12 The third day. Nie Li’s suspicions.

The next morning in the Fighter Apprentice Class. 3rd day of Shen Yue's transmigration.

When Shen Yue walked into the classroom he saw that Xiao Ning Er was already there, cultivating in her seat and wearing her usual training outfit, which was good.

Taking a glance around the classroom again, Shen Yue saw that Nie Li, Li Piao and Du Ze were sitting together once again.

Nie Li immediately noticed Shen Yue and sent him a glance. Recalling yesterday's scene and the other students' whispers of Shen Yue going on a date with Ye Ziyun, Nie Li couldn't help but feel a bout of jealousy arising in his stomach.

Seeing Nie Li's expression, Shen Yue sent him an arrogant look and then walked to his own seat where he found one new love letter.

Nie Li wrinkled his brows. This Shen Yue was just too annoying.

[You received +1 System Point!]

As Shen Yue sat arrogantly in his seat by himself, Nie Li kept looking at him.

In his heart, Nie Li felt quite anxious. This life was too different from his previous one. Although during the time in Glory City Nie Li's cultivation was low and his memory was not the best, he had a very strong affection toward Ye Ziyun from the first time he saw her, so he clearly remembers that Shen Yue struggled for a long time to get close to Ye Ziyun. But in this life Shen Yue seemed to be far more competent and cunning. Shen Yue managed to have good relations with Ye Ziyun and was even able to rebuke Nie Li in an argument who is an expert schemer. Furthermore, even Teacher Shen Xiu that Nie Li hated in the first life also seemed sort of nicer. Most importantly though, the Alchemist Association somehow acquired formulas for long-lost soul nourishing elixirs, as it suddenly bought out various herbs en masse that should be considered worthless.

Nie Li was simply stumped and had no idea what was going on. Space-Time is incredibly mysterious. Even though Nie Li studied in the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and had hundreds of years of experience, he didn't know much about it. There are legends in this world that time is like a river, so Nie Li's first guess was that after his rebirth, apart from him, there might be someone who regained his memories from the previous life and had quite high accomplishments in the past.

Nie Li was intelligent, so he first put his focus on the people that survived the Glory City's massacre in the previous life - and the only ones who survived were the Sacred Family members! But Nie Li knew that without something like Temporal Demon Spirit Book it's impossible to come back in time, so he excluded that scenario; only this heaven-defying treasure could accomplish something like this.

Nie Li then came to another conclusion that after his rebirth, maybe due to the fluctuations of time-space, a reincarnation of an expert born in the last few thousand years regained memories of his past life!

But for someone to go all out and make a big move, cooperating with the Alchemist Association like this just a few hours after rebirth was too strange, causing Nie Li to be confused.

Regardless, Shen Yue left the class after the very first lesson and he even made an arrogant bet that he would reach 1-star Silver rank in 2 months if Nie Li managed to reach 1-star Bronze. All things considered, Shen Yue look a bit suspicious in Nie Li's eyes, but judging by Shen Yue's arrogant and bratty attitude, Nie Li had heavy doubts that Shen Yue in particular was behind any of that. How can an idiot like Shen Yue be a reincarnation of a supreme expert? If that happened then the sun would be rising from the west!

Anyone who reached the deity realm and his soul attained a level that it became able to retain memories after death is a great expert with an extremely strong mentality. If a consciousness of a deity expert awakened in Shen Yue's teenage body when Nie Li rebirthed, then he would have surely not caused such a commotion in class after just being reborn, right?

Having lived his own life and experiencing many hardships, that expert would be detached from the original teenage Shen Yue's family and wants, and he wouldn't care about protecting his aunt's honor, as he would consider himself a different person, not someone from the Sacred Family. In the end, Nie Li realized that Shen Yue only wanted to show off in front of Ye Ziyun after Nie Li made her laugh. If Shen Yue was a reincarnation of an expert, then he would stay low instead. That's what a true supreme expert would do, Nie Li thought.

Nie Li refused to admit that Shen Yue could be a reincarnation of an expert. The fact that Shen Yue left the class after the first lesson was probably because he was annoyed or bored - it wouldn't be strange if the arrogant Shen Yue didn't put these classes in his eyes. Meanwhile, the commotion in the Alchemist Association was just a coincidence unrelated to Shen Yue, caused by someone else.

In Nie Li's mind it was also more likely that he ended up in a different world and that's the final conclusion that he came to for the moment. The Temporal Demon Spirit Book had an ability to reverse time and space, so since time was reversed and Nie Li's consciousness travel back in time, it might be possible that space was also affected and Nie Li ended up in a different world.

Nie Li thought that he would need to investigate the Alchemist Association in the future, but unfortunately he lacked sufficient information and was unable to judge that mysterious party's strength. If Nie Li displayed his abilities in the Alchemist Association, then he would become that unknown party's target. For now, Nie Li decided to stay low, grow stronger and try to gather more information.

Nie Li assumed that without the heaven-defying Temporal Demon Spirit Book it's impossible to come back in time, so he felt that he had an advantage and felt quite safe. The other person shouldn't know the future or know that Nie Li is behaving differently than in the first life. Furthermore, whoever that mysterious person was, his knowledge and ability can't be comparable to Nie Li's who studied in the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and nearly defeated the Sage Emperor.

As Nie Li thought all that, the bell rang across the Holy Orchid Institute. Shen Xiu twisted her waist and walked into the classroom, beginning her lecture.

Today Lu Piao and Du Ze joined Nie Li in standing at the back of the classroom. These last few days Nie Li led the two of them and they earned a lot of demon spirit coins. Du Ze and Lu Piao thought that Nie Li was actually very reliable and decided to support him.

Upon seeing that Shen Xiu only scoffed and let the three of them do as they pleased.

During the lessons, Shen Yue and Xiao Ning Er exchanged a few short glances, both of them having complicated expressions. Shen Yue could clearly see Xiao Ning Er feeling grateful toward him for his help, which he reciprocated with gentle and subtle smiles, but neither approached the other just like they agreed.

For the most part, the next few hours of lectures were a bit of a torture for Shen Yue. Not having anything to do, Shen Yue tried to ignore the distractions of Shen Xiu's babbling and attempted to use this time to scheme against Nie Li.

The only saving grace was that after finding out that Shen Yue's knowledge on Inscription Patterns was so broad, Ye Ziyun excitedly chatted with him from time to time. Thanks to that and thanks to a few prideful glances sent toward Nie Li, Shen Yue managed to earn 2 more System Points before the lessons ended.

At this moment Shen Yue's System Points reached 6!

Truly, getting close to Ye Ziyun was the single best thing that Shen Yue could do in order to royally piss Nie Li off.

Unfortunately, to gain Nie Li's complete knowledge and abilities Shen Yue needed several hundred system points in total, so he was still far off the mark. Especially in the near future, Shen Yue already needed to max out his Inscription Pattern knowledge to visit the Black Spring and the Black Prison Realm.

This morning Shen Yue practiced for thirty minutes, trying to sense the Power of Law, but he failed once again.

A typical Legend rank expert requires years to sense and comprehend the Power of Law, so Shen Yue realized that it would be a pointless struggle to keep at it with his current ability. Even if Shen Yue's seed is able to absorb any kinds of dangerous energies, Shen Yue was simply unable to sense the Power of Law..

In the novel it took Nie Li only 2 minutes with his cheats and experience, so Shen Yue could only wait until his ability reached closer to Nie Li's level. As Shen Yue is right now his cultivation experience and soul force control is almost non-existent when compared to decades or centuries old monsters, so it wasn't that surprising.

For the time being Shen Yue was forced to give up on the Power of Law and cultivate like a normal person.

Shen Yue didn't feel much threat from Nie Li at this moment due to his noble background, but he still felt pressured, because if only Nie Li cultivated for a few days, then Shen Yue wouldn't be a match against him in a one on one fight.

Unable to have a big cultivation advantage over Nie Li, Shen Yue would need to gain some of Nie Li's fighting experience at one point.

To that end, Shen Yue hoped to earn system points at a good rate.

After the lessons finally ended, Shen Yue didn't resume his cultivation or training, but instead first went to collect some top-tier cultivation elixirs from the Alchemist Association and most importantly check how things were going over there.

Outside the Institute, Shen Yue visited a public bathroom for nobility, changing his clothes and face, and went to the Alchemist Association.

When Shen Yue arrived at the Association building in disguise, there was chaos there with tens of people hurriedly paced through the area.

"Ah, Zheng Wei, you're back!" The receptionist of the Alchemist Association Hall, Xiao Lan, called out from behind a queue of visitors.

"Hello, I want to see Director Yang Xin, I hope it isn't a problem," Shen Yue said casually, smiling a bit bitterly at the crowd of people that looked at him angrily.

"Oh, Zheng Wei!" someone called out.

Turning around, Shen Yue was met by an aged man with gray hair in his sixties. He recognised that it was Hu Yan Ming.

Moving at a speed that betrayed his age, Hu Yan Ming grabbed Shen Yue's shoulder and smiled grandfatherly.

"You want to see Director Yang Xin? Well, she's the President now, haha. Please, come with me," Hu Yan Ming said before turning to the receptionist. "President Yang Xin said that all matters related to Zheng Wei should be passed directly to her, so I will handle it from here."

The old man ushered down a corridor with Shen Yue and they soon reached the President's office.

"President Yang Xin, are you in? This is Hu Yan Ming, Zheng Wei has come to see you," the old man announced.

Not even a split second later the door soon opened sharply and Yang Xin stood in the door frame; one couldn't underestimate a Gold Rank cultivator's speed and reflexes.

"So it's little brother. Do you need something?" Yang Xin greeted him with a wide smile, before motioning to a coach. "Please come in."

Shen Yue went in and sat down with an amused smile.

Yang Xin took an empty seat opposite the low table, while Huyan Ming retired himself to continue refining pills. Meanwhile Yang Xin's assistants were asked to leave the room.

Shen Yue smiled, looking at Yang Xin, he said, "I see that Big Sister got a promotion. You're working quickly."

Yang Xin laughed. "Becoming the President of the Association is nothing difficult with the elixir formulas from your master in my hand."

"Did Sister already register these formulas?" Shen Yue questioned.

Seeing Shen Yue's expression, Yang Xin took out a document and presented it to Shen Yue. "I did just like your master requested."

Shen Yue took a look at the document. He didn't have much experience, but he guessed that it was a genuine thing - the elixir formulas that Shen Yue provided were all registered under an organization that Yang Xin created.

Shen Yue nodded his head and returned the document to Yang Xin, feeling relieved that everything went well. Secretly, he was a bit surprised at how strict the law in Glory City was.

He then gave Yang Xin a document with three new formulas for the Cold Resistance Pill, Spirit Pacifying Pill and Detoxifying Spirit Pill, the three most important formulas that Nie Li donated to the Alchemist Association in later chapters.

'A Cold Resistance Pill formula! Shen Yue's master really has it!' Yang Xin's eyes lit up, as she read the paper.

Within the St. Ancestral Mountains most of the demon beasts are Snow Wind type. Therefore, Cold Resistant Pills are extremely useful. With this Flame Type Cold Resistance Pill, Glory City will have a better chance at resisting the Snow Wind beasts.

"Sister can register these formulas and begin production in the Alchemist Association. In the future I'll bring more formulas," Shen Yue said. To prepare more formulas Shen Yue first needed to carefully research the herbs available in Glory City once again, as earlier he did it in a hurry.

"Thank you, little brother Shen Yue. You and your master both make great contributions to Glory City!" Yang Xin said emotionally.

Shen Yue nodded. "The other formulas that we know aren't as valuable as what I already shared, but they are all powerful medicines or poisons."

A while later Shen Yue left the Alchemist Association, but not without receiving a ton of top-grade Soul Tempering and Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills.

After returning to the Holy Orchid Institute and performing a quick workout at the Training Field, showering afterwards, Shen Yue hurried to the library for his meeting with Ye Ziyun.

When Shen Yue arrived in the library, he saw that Ye Ziyun was already there, sitting down at the table reading a book. She wore a white dress and her delicate face was like a beauty angel.

His underlings already reported to him that Nie Li and the bunch went to hunt horned sheep again. Shen Yue wished that Nie Li kept hunting horned sheep forever.

Shen Yue sat down in front of Ye Zi Yun.

"Hey, Ziyun, did you wait long?" Shen Yue asked.

Ye Ziyun looked up at Shen Yue, taking her sight away from her book. Shen Yue had a kind of mature and friendly temperament, a big difference from other boys his age that Ye Ziyun interacted with. Ye Ziyun was very curious as to why Shen Yue changed recently, as it was a pleasant change. But right now, she naturally didn't have any special affection for Shen Yue, only curiosity as well as her heartfelt admiration.

Shen Yue's knowledge was indeed vast, even Aunt Xue thought that Shen Yue is an inscription master. Ye Ziyun didn't know that Shen Yue was hiding such a secret about himself.

In contrast, Ye Zi Yun felt a little ashamed. Compared to Shen Yue she really has nothing to show off.

At this moment, Ye Ziyun began to admire Shen Yue a little. Shen Yue is the only boy that she is willing to contact anyway. Furthermore, although they were not close in the past, he is indeed her childhood friend, as they grew up in the same age group. With the changes in Shen Yue's behavior as he grew up, Ye Ziyun began to like him a little.

"No, not long. Shen Yue, I tested the inscription pattern when I got back, and it is indeed the completed version of the Icy Wind, Sudden Snow inscription pattern!" Ye Zi Yun said, looking towards Shen Yue.

Shen Yue lightly smiled and casually replied, "Ah, yes. It's a pretty strong Silver rank inscription pattern."

After a moment Shen Yue took out a primary soul crystal and placed it on the table. He looked at Ye Ziyun. "Ziyun, inject your soul force into the soul crystal. I'll help to test your innate talent."

"Test my innate talent?" Ye Ziyun blinked her eyes, feeling confused in her heart. Regardless, she still picked up the soul crystal and did as Shen Yue said.

As Ye Ziyun's soul force entered the crystal, a multitude of orange dots appeared on its surface.

Seeing the shape of Ye Ziyun's soul, Shen Yue lightly smiled. Her soul form was naturally a mass of ice and within it slept a phoenix just like in the novel, a legendary Ice Phoenix soul shape.

Shen Yue was forced to admit that Ye Ziyun's aptitude was even higher than that of Xiao Ning Er. The Ice Phoenix soul shape has the cultivation speed advantages of the Winged Dragon soul shape, but also has additional unique traits.

"Your soul realm has the Snow Wind Attributes and the Ice Phoenix soul form," Shen Yue raised his head looking at Ye Zi Yun, saying.

Ye Ziyun was shocked and curious. "My soul realm attribute is indeed Snow-Wind, but how did you know? Did you see that in the soul crystal? And what is the Ice Phoenix soul form?"

"Your Snow Wind family is a Major family, so I guess that someone in the family, your father or grandfather, must have used soul force to examine your body before and you're currently practicing a Snow Wind cultivation technique. But with enough insight it's also possible to judge a person's soul attribute by using a clear soul crystal," Shen Yue faintly smiled, saying.

Ye Zi Yun's purple eyes widened, as she looked at Shen Yue, he actually guessed correctly. Her grandfather indeed used his soul force to examine her body before, but to do that he used a secret technique of the Snow Wind family that used large amounts of soul force. Furthermore, it was a secret not known to others. Ye Ziyun blinked her eyes in surprise and asked, "It can be that simple? A soul crystal can also be used?"

"Yes." Shen Yue nodded. "A soul crystal can be used, but it needs to be an unused and clear soul crystal, because as long as more than one person uses a soul crystal it becomes polluted and it can only be used to show a person's soul force and soul realm grade. At the same time the person examining it needs to have experience to differentiate the different soul realm attributes and soul forms."

Ye Ziyun was a little stunned. Inwardly she was dumbfounded that there was such an easy and obvious way to test a person's soul realm attribute that even her family didn't know about, but the Sacred Family did. She grew curious and asked, "Soul forms? Shen Yue, what is the Ice Phoenix soul form that you mentioned?"

"Soul form is just another parameter other than the soul attribute, representing a person's special talents," Shen Yue said. "In your case your soul realm shape is the Ice Phoenix, a rare legendary talent. Because of that you are cursed with having average cultivation speed while it's in egg form, but when you reach Black Gold rank the phoenix will hatch and you will have unparalleled godlike cultivation speed when paired with a suitable technique. In other words, your talent seems a bit low at first, but your cultivation will definitely soar once you reach Black Gold rank, and once you do, reaching the peak of Legend rank won't be an issue for you."

Ye Ziyun's face quickly turned from dejected to beaming in surprise as she listened. Her face filled with wonder and disbelief at the news. She asked, "Shen Yue, is this true?"

"Yeah. So even if your cultivation is a bit slow now, don't worry about it." Shen Yue smiled, looking at Ye Ziyun whose eyes seemed to sparkle with excitement and hope.

With the novel deeply ingrained in Shen Yue's memory, he understood Ye Ziyun very well. Her entire life she was compared to her father and adopted brother, and was judged to be mediocre in comparison, when in truth she was just a late bloomer, at least by the Tiny World's standards.

Ye Ziyun gently smiled. She always worked very hard in her cultivation, but despite that her progress was always unsatisfactory. After hearing Shen Yue's words, she felt a little better.

"In a few days I'll give a suitable cultivation technique for you," Shen Yue said.

"Give me a cultivation technique? What technique is it?" Ye Zi Yun looked at Shen Yue in surprise. Her cultivation technique is already the strongest Snow Wind cultivation technique in the Snow Wind Family. Could Shen Yue have a better cultivation technique than that?

Snow Wind Family is the number one family in Glory City. Even the Sacred Family and Divine Family cannot be compared to it, because Snow Wind Family has a legendary Demon Spiritualist watching over it, the legendary figure Ye Mo. The various collections of the Snow Wind Family are on a completely different level from the Sacred Family's. Because Ye Mo loves to explore the Divine Continent, he explored ancient ruins in St. Ancestral Mountains, obtaining many powerful cultivation techniques and then translated them.

"It will be a much stronger cultivation technique than what you're currently practicing," Shen Yue said.

Shen Yue could purchase and share the Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique with Ye Ziyun now, but he had a better plan. Even if Nie Li gave the Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique to her now, it wouldn't matter much.

"By the way, you should watch out for this kid Nie Li," Shen Yue then said, lowering his gaze.

"Nie Li? Why?" Ye Ziyun asked confusedly.

"He's a pervert. I saw him in the training ground with his two friends. He was talking about how big Aunt Xiu's boobs are," Shen Yue said, at which Ye Ziyun made an 'uh' face. Shen Yue shrugged his shoulders, continuing, "This Nie Li has been staring at you during classes non-stop, so I thought I should warn you. I'm sure that you can beat him in a fight, but be careful of him groping you."

Hearing Shen Yue's words, Ye Ziyun made a distasteful expression. She didn't discriminate against those with a humbler birth, but the thought of how Nie Li was looking at her in class and now groping her made her feel unpleasant.

Seeing Ye Ziyun's expression, Shen Yue barely contained his laughter.

Nie Li was doomed!

[You received +5 System Points!]

A string of notifications appeared in Shen Yue's mind.

Shen Yue was taken aback seeing how he just gained five system points all at once. Making Ye Ziyun see Nie Li as a pervert indeed seemed to be a great battle tactic!

Following that the two of them then chatted for about an hour, with Shen Yue giving Ye Ziyun guidance on inscription patterns.

After parting with Ye Ziyun, Shen Yue walked straight to the Winged Dragon Family estate to meet with Xiao Ning Er.

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