11 Chapter 11: Battles (1)

[Northern Martial Field]

In the Northern Martial Field, there is a strange silence. The audience and all the people don't appear to believe in the situation.

The whole situation is strange. At the beginning of the battle, Elder Yan seems to be going in Ying Zheng's direction, but the moment that his fist touches him, the same Elder Yan is thrown across the arena.

Elder Yan himself doesn't understand the situation. His only intention was to end the battle fast.

Then he felt a pain, it seemed that he had broken the bones in his ribs.

"Pain from broken ribs." Said Ying Zheng.

'What is he saying? You mean he did it on purpose?' thought Shen Yan as he started to stand up.

"Looks like you got lucky. I won't take it easy anymore… Be careful patriarch Ying," said he while his fist started to show flames.

Shen Yan seemed to be trying his hardest.

Ying Zheng looked at him emotionlessly. This fight doesn't thrill him.

Seeing the fists surrounded by flames coming at his face, Ying Zheng only dodged to the left and raised his right leg.

[Chi You - Halberd Form: White Tiger Crescent Moon]

Elder Yan again was thrown across the arena.

But this time, Ying Zheng broke his arm apart.

"Pain from a broken arm," Said Ying Zheng in a serious tone.

Hearing the voice again, Elder Yan began to grow a fear.

Although he could still recover if given time if he injured himself further, he could lose his position as Elder. But if he lost the fight. Shen Hong could kill him.

"I can't lose this fight." Shouted Shen Yan. His arms became blue. The fire there was so hot.

"This is my secret technique. Using my vital life in my arms, I can strengthen my fire," said Shen Yan while explaining his technique.

Hearing him, Ying Zheng starts to laugh, "HAO! HAHAHAHAHAHA."

Shen Yan, a little annoyed, then asks, "What is so funny?"

"Pfft. A secret technique is supposed to be secret," answered Ying Zheng, still laughing.

Shen Yan replies, "It's just that I didn't expect you to survive it."

"I admit, you are strong, but I will not lose to a child." continued him.

Ying Zheng, with a smirk, said, "Losing to me is your honor."

'That arrogant brat.' thought Elder Yan.

Seeing him coming towards her again, Ying Zheng decided it was time to finish this.

Seeing the attack coming, Ying Zheng is calm. This kind of damage is easy to redirect.

The punch with a blue fire comes next to him, so Ying Zheng just deflects to the left.

Shen Yan was dumbfounded. His trump card does not work.

However, Shen Yan doesn't have time to think about his Secret Technique.

[Chi You - Spear Form: Mount Tai Dragon Claw]

Shen Yan looked at the right chest and saw a Dragon's Claw inside.

'I had no chance at all,' thought him before to faint because of blood loss.

"Pain from a pierced chest."

Ying Zheng didn't even need to take off his blindfolds in this fight.

The enemy's movements were slow, and his techniques only drew attention. Still have power. But neither have speed nor flexibility.

"YING FAMILY WINS THE FIRST ROUND!" shouts the presenter.

Then people started coming to try to help Shen Yan.

Not that Ying Zheng cared. He knew the pain Zhao had been feeling, and only alive could the Elders experience it too. If they died from the pain, it only meant that they were weak.

Continuing to wait for the next battle, he remained in the arena.

In the Sacred Family Area, the atmosphere was heavy.

"Patriarch, what shall we do?" asks Shen Ming, with the most cautious mode possible.

Shen Hong had no idea that the child was so strong. The kid is at least Black Gold, but what scares him is his technique.

The movements use the minimum of energy but have maximum efficiency.

'It is the Martial Arts of the Ying Family?' Wondered Shen Hong.

'But when I ordered the Dark Guild to kill his parents, they didn't tell me anything about it,' Thought him.

"Shen Xu!" called Shen Hong.

"Yes, Patriarch," Said Elder Shen Xu.

"You're the next to fight," said to him.

"Try to focus on the speed in the fight only with basic moves."

Shen Xu was confused, but he yet believed in his patriarch.

"Okay, Patriarch, stay assured." Said Shen Xu.

Shen Hong doesn't stay assured. But he is searching for other alternatives. At the moment, the most attractive is killing Ying Zheng.

He doesn't need to do it. The Dark Guild should, and they have a reason the kid's talent is absurd.

No one can say that is his fault, and if don't there are Ying Family, don't be necessary to pay his promises.

But a risky idea. The City Lord can protect him.

In the arena, the presenter starts the narration.


"In the right side. The patriarch Ying. He is young, but won the last round without receiving even a blow."

"In the left side. The Elder Shen Xu is a powerful fighter of the Sacred family."

"We can expect an extremely exciting match." Shout the presenter.

[15 seconds later]

"This is a bit disappointing," said the narrator in a low and slightly disappointed voice.

"YING FAMILY WINS THE SECOND ROUND!" shouts the presenter.

In the arena, the body of Shen Xu was on the ground. Strangely, his wound was in the same places that Shen Yan and some people saw this.

In the Ying Family area, Zhao was crying. Not because of his pains.

But because of that, his master was fighting for him. He knows, he understands now.

All the strikes were in the same places where he is feeling pain.

Zhao doesn't understand how his master knows where all his wounds are. He hid all of him. He knows that a dutiful servant doesn't should worry the master.

But to know that he is fighting for him makes him genuinely happy.

In the future Shadow Guards, some perceive this.

They don't know how to feel about this, but they remembered that the patriarch Ying said that he goes to show the value of his actions to them.

At this moment, some awakened admiration and pride of being his servants.


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