1 Excerpt

The sound of intense love making resonated in the beige themed room, the sound of skin slapping, the primal groan of a male and the shrill moans of a woman filled the room as they reached their climax.

Lee Ai Bao pulled Mei Ling closer looking at her intimately, she was the woman he loved and he still does if only she could see that, if only she understood that, if only she could let him , if only that thing didn't happen, if only....... So many ifs but this was reality, it happened and now she loathed him.

Mei Ling pushed him off immediately but he pinned her down , hurt evident in his face since that incident after he makes love to her she'd push him off like a piece of rag , today was his limit.

" What else do you want from me Mei Ling? I love you and I do every fucking thing possible to show it why can't you just let me in?"

"Teach me to hate you"


"After all you've done you want me to love you? Fine then you won,I love you but I swear with every drop of blood in me , with each strand of hair I'm going to change that love to hate...it's a promise" she pushed him off her body dragging the sheets along with her leaving the man naked in bed as he painfully stared at her retreating figure letting out a loud curse.

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