TDG: Divine Library

After dying and meeting God, Yang An is given a second chance at life. >>>> Reborn as Yang Xin's nephew, see how Yang An uses his desire to the fullest to usher the Alchemist Association into a new era of glory, while rapidly increasing Glory City's power with his new pills. {This is my first (TDG) Fanfic and I am not native English. I'm using Google Translate to write this story and Grammarly to correct some errors. Sorry, for now this is the best I can do. }

Duan_Ru_Feng · Anime & Comics
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13 Chs

Delay notice...

Well, because of work and other 'real life' stuff, I'm running out of time this week. So maybe I need to stop posting some chapters this week. (I don't know if anyone is reading this yet, but I hope you guys can wait a week at most.)