Chapter 1

Is it likely that James Spaniel, the world-famous musician, will consider hiring me? I mean, is it even possible? But it did happen, and when I saw his email pop up on my phone's screen, I choked on my sandwich. I was in a café, at my usual spot by the glass, with my friend Mary opposite me. We were talking about my ruined state. I didn't have enough money with me. I was unemployed now for about a year and had very little left of the savings I had saved including my apartment. I intended to sell it in order to make a living before I found a suitable workplace. After my parents died, I went into complete isolation for about a month.

Having them die right in front of my eyes was the worst nightmare I'd ever had. I vividly recall crimson coloured liquid surrounding their bodies, their cries for help, and me looking at them helplessly because I was absolutely petrified. I didn't have much of a choice. I was to blame for their demise. But Mary, a childhood friend, dragged me out of this hellish experience. I had attempted suicide many times, but she was the only one who had ever come to my rescue. She repeatedly claimed that there was no point in taking my life because no one would benefit. I avoided falling asleep because I was always having a nightmare. She actually helped me realize that I wasn't to blame for the turmoil; it was all an accident, and by the time I realized it, it was too late. I tried to search for jobs, all in vain.

And my wish was granted. I was lucky to have a job, though not an ordinary one. I thought it would be challenging for me, so I will give it my all.

The message read, " Hi, my name is James Spaniel. I'd like you to make a cover for my new album. You will be well adequately compensated. I would be quite grateful if you could perhaps please take a look at my proposal.


The Spaniel James"

Mary gave me a glass of water, especially concerned as she sensed that there was something off. After almost twenty minutes of gazing at my mobile screen, my mind was still finding it hard to digest what had just occurred. "Mary, will you pinch my arm?" I asked. "I believe I'm having a dream." She did what she was told, and that wasn't a dream, it was true. I then told impatient Mary what was going on, and she was absolutely amazed just as I was, but she was happy that at least that I would be working again soon. She said I should respond back immediately, but I was so excited that I couldn't think of anything else to say other than "I accept your bid." And in a fraction of a second, he replied,

"Great! I'll see you at my office tomorrow.

There you have it. (I'll email you the address)"

I was surprised and excited all over again. I had to get ready for it. I didn't have anything prepared for tomorrow Mary was watching, but I ignored her, picked up my bag, and walked away without saying anything. I could sense her lethal gaze on my back.

"This is your last chance, and you cannot afford to pass up the opportunity!" I apparently told myself. I am a very selfish friend.