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23rd Sun

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According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.


I’ve actually read some of this before on NU. It’s called Magus Tech, 15 chapters translated by wordexcerpt. The synopsis sounded really interesting so I decided to give it a try and though there were some parts that made me yawn a bit(possibly due to me only getting 3-4 hours of sleep every night), but I’d say it was a pretty interesting read.


Finished the raw and the raw and I’ll say this this first there’s no Romance in this. Near the End the quality dropped a lot but not to the extent that I drop this novel. The ending is crap For spoilers: The whore world is a simulation made by his “real” self outside who hit a stumbling block in his research and created a clone of him (MC) in a virtual simulation in hopes to motivate himself. There are other parts i dont like such as the “God” story line with the mutilverse part the being cut short as the author most likely got bored writing this. There’s also the secret group which i don’t like (you’ll know once you read it to that point) With all the bashing aside I really like the MC as he even applies actual science to his work instead of just a random back story. MC even built a NUKE! Well... More like a bunch of nukes.


a very interesting read Good stories like these never get selected mc has one major monologue-ing addiction, tho .........................


It is not really my thing, but it is a good start nonetheless. I call bullshit on the whole magic as science thing, simply because everything we as humans know about science is based around the concept that there is no magic. Ergo everything we know about science would not be applicable in a world with magic. But just because it is illogical in my mind does not make it wrong. That is the beauty of fantasy literature. When reading this novel, prepare for a lot of science talk, monologues and the misrepresentation of the scientific method. The MC is quite the arrogant ass and until now there are not many positive character traits. Negative traits are quite common, but this might just be because the author needs to create a very wealthy and powerful background with no responsibility for the MC. MC is also very narcissistic. Give it a try, but if you start skimming the text you can put it away, it only gets worse.


Hmm, globally I liked it. My biggest complaint is the protagonist. Don't get me wrong, I prefer a smart protagonist to a dumb one. He's a transmigrator who didn't appear to get any special ability from that except all his knowledge from Earth. The issue here is that the plot tries to portray him as the ultimate genius with an infinite IQ. Let's see, he's fluent with about every language from Earth, possesses exceptional knowledge of about every subject like the melting point of every metal in existence, the symptoms for any known disease or poison, or any mathematical/physics formula known to man. And that's only in the opening chapters of the story. It wouldn't surprise me if he suddenly started to recite some classic literature by heart, lol. As a result, this guy feels more like a freaking robot than a man.


10/10 book not Chinese propaganda like all the othe books here =============================================================================


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it's a great and interesting read for someone like me that like both magic and technology. i hope this novel would be chosen. .......................


Finally after long time a good Magic Fantasy Novel. MC character is likeable. World Building is interesting. among recent Trial this is best. I suggest both old and new reader give it a try. I hope this gets pick. I really don't know anymore because many famous and better Novel then this didn't get picked before.


Reminds me greatly of Warlock of the Magus World. There's a cold, ruthless main character who is only devoted to learning magic. There are 9 tiers of wizards, each very difficult to reach. The world is a semi-medieval world with magic that is hidden from the common folk.


This's novel has a lot of potential, but a the same time I don't see myself reading too many chapter as inside this novel there is a lot of background info that can be overwhelming. But I will enjoy reading it at my own pace.


a very interesting read Good stories like these never get selected[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


woah, this book is really good! for any readers that prefer smart calculating MCs then this novel is for you because the whole series so far is exploring magic. Very detail orianted and you can tell that the author has done his research on the scienctific parts, which just blends the magic and technology aspects very well. One thing that can be annoying is how much details there is on explaining scientific concepts, but I believe that is integral to the book. Highly recommend to anyone who like reverend insanity or warlock of the magus world, he isn't exactly evil yet but I think he is neutral at best.


A more interesting textbook staring a probably psyco scientist. The main positive and negative of this novel has the tons of Information that can be interesting at times and just boring filler at others. If you don’t know what is mentioned you might think its an interesting fact to learn. if you already know the info or just dont care, its just dumb filler. Aside from that there are problems with the mc. He is a “modern” man who is “highly” educated. But he likes having people executed by tourture and using his knowledge to look down on others. So he wants to bring the technology up to date, but decrease the morals i guess?


If you like Release that witch and MC from Warlock of the magus world maybe you will like this one. I feel like there is no romance/harem in the future... so yeah... i'm not reading this anymore.


Only 4 new novels? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day has been ruined 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐


Scientist in a medieval magic world Not your typical scientist, but a combination of a bunch of fields, he knows biology, physics and other shit my IQ can't comprehend. He has a pretty business-only attitude, when a maid made a mistake and forgot to do somethings he directly fired her for being slow to learn (I would be executed by these standards) Anyways he ignores pretty much everyone else and only focuses on his research on magic. Even when a guard died fighting the flame python he didn't seem too bothered. Anyways if your IQ is high and your into science and magic, have fun.


História muito lenta . eu li ate cp 136 e in rolado de mais o personagem so vira mago no cp 750 pra te no são de tao in rolado .....,................x


Reveal spoiler