Tanuki Rise of the Yokai Clan

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88 Tanuki Styles are invincible!

When they finished their breakfast, Priscilla didn't leave and stayed since she wanted to know more about Tamazuki. As a sister, she knew a lot about Irene since they had spent most of their lives together. She knew how rough and rude Irene was toward others. She also knew that Irene didn't have a friend and mostly stayed as a lone wolf, so it surprised her to see that someone would suddenly stay in her apartment at night.

Now, when she thought about it, she also felt Irene's appearance was kind of strange since her sister was naked!

Was he going to become her brother-in-law?

Somehow, she felt conflicted since she had been together with her sister. Irene used everything to protect her and worked so hard every day, even endangering herself. Unfortunately, she could do nothing. Yet, because of such a sister, she wanted Irene to be happy even though she had to say she felt lonely.

"Inugami-san, are you a student on the Asterisk?"

"Not yet."

"Not yet?" 2x

Irene looked at him curiously and asked, "You are going to join one of the schools here?"

"That's my plan." He nodded. "But I haven't made up my decision."

Still, Irene snorted. "Do you think it is easy for you to be accepted to the school? You need some special skills! If not, you have to be rich!"

"Do you think that I lack all of that?"


Irene shut her mouth since she could tell he didn't lack all that. Moreover, she knew he had an ability since he could run away from the mafia faster than her and even stole all the money in the casino, which meant he also had a lot of money.

Somehow, she felt stupid.

He snorted, which made her annoyed, clenching her fists, thinking that she should try to dry him tonight to show her revenge.

"Now that you mention it, from your uniform, you two are from Le Wolfe, right? Is it a good school?" He asked curiously.

A good school?

The two showed wry smiles at his question.

"If what you want to do is fight, then it is a good school." Irene didn't hide how bad her school was since her school was a place for a scumbag.

"Onee-chan, don't say that. There are still a lot of students who study seriously, and the teachers are also good." Priscilla tried to defend her school even though it was kind of hard to do.

"Priscilla, isn't it normal for a student to study seriously and a school to have a good teacher?" He asked.

"......." Priscilla.

"So, among the six schools, which one do you have the most interest in?" Irene asked curiously.

"I have two schools that interest me the most."

"Which schools?" 2x

Two sisters looked at him curiously.

"Jie Long Seventh Institute and Arlequint Academy." Still, he noticed their gazes were a bit strange. "Why are you two looking at me like that?"

"Ah, um..." Priscilla wasn't sure what to say, but Irene was blunt. "Your choice of schools is weird!"

"Is that so?"

"Of course!" Irene looked at him weirdly. "Jie Long Seventh Institute is a famous fighting school, but Arlequint Academy is a famous school for research. The two schools are so different, of course, you have trouble choosing between them! Are you trying to joke around?!" Somehow, she couldn't help but get angry in the middle.

"Calm down. This is why I have this difficulty. I am interested in the research, but at the same time, the unique arts of the student of the Jie Long also interest me."

If possible, he wanted to get all of them, but how could the schools be so stupid as to share their secrets with the students of other schools?

"Do you like to do research, Inugami-san?" Priscilla asked curiously.

"I do." He nodded with a soft smile.


Priscilla blushed as she lowered her head.

"...." Tamazuki.

"But I don't want to limit my choices to both schools." He decided to do everything slowly.

"Then, what are you planning to do?" Irene looked at her sister in a complex mood as she suddenly thought about his words before.

The three of them together...

She quickly shook her head, trying to erase the messy thoughts in her mind.

However, he had to say both sisters were charming.

While Irene gave a wild feeling, Priscilla gave a soft feeling.

The two sisters were different from each other.

It was similar to hot and cold.

When they were together, they had become perfect.

So, getting two sisters was the only option for him.

"I plan to join this."

He took out a brochure and showed it to the two of them.

"Jie Long tournament?" 2x

They were familiar with this tournament since it was a tournament where all the Jie Long students would fight each other, so they could have a chance to be taught by Banyuu Tenra, who was the strongest person in the Jie Long Seventh Institute. Naturally, this tournament wasn't limited to the students of Jie Long. The students from the other schools could also join since they could get money as they became the champions of this tournament.

"Yes, I plan to advertise myself there, and I will become a student of the school that gives me the most benefits."

He calmly said those words as he sipped his tea.

"....." 2x

"...maybe, you should give up." Irene kindly told him so since she knew how hard this contest was. Even though the students of the other schools could join, without a doubt, they could only become a laughing stock since the students of Jie Long weren't weak, and this tournament had a special tradition toward the outsiders.

"I can defeat the third rank of Le Wolf, so why shouldn't I be able to win this tournament?"


Irene's face turned bright red. "This and that fight are different! Let's see the outside now! Let me beat you up!"

"If you want a rematch, I can face you anytime."

"That's what you say! Let's have a rematch tonight!"

Irene wanted to beat him up somehow, but she knew she was helpless against him.

The 88 Tanuki Styles weren't something that a human could face.

Yet, as they started their bickering, Priscilla had to say why she felt like they had mentioned something else. She felt confused, but well, she decided to join their conversation anyway.

With that said, he continued to stay in Irene's apartment, but this time, Priscilla also slept there, so he slept in the guest room, yet when he was about to sleep, Irene slipped into his room.

"It's time for my revenge!"

She laughed as she showed off her two fanged teeth.

"...." Tamazuki.


Irene was defeated thoroughly and could only lay on his chest helplessly, hugging him with resentment.

"Dammit, why are you so strong!"

"Don't you like it?"

"....." Irene.

"By the way, let me pay your debt."

"Huh? Really? You don't need to." Irene felt that her heart skipped a bit at that moment, but she knew that amount of her debt was a lot and she didn't want to trouble him since she had this special feeling toward him.

"It's okay. Is it only a small amount of money for me, or you don't want to?"


"Just accept it, okay?"


She couldn't say anything and only hugged him tightly, hiding her face from him since she was afraid for him to see her tears.

"Thank you."

After a moment, she thanked him with a muffled voice.

"You don't need to thank me since I expect you to repay me well."


Irene was embarrassed, but she thought this might be his real intention, yet she didn't hate it, so she got up and started straddling him after she wiped her tears.

"I will repay you now."

She showed a wolfish gaze as if wanting to eat him.

As they continued with their battle, Priscilla continued to sleep soundly, without knowing that her sister was beaten up by a scoundrel.


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