73 My name isn't Ivan Pavlov

"If you want a bitch, I can give you many of them! Whatever your preference is, I can get all of them!"

"...even a married woman?"

"...even that one."

"Why did you pause earlier?"

"Because you have such a sick hobby, bastard!"

"I am not. I am just asking out of curiosity, and I don't want to force anyone. After all, without love, what is the use of a relationship?"

Tamazuki's voice was like a sage who had reached the pinnacle of the love master.

"...don't act like a saint to me! Love? Aren't you thinking with your dick? Also, if there is love, then you are going to attack a married woman?"

"Anyway, it is quite late. Aren't you going to rest? You are not Genestellar. You should watch your health, especially when you are fat."

"...someday I will kill you."

"Probably; I will kill you first."

Dirk wanted to mention Priscilla and Irene, but somehow his instinct told him not to. "So, are you really not joining Le Wolfe?"

"I have never promised to enter, right?"


Tamazuki was right. He never promised to join Le Wolfe.

Dirk was annoyed, but there was nothing that he could do since this was Tamazuki's decision. As Tamazuki said before, he didn't have a right to say anything about his decision since. Moreover, with their relationship, Tamazuki had the upper hand, and he was just following from behind as his tail, but it didn't matter since, because of him, his position also became more secure.

"Well, then, I will hang up the call."

Tamazuki hung the call and the air window before his phone disappeared. Once again, he had to marvel at the technology of this world, but he had to say that Dirk was useful. This guy might not be a Genestellar and only a normal human, then how could Dirk become the student council?

It was because of Dirk's brain. He had never aimed to win. Instead, Dirk had always strived to make his opponents lose.

Meanwhile, Tamazuki was ruthless. He didn't care about anything, and he could abandon anything. His style has always been all-out. If he lost, then he would; then if he won, then he would win big.

High risk and high returns.

This was his style.

However, in the eyes of Dirk, his style was crazy and couldn't be predicted. In order to achieve his ambition, Tamazuki could cast everything away, and this was what made him scary.


Then, Tamazuki didn't care for him, for sooner or later; he would have everything which someone stole from him with hundreds of folds of interest.

This was why Dirk had been wary of him, and fortunately, their relationship was good, at least for now.

"Who are you talking with?"

Even if he didn't turn his head, he knew who asked this question. "Dirk."

"...Dirk? You mean the president of Le Wolfe?"


"Are you still communicating with him?" Her voice was full of surprises since she had never thought Tamazuki would be so close to that Tyrant.

"He thought that I would join the Le Wolfe, so we got to know each other, but I told him that I was seduced by the president of the Seidoukan." He turned his head and watched Claudia, who was dressed in nothing but a single bath towel that was only loosely wrapped around her torso. Her generous breasts seemed a thought they might pop out at any moment. The towel was too small for her curves, exposing her supple thighs to a brazen extent. Her flushed skin only added to her already excessive womanly charm.

Claudia chuckled. "Really? Then that student council president must be an evil witch since she could seduce you."

"..." Tamazuki rolled his eyes. "Hurry up and change your clothes!"


She consequently answered as she shook her butts in a lewd manner as if asking him to attack her.

Tamazuki rubbed his temple and thought that the heroines in the light novel were all too perverted for him. Yet, the protagonist of the light novel didn't have balls since everything was prepared; why should they hesitate?

It may have been deliberately done, but she calmly walked across to the bedroom, passing right in front of him while chuckling seductively, letting drops of water glisten in her wet hair.

'I'm sorry, Mother. It seems you won't be able to see your son go home soon.'

However, compared to his world, this world was heaven for him. Fortunately, one day in his original world meant ten days in this world, so he wasn't in a hurry to return. As for if Nura Rikuo could defeat his group before he returned, it didn't matter since, as long as he still had his life, everything was possible.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." She walked out of her bedroom but draped only in a bathrobe. Tamazuki wanted to say something, but she didn't give him a chance to react and snuggled up against him to restrain him. Yet, what she didn't realize, something inside him was broken at this moment. The desire which he had suppressed crumbled like a building block.

Her scent crazed his mind; her soft body lit a fire on his loins, and her reasoning slowly turned beastly, yet his sanity slowed them down.

"...what are you doing? The sofa is wide. There are a lot of places to sit down."

"But this is more comfortable, right? Hyaan~!" She was startled and suddenly felt something hard poking against her buttocks, hot, almost scorching. By now, she realized his eyes had changed. It wasn't like those humans. They were like the eyes of an animal, and his canine had turned almost fang-like. By now, he had become a beast, and she could tell that he wanted to devour her.

"Listen, Claudia. I am not a good man. You are a charming woman, and it takes my everything to hold back all my suppressed desire, so before I do something that we might regret, then you better get away from me."

His voice was low and cold, like those cold-blooded animals that could put their fangs on the body of others to relish their greed instead of their needs.

Yet, she was fascinated. This part of him, this part which no one had ever seen, was seen by her. This was something she sought. The best part of him was that he made her obsessed and crazed with him.


Her voice was soft, almost angel-like, and seemingly wasn't affected by him. She leaned forward, hugging him tightly as her breathing became harder. "You can do whatever you want with me. Mark me, fuck me, be crazy for me. Make me yours. You don't need to hold back. I am ready to receive your everything."

He said nothing and just lifted her body, walking toward her room before he threw her into the bed. His treatment was so rough, yet her body became even hotter. It was as if she was burnt by her own body, and she wanted him to ease her.

"Tamazuki! Tamazuki!"

He approached her, held her chin, and opened her mouth with his hand. Her tongue danced around, stretched out, and the trace of the lady was nowhere to be seen on her current appearance.


This word probably suited her well now.

"Kiss me! Kiss me!"

Yet, the kiss she sought didn't come, and what came was his erection, which was presented before her face. Her breathing grew harder, and she was like a puppy waiting for a treat from her master.


That single word was like magic.


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