Technological Wizard Book

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Technological Wizard

23rd Sun

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This is a story about exploring technology in a wizarding world. Probability, electromagnetic induction, nuclear physics and theory of relativity—all of this can be mastered through scientific exploration and learning. Richard had always thought so… until he transmigrates to a world similar to the Middle Ages and becomes a prince. In this world of wizard and magic, he embarks on a journey to explain magic with science. One day, a dragon takes him away. "This is not in line with aerodynamics? It does not satisfy the Kutta condition, Circulation Theory of Lift and Bernoulli's principle either? How can it fly? Is there a special power source in its body?" Richard could not help saying as he glances down at the huge dragon he was riding on. "Well, I need to research this." "By the way, you said you kidnapped me to find a playmate for your daughter. That doesn't sound like a good reason, right?" “Roar!” the dragon hollers furiously and waves its wings, soaring into the sky. Will Richard be able to continue on his journey of exploration and unravel the mystery of the wizarding world?