Tavern in Another Dimension:Getting the Elf Queen Drunk at the Start

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What is Tavern in Another Dimension:Getting the Elf Queen Drunk at the Start

Read ‘Tavern in Another Dimension:Getting the Elf Queen Drunk at the Start’ Online for Free, written by the author Eternal Dream, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering SYSTEM Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: #elves #lighthearted #slice of lifeSu Cha transmigrated to a fantasy world, inherited a tavern, and activated a system! ...


#elves #lighthearted #slice of life Su Cha transmigrated to a fantasy world, inherited a tavern, and activated a system! First mission completed — renovate the taverns — Lafite red wine formula rewarded, hundred times speed up in the wind cellular! Second mission completed — served a hundred customers and received good reviews — Budweiser beer formula rewarded! The third mission, fourth mission…… As the tavern expanded rapidly, not only did our MC bring in fine wine, he also brought in all kinds of cultural influences from the modern era. This alternate world was starting to turn a little strange. Inside the tavern, the elegant elf queen fell in love with rock music, she picked up an electric guitar and started screaming and howling. The orcs, the knight, and the sorcerer sat down at the table and started a round of Texas poker, soon getting all worked up against each other. A famous wizard raised up his Budweiser beer and muttered, “Don’t ask how much I can drink, all I want is another gin!” …

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Whats happening to webnovel. Once upon a time, I looked forward to my Fridays because of the great books that came out every week. As time passed, the quality dropped slowly, but as Webnovel already had all the good books, this was understable. At some point the gems will run out, and you will have to wait for new ones to be made. But nowadays, the quality of the books webnovel are putting out every week are absolute trash. Absolute garbage. mindless plots, tropes and cliches that have been recycled a thousand times over. I would have to go back months to find a batch of books that had a character with the slightest depth to it. Please Webnovel, give us some good books.


It's the best story in trial read in the past few weeks, hope more people read it and Webnovel picks it up. Also, does anybody have a RAW link/name?


I hope this is picked. I like that the system doesn't force the MC to do much, it's more a helping tool than anything else. Others would set the price, but this MC can sell for whatever he wants.




The mc is just painfuly idiot who is submissive to all the women, even when one of the women had a spy put in place to reveal his secrets, Instead of him being upset he compensated her with 50 bottles of wine that he stocked up. This was stupidity at it's finest especially when he had the backing of the Elf Queen


This book is surprisingly decent. I'm pretty happy with the recent developments even though with the obvious author intervention in the storyline, I can still say I'm happy that the author didn't mix Western and Chinese unlike several other novels. Tbh, I have only seen another novel in this time's Trail Read that can be said worth reading. The rest? Generic, boring or utterly incomprehensible.


yeah no after reading Chapter 42 I'm dropping this novel such a spineless and special needs MC...like seriously what happened to all the good novels webnovel used to have man...


It was honestly painful to read as the protag’s intelligence level is in the negative…


About the only thing this story has going for it is the Translation quality/easy to read. I only made it chapter 11 but the level of stupidity in the MC is just too much. He contradicts himself so much early on, knows he is weak but spouts off he can handle the danger. Knows the worlds a bad place, but then says no one will try to rob and steal his wine so he doesn't need protection. Only attempt to read this if you can handle an MC who was dropped on his head as a child... Every action he does just shows lack of a functioning brain.


RAW......RAW.......RAW RAW......RAW.......RAW RAW......RAW.......RAW RAW......RAW.......RAW RAW......RAW.......RAW RAW......RAW.......RAW RAW......RAW.......RAW RAW......RAW.......RAW


well Don't WASTE YOUR MONEY ON Locked chapters m8s at least not to they update it agen Currently NO new chapter for few weeks and no news if it's Droped or not or other info Last chapter releasee back then is 147 so don't spend your money or Coins before it actual releasee new chaps


This is a really good story so far at chapter 25. Since Gourmet of Another World ended, I have not had as many cooking novels on this site. It is a bit different as the MC is not really a chef but a wine/alcohol maker. However, this story seems great and it looks like it will also bring other cultural additions into the fantasy world as it foreshadows that the elf queen will become a rock star. I look forward to reading more.


it's one of the most boring story that i try until now, sorry but even if i will be pay a lot of money to read it, i will not, i love systems stories but this one is very bed one, no action, no surprises and development, my guess is that after like a few kindred chapter the editor will drop this novel, and it's not really goin anywhere, in my opinion, it is a waste of time and money to translate it :(


I have good news for you, It was selected .............................................................................................. Like I said, it was selected


Excelente novela fuera del fondo mundial poco difuso y la introduccion abruta descrita en los primeros capitos es una excelente historia con un gran potencial para crecer. Una de las mejores historias que han publicado en los ultimos 2 meses


I quite like the novel and the development of the characters since it is not so forced and it feels more natural and I hope they continue to translate it.


Best novel in trial read this session. Although being the best novel in a trashy list of trial read novels isn’t anything special, I request everyone to give this novel a chance without any prejudice. You might like it!


I hope this gets chosen. but even if it does I know it'll take months to get more chapters. it's disappointing because it's the first trial novel I've actually enjoyed in the past few months.


Waiting for RAW links


Reveal spoiler


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