Tap Tycoon System!

Struggling for years after his transmigration to another world without any so-called Goldfinger. Nathan suffered hardship with his sister after the their parents unfortunately died. But then, later after he got fired from his job, their only income source, his system finally activated! [Tap Tycoon System Activated] [The host may now become the richest man in the world!] C'mon and jump in to the story of Nathan fighting the aliens around the Galaxy... oh wait, I spoiled it! Gotta run! _______________ Chapter Release Schedule 2 Chapter/Day GMT +8 _______________ 200 Powerstones = Additional Chapter Every 50 GT = 1 Additional Chapter

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New Missions!

Nathan walked down the streets with a light mood.

He hummed occasionally to express the happiness he is feeling at the moment.

Then as Nathan was walking, a sound came from his head and a system interface appeared in front of him.

[New Mission

1. Earn your first million using your own ability in the real world.

Reward: Coffee Shop

2. Research about this world's no.1 villain.

Reward: Soul Talent Awakener ×2]

Looking at the new missions given by the system, Nathan immediately stopped on his tracks.

"What's this?"

Nathan can't help but raise an eyebrow at the mission given by the system this time.

The first one doesn't really have any problem. But the second mission, it looks jumpy.

"What does it mean by, the world's number 1 villain?" Nathan muttered,

Then he shook his head, "Whatever, I should go home first then think about it later."

Nathan continued walking back home.

At the same time as Nathan receives the mission, Natalie is sitting on the dilapidated wooden floor with an old book in her hand.

"I did not think that this old bookstore had this kind of precious book!"

Natalie said as she looked around her, seeing all kinds of old books on the shelves as well as on the floor.

An hour ago.

Natalie stumbled upon this bookstore when she was on her way home.

It was an old, dilapidated, wooden bookstore that seems to be already part of history.

Feeling an unknown attraction coming from the bookstore, Natalie unconsciously enters it with the thought of exploration.

When she got in, what welcomed her was the smell of old paper and thick dust. Showing that the place has been abandoned for a long time already.

After looking around for a bit and finding nothing interesting, Natalie was about to go out, when a book suddenly caught her attention.

It was a black book with golden letters outlining the name of it.


"Hmm, this one seems interesting."

Natalie grabbed the book without much thought about it to take a look at it's content.

Then as she read the book, the more she got absorbed into it and did not notice the time passing.

It was only after an hour that Natalie finally stopped reading to rest her aching eyes.

Natalie took her phone out to look at the time.

"It's already so late, I didn't even notice it because of that book!"

"I should go now or my brother will start worrying about me again."

As she said that, she took a look at the book in her hands and felt conflicted whether she should take it back home or leave it here.

"This book is not mine so I should put it back but…"

Hesitation appeared in Natalie's eyes.

Then suddenly, she thought of something and smiled mischievously,

"This place looks like an abandoned building so there's probably no one attending to it, right?"

"Then, doesn't that mean that there's no owner of this now?"

After those words came out of her lips, her smile couldn't help but become thicker.

Natalie, finding a reason to make her stealing 'reasonable', immediately put the book inside her backpack.

"Now it is time to go!"

Natalie then left the old bookstore with the Illuminati book.

What Natalie did not notice was the pair of eyes hiding in between the books, observing her this whole time.

When Natalie left, the eyes also suddenly disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

When Nathan got home, he immediately made something simple for their dinner, before he sat down on the wooden sofa to browse on his phone.

Opening his facebook app, with the thought of passing the time as he waits for Natalie to come home.

But when the app opened, he immediately noticed that he had a message.

"Hmm? Why did I not get a notification when I received this?"

In the end, Nathan thought that it's probably just the app being faulty again.

Anyway, he took a look at the inbox and saw that the one who messaged him was Irish who he met just yesterday.

Nathan proceeds to read the message,

[Hey, Nathan! It was fun chatting with you earlier. I thought I'll just say hi, that's why I try messaging you. Anyway, that's it, talk to you again next time!]

After Nathan read the message, he took a glance at the time he got this message.

7:34 PM

Nathan sweated when he saw that.

"A day has passed before I even got the chance to read this. Irish is probably thinking that I'm rude for not responding." Nathan bitterly said,

Nathan shook his head and stopped worrying about it.

Thinking for a few seconds on how he should respond, Nathan decided to explain the matter so as to avoid any misunderstanding.

In Nathan's life, he always adhere to his motto,

With proper communication, there will be no bad implications!

Nathan took a few minutes to write a good message then sent it to Irish.

After he successfully responded, Nathan stopped thinking about it and placed the phone down and turned on the television.

Watching the tv for a while, Nathan started feeling hungry and bored.

"Ahh, when will that girl come home, it's already 6 PM!" Said Nathan while rubbing his growling stomach.

When you speak of the devil, the devil will come.

Natalie opened the door and came inside just moments after Nathan spoke.

Looking at Natalie, Nathan immediately said,

"You, it's already so late, why are you only coming home right now?"

Nathan's voice sounded irritated but the concern from it cannot be hidden.

"Sorry brother, I just got distracted earlier and did not notice the time."

Natalie knows that her brother is just worried about her. She also heard about the gangster going around their neighborhood that's why she understands Nathan's worries.

Seeing the apologetic face of Natalie, Nathan stopped nagging.

"Fine, then go, put your bag down and wash your hands, let's go and eat now. I'm starving."

Looking at her brother acting like that, Natalie can't help but smile warmly.

"The brother that I know of when I was a child has started coming back." She muttered with a voice only she could hear.

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