Clara shut the door behind her after taking one last look around the house. '

Yes, this is my last visit!' she exclaimed to herself. She turned around, tears streaming down her face, pulling her bag behind her. She was now sprinting down the alleyway as quickly as she could. She knew need to be hard on herself otherwise she will go back to that dongeon.

Outside, a cab was waiting for her. When she saw the cab, she came to a halt.

She handed the bag to the driver and sat down in the back of the boat. When she pulled her phone out from her coat pocket, and sobbed, she tried to compose herself but she couldn't and then she saw the wallpaper of Him on her lockscreen

"There is no other choice than to consider this one! I'll abandon you for good, if only to make you happy. This is the end of the road for us. Yeah, we never lived, did we?" She pointed to the photograph of James.

She replaced it with her own. In which her head was thrown backward, eyes closed, as she sat in his car. That was a very special night for them or was it only for her?

She grinned as she remembered their first dinner together.

She stuffed the phone back into her coat pocket and looked out the window, smiling while tears keep streaming down her cheeks. She was doing it for him. He had something that no other man in her life had but he was an untouchable.