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(New author so I'm just writing this new idea in my free time) Join Daniel Shade, an average Mechanical Engineering University student, as he gets a second chance at life. After a freak accident he finds himself waking up in a new but all so familiar world. This story is a reincarnation story with a main character sent to the Marvel world with Technomancer powers/abilities. *still getting used to writing my stories so helpful criticism is welcomed. just don't expect a regular update schedule until I figure out where I want to go with this.

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The Afterlife

Looking all around himself Damien can't seem to find the source of the voice. Turning around trying to see if it could possibly be behind himself, still seeing nothing but void.

GOC (God of Creation)- "It's unusual for souls to end up in my domain. When people die and pass on, they usually go through the Cycle of Reincarnation."

Damien-"Soul? Cycle of Reincarnation? So I guess that means I'm dead then."

Thinking back, this current setting reminded Damien about all the isekai anime/novels he's seen before. Just as he was about to ask another question there was a bright flash of light in front of him. As the lights slowly dim, Damien is able to see the form of an old man appear before his eyes. The old man is slightly shorter than Damien and had a long beard that ended at his waist. Wearing a white robe and being surrounded by some sort of glowing golden aura. While at the same time giving off the type of vibes and feelings a person would get standing in front of a loving, and caring, grandfather.

GOC-" That's right. You just died not too long ago in the process of saving the life of a young woman. Hmm" Rubbing his beard and looking as if he just thought of something, the God of Creation then looks back at Damien. " It seems that the young woman you saved was influenced by your act of kindness and was able to finish her studies and went on to be a very successful doctor. She later saved many lives, often going out of her way to work on those who couldn't even afford the procedures."

Damien-*Wow. I'm surprised so much good came from saving one person. But at least something good came from the whole ordeal.*

GOC-"You are right in thinking the effect your death had on the world caused a lot of lives to be saved. Also, to be able to appear in my realm your soul is quite strong. Since you are now outside of the cycle of reincarnation and have done good deeds in your previous life, I will help you transition to your next life."

Damien-*I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the GOC can read my thoughts. But it would be so cool if the world he sends me to is like one of the animes I watch.*

Hearing the explanation, Damien couldn't be anymore excited. He was just hoping to be able to have an isekai life of his own. While at the same time he cautiously listens to what the God of Creation has to say.

GOC- "Because your soul is stronger than those in your previous universe I am going to send you to one on a higher plane of existence. These universes are filled with beings and objects of power you couldn't imagine. I believe that glimpses of these Universes have been spread around your world as entertainment. Most of the movies, comics, and anime in your world are just stories from the multiverses of a higher plane."

Hearing that most of the anime and movies he watched had a universe that it was based off of made Damien even more excited about his pending reincarnation.

GOC-"After Reviewing your life, I realize that there's a few movies,TV shows, and comics that you've seen revolving around one of these universes. I believe you call it the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I'm going to send you there for your next life. The reason I'm sending you there is that it seems to be the universe you have watched the most. Plus knowing your personality, you would probably help the heroes get stronger and unite to prevent villains from taking control. Of course once I send you to the Marvel Universe, you are free to do anything you like. Now knowing that you're going to the marvel world, what powers or abilities would you like to have to prepare yourself for the events to come?"

Hearing all this, Damien couldn't help but remember the events that happened during infinity wars and endgame in which countless people are snapped out of existence, avengers mess with the timeline, and those people are brought back to life. All of which in some way or form involved villains affecting the universe. Thinking about all the abilities and powers seen/mentioned in all his favorite shows he begins to question something.

Damien-"Are there any limits to what I can ask for?"

Hearing this the God of Creation smiles, glad Damien was intelligent enough to ask for details before he wasted this opportunity.

GOC- "There are many limitations to the abilities and powers I can give you. I can't make you into a godly being, give you magical abilities that don't conform to the system of magic in that universe, and I won't give you any powers that are too powerful from the start. Although I will allow for powers that can grow or have the potential for high levels of strength. Another thing is that I will limit you to 3 powers. So think carefully before you make your choice."

Realizing his power choices just got nerfed he thought of how he could take advantage and possible loopholes.

Damien- "Is it possible to ask for the marvel equivalent to some powers or abilities?"

GOC-"That is a good question. Yes Damien. If you ask for the marvel equivalent then i could give you the powers/abilities you need to gain the complete ability you asked for. Of course like all powers I give you it will start weak and must be trained to reach a higher level of strength."

Realizing that he can only get 3 powers Damien thinks hard about the kind of life he wants to live in Marvel. Know how advanced the MCU is technologically and how unsafe it was to live in that world. Knowing how most dangers in the MCU come from technology or the abuse/lack of information, he starts thinking about powers of a technological effect. Then he had an interesting thought.

Damien-* What if I ask him for a power or ability that lets me control technology? That wouldn't be enough though. In the marvel world I'd need more than just control of technology. But what about being able to create anything I imagine with the base materials. I remember there being a magic that could do all of that. It allowed the user to communicate and control tech, understanding/controlling data and code, creating machines from materials given and upgrading machines. It had many other uses too! This will be my first ability!*

Damien- " okay. I've thought about my first ability. I want the marvel equivalent of technomancy with all the powers having the potential to be enhanced or grow in strength with training and time. Of course without any of the body transformative or augments." Damien said understanding just how often cyborgs and robots get hacked or receive viruses. " would it be possible to get the mutant version that's undetectable through Cerebro and things like it? I want it to be a mutant ability the moment I get to marvel."

GOC-"It's possible to give you the mutant equivalent but there are quite a few powers and skills that will be included. I'll make it so you instinctively know how to use them but you will have to learn how to best use them. Smart of you to ask that they have the potential to grow in strength and I look forward to seeing how far you can take this ability. Now what will the other two be?"

Sighing in relief Damien thinks back and remembers that there are two more things he will need in the marvel world. He needs a way to heal and be able to survive all the random attacks, terrorists, and super battles to come. He also needs an ability that enhances his mind, memory, recall ability, intelligence and comprehension abilities. What's the point of going to marvel if I can barely remember all the events and info I need to take advantage of. And without the proper intelligence I won't be able to use my technomancer abilities to the best effect and understand how the machines work.

Damien-" my second ability should be a mutant healing factor that can grow in strength the more I use it. But I want to have control of the healing factor. Like being able to decide when an injury heals, how it heals or which body functions are healed at a time. But that doesn't mean that the body needs a command to heal fatal wounds."

GOC-" I was wondering whether you would get a lifesaving power or not. It's no problem to give you a healing factor. I can even give you conscious control of the healing but no matter what I do, your body will have an automatic reaction to heal damage that affects the body's function. Any fatal or crippling wounds would be healed automatically if you don't consciously postpone/stop it or direct how it heals. Now what would be your last ability?"

Now that he has that finalized Damien thinks of what ability he needs to improve all his mental faculties. Thinking of all the brainiacs and geniuses he has seen in his shows.

Damien-" For my last ability I want enhanced intelligence. The ability that enhances all my mental faculties like memory, processing, calculations,multitasking, focus and things like that. Also being able to grow in power the more it's trained or used. "

GOC-"That is easy enough Damien. Now I'm going to send you to the marvel world and have you take over the body of a young boy with the same name as you. When you wake up you will have all the abilities stated before and instinctively know how to use and control them. I'll even allow you to keep the memories of the boy to make integrating into the new world easier. I wish you luck. ``Saying his piece the God of Creation waved his hand and Damien was surrounded in a golden light and warmth. Then he disappeared from the void. "I hope you will be able to unite the heroes and prevent that titan from killing half the universe. "

After the flash of golden light things went dark and his entire life flashed before his eyes. Even memories from early childhood he thought he had forgotten. He remembered everything and could recall all the information he wanted from his memories. Then the flashback ended with the scene of his death. But just as he thought he was done, a new flash of memories began.

Here is a list of powers that he currently has. (remember that they have unlimited potential and can grow/evolve with trainging):

1.Technomancer like mutant powers- Cyberlingualism, Omnilingualism, Computer Interaction, Electronic Communication, Mechanical Intuition, Tchnological Constructs, Ambient Resource Construction

2.Healing Factor

3.Enhanced Intelligence

for those of you who don't know what these abilities do I found them on a fandom website to base my characters powers on. They will start off weaker that described with all the same weaknesses. But they will get stronger and might lose the weakness later on.


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