attention back from staring at Erica's well toned behind,

'Damn, i need to keep my urges under control, if she keeps teasing me like this i'm gonna go berserk' i thought and shot a quick look over to Erica who just winked at me, "Hhhhm? Yeah sure" i replied and followed Allison to the front of the snack bar.

We walked to the snack bar but Allison kept walking past until we went outside through the front door, once outside Allison turned to me, "Erica said you had a crush and me, is it true?" she asked straight away and looked into my eyes, "Yes" i answered, she turned to look away and she was sobbing abit, than she turned back to me and kissed me out of the blue, my eyes widened and i froze for a moment before i responded to her kiss, our lips moved together,

'Erica wasn't lying, her lips are soft' i thought to myself while we kissed, she than pushed me off before slapping me and running inside, to say i was shocked would be an understatement, "Haha, look at this dudes face, haha he got kissed and than slapped like a bitch"

a guy i didn't recognise said while he and his friends laughed, they looked a little older than me and the others, probably seniors from one of the highschools from the other towns, i ignored their jeers and went inside, Allison didn't look at me the entire night after that, she distracted herself talking with Lydia, Erica and Danny, Jackson would talk to them once in a while, Scott was pretty much ignored, i almost felt sorry for him, almost.